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So after all the hard work and wedding planning, the endless numbers of lists of things to do, revising your the wedding budget and cutting down cost, your wedding day was a blast and just flow buy. And now it is honeymoon time.

The honeymoon is not just about romance. A lot of people think that honeymoons are just about sending butterflies in your stomach from the intimacy, but the truth is, it is way more than that. It is like a couple’s retreat from the entire world, and all that’s left is you — spending time with each other, cultivating your relationship, knowing each other day by day, and finally looking forward to the coming days together. How to celebrate the start of a married life varies from couple to couple, but according to a psychologist, Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, [1] “… A meaningful honeymoon does not require thousands of dollars. A few days with the phones unplugged sending out for food, and putting a “no visitors” sign on the door is really all that is needed.” That’s basically unplugging yourselves from society and spending your time together just about anywhere.

But here comes the first predicament: The “Where should we go?” If you have the funds to go where you want, your choices are infinite.

Why? The world is such a vast place that even calling it “vast” is an understatement. It would probably take an entire lifetime of a person to travel to all 7 continents, 195 countries, 4,416 cities. Yet there are places in this world that are so profound, so remarkable, you will always dream of visiting. But to narrow your list down, in case you haven’t thought of a place to spend your honeymoon, how about New Zealand?

Auckland New Zealand

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Honeymoon In New Zealand

The “where” can be a tough decision to make, especially when you purposely saved for this trip, but we’re here to help you see why spending your honeymoon in New Zealand is one of the decisions you won’t regret. New Zealand is one of the most versatile places one could ever visit. With its vast landscape, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting things to do in this magical place. Want a laid-back stay? New Zealand’s got you. An adventurous one? New Zealand’s got you. The versatility of this place is endless.

Though the activities and recreation may vary depending on the season you plan to go. Here’s our carefully curated list of things to consider when planning a honeymoon in New Zealand.

Cable car at Wellington

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The Seasons

If you live somewhere in the west like America, United Kingdom, or Canada, expect that your weather up the Western Hemisphere is opposite to the weather down New Zealand, which is located in the Southern Hemisphere. If it’s hot and humid in your place, New Zealand has the exact opposite weather. So maybe if it’s burning hot somewhere out the world, visiting New Zealand helps to cool you down.

Winter in New Zealand. Months: June to August

Mountain climbing in New Zealand

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Spring in New Zealand.  Months: September to November

Avon River in Christchurch Botanic Gardens

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Summer in New Zealand. Months: December to February

Boating on Lake Taupo

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Autumn in New Zealand. Months: March to May

With the varying season in unusual months, this is the factor that you have to consider the most since your activities will, of course, be based on this. You can check out MetService’s weather information to see real-time broadcast about the snow situation and to see if the activities you plan fits perfectly with the current weather.

The Accommodation

Airbnb accommodations in New Zealand are famous since they are more affordable, homey, and exists almost everywhere. The best thing about Airbnb in New Zealand is that you can book in advance and choose accommodation according to your liking. But, if you know that Airbnb is not your cup of tea, there are 3 to 5-star hotels in New Zealand that can cater your needs, offers the same comfort, but of course more expensive.

Your Layers

New Zealand weather is very unpredictable. Some days it’s chilly, then another day comes the sun. Travel Fashion Girl says that “The most important thing to know when planning what to wear in New Zealand is that you should pack for “four seasons in one day”, which means your packing list won’t change drastically for winter versus summer.”  In fact, she has an ebook that guides you to pack lightly but stylishly. Just be ready for what the New Zealand weather throws at you, but don’t forget to be stylish!

Sheep on the road near Pipiriki

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Left-hand Driven Cars

Since you are staying for a little while in New Zealand, you have to have a mode of transportation to bring you to places. With this, you can have the freedom to go anywhere you want, in your own time. Therefore, you should know that cars are driven on the left-hand side of the road. Unlike in Europe, cars are driven on the right-hand side. It is important to know the basic driving rules to prevent any adversities, but New Zealand has one of the best-driving roads in the world. [2] You also have to note that if your driver’s license is not in English, you have to have it translated by the embassy or consulate.

There are numerous websites where you can rent cars and book in advance like Kayak, GO Rentals, or Snap Rentals. The usual cost for economy cars ranges from 25-30 NZ dollars per day during the off-season and 50-65 NZ dollars per day during high-season. Vroomvroomvroom is a website that allows you to compare car rental prices to give you a wider range of choices.

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The Beautiful Sceneries

Obviously, New Zealand is a breathtaking place, no amount of words could describe its beauty. They have beaches where you can bask under the warm sun, or scenic mountain ranges where you can do some day hikes. They also have lakes and hot springs where you can spend the entire day relaxing.

To give you an overview of the beauty of this place, here’s a little gallery from different platforms captured by real people from their real experiences:

New Zealand Travel Insider has a list of places to visit in New Zealand that ranges from laid-back activities to adventurous ones. The Blonde Abroad also has a travel blog about New Zealand that gives you a visual idea of what awaits you there. You can create a detailed itinerary from this list for an organized travel. However, if you opt for a package tours that lays down everything for you, Travel Triangle has 17 different tour packages for your honeymoon.

So, there you go. After a laborious wedding planning, every couple deserves an undisturbed and peaceful honeymoon. After all the stressors brought about by your wedding planning, the wedding itself, and all unexpected mishaps, you deserve a serious break. A break from the wedding stress stressed, at that.

Nobody in this world will dictate you how you are going to spend your honeymoon, it varies from couple to couple. Some prefer the outdoors yet some love to just spend quality time together indoors. The important thing is that you are enjoying your time together. A honeymoon in New Zealand could be perfect.

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