There is no shortage of reasons why Italy has been one of the most popular destinations for honeymooning, forever. The architecture, the language, the history, and the people themselves are all full of beauty and wonder.


But, shifting from romantic daydreams to actual planning can be overwhelming, and not nearly as much fun.

We recommend starting with a list of your must-sees, then consider what types of activities you and your love like to include in your perfect vacation. However, if seeing the David, sightseeing in Rome, drinking wine in Tuscany, taking a gondola ride in Venice, exploring the caves in Capri, AND hiking the Dolomites are all on your short list, you should probably start by taking out a map and deciding if you really have the time, or desire, to travel to all these places in one trip. Over-planning your honeymoon can be almost as stressful as planning a wedding.

Once you’ve decided the areas you’ll be visiting, take inventory of what your other interests are. Do you like to cook? Is your betrothed into hiking or biking (or another sport)? It’s easy to get off the beaten tourist path and find cooking classes, hiking/biking trails, fishing trips, etc. that will satisfy your adventurous spirit and give you an authentic Italian experience doing something you love.


Lastly (but by no means least), it’s important to understand that as Americans we often have a different sense of comfort than others. We like our beds big, our towels plush, hotel gyms complete, outstanding customer service, among other things.


For these reasons, we love the collection of hotels from Marriott.

Each and every property offers a feature that will delight your senses and make those moments of total relaxation as memorable as any sight in Italy.


See the hotel that is right for you.


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