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We all want to create lasting memories of our wedding day. Instead of organizing your wedding in the usual places, you may want to choose a spectacular cruise wedding setting. While there are various cruise destinations to choose from, you never want to forget the memories of saying “I do’ in the open sea as the sunsets.

Getting married on a cruise ship can be an exciting experience, but you should research it thoroughly before deciding. Flexibility forms a crucial part of the decision-making process, but once you are clear on what you want, it has several advantages. It will be your opportunity to enjoy beautiful destinations while having a lot of fun. Here are the major pros and cons of cruise ship weddings that you should consider.

Pros of a Cruise Ship Wedding:

Getting ready for the wedding

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A wedding on a cruise is cheap

You may not know this, but a nautical wedding is a lot cheaper than a traditional wedding. It also depends on how you plan your cruise wedding and how many days you would like to spend; you can decide to combine the reception and ceremony. Having a unique purchase offer could also give you some cruise line benefits and discounts.

Beautiful wedding settings

Cruise ship decor

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There are many beautiful traditional wedding venues; however, they can’t compare to all the charming backdrops you will see during your cruise wedding. Plus, you won’t need tons of decorative items and lighting. Nothing will be more romantic than tying a knot in the open sea against a picturesque sunset. Bring a wedding guest book and let your guests record their experience and best wishes. You will have beautiful memories to relive every time you read the guestbook.

Professional wedding organization

While searching for the best cruise services, you will find that most of them have a wedding planning package. With a wedding planner by your side, it will be easier to coordinate logistics. Working with an expert who has already done it several times will allow you to organize a beautiful wedding.

All services included

High quality dining

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A cruise ship wedding offers a package that covers everything you need for your big day. Even your guests will be to make the accommodation offers that best suit your budget. They will also have the freedom to choose the most comfortable cabin type for them. Since accommodation costs include meals, your guests will find this option cheaper. There is also an option to incorporate your friends into this organization: you can create an online wedding registry!

Wide range of activities

Activities on board

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Cruises organize various activities to ensure you make the most of the experience. They try not to get bored day and night. Enjoy water attractions, participate in dance classes, visit the spa, and play various games. In the evening, you can visit a disco, go to the cinema or attend a show program.

Cons of an On-Board Wedding:

Meteorological changes

Weather changes on ship

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The weather can be quite unpredictable at sea. You may think it will be sunny and beautiful, but the weather suddenly becomes rainy or windy. Prepare yourself with a backup plan at such an event. As a suggestion, avoid fixing your cruise wedding in stormy seasons.

Short guest list

Unfortunately, you may not be able to host as many guests as you want on a cruise wedding. You may only be able to invite a certain amount of guests.

Legal challenges

It is essential to know that the process of getting married abroad is time-consuming and challenging. Legalizing a wedding in a port far from your home can be difficult. Remember to check if the documents will still be legal when you get home. You can avoid this obstacle by filing legal documents before or after your cruise wedding. Other requirements to check are blood tests and eligibility to get married. You must also have documents translated into the country where you want to get married.

Be watchful of cruise surcharges

Cruise weddings are increasingly popular these days, and cruise lines have taken notice. Most cruise lines now require surcharges if you are getting married at specific times of the year. It means paying more if you want your wedding in May and June, on Valentine’s Day, or having your wedding on a new cruise ship; you may be required to pay a surcharge.

Final thought

Enjoy your cruise ship wedding

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Most couples who are repeat cruisers will find this more exciting. Others may experience excitement but must do more research to make a decision. Also, try to weigh the pros and cons of having a cruise wedding. At the end of the spectrum, whatever you are in, understand that being flexible is vital. Enjoy your cruise!

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