Have you been fantasizing about your DREAM honeymoon, where money is not an issue? Are you worried when the magical time comes and you are actually planning the most romantic getaway of your life, money will be a barrier to fulfilling your dream? Don’t. We at Honeyfund have been making dream honeymoons happen for more than ten years, and today we’ve got a SUPER creative idea to turn your dream into reality, without breaking the bank.

Budget-wise, the biggest travel costs are flights and accommodations. Saving money on flights is easy, our top hacks include being flexible with your dates, using airline miles or credit card points, or booking through a site like Hipmunk that scouts the best rates for you. Accommodations can be tougher to score a deal on, depending on where you’re going. Well, was tougher. Today, there is an AWESOME alternative to expensive resorts: HomeAway offers beautiful whole-home properties around the world at room rates that are well below what you would find at a hotel or resort. And, in exchange you get privacy, a fully functioning home with a kitchen, and room to lounge!

Imagine this: A two-week honeymoon in an elegant home in your dream locale. You have budget left over to hire a masseuse to come in, a chef for a private cooking lesson in YOUR kitchen, and you can even hire a housekeeper to come in daily and keep things clean and tidy. Pick a home with a view, or a pool, it’s up to YOU!

If you’re planning a honeymoon in Italy, France, the Caribbean, Florida, or elsewhere, HomeAway has a fabulous setting to make your dream an affordable reality.

Italy-Tuscany-Independent-House Cortona

Independent house in Cortona (Tuscany, Italy) – $212 Avg/night

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Unique Luxury Rental in Historical Center (Southern France) – $221 Avg/night

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Beach House Condo, 7 Mile Beach (Jamaica) – $425 Avg/night

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Secluded Condo with Private Hot Tub & Shared Pool in Old Town (Palm Isle, Florida Keys) – $348 Avg/night

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  • Yuki says:

    I wish honeyfund would pick my husband and i to be the lucky winner.when we got married we couldnt afford to Have a honeymoon coz i Have to undergo an operation coz Of me having a cyst in My ovary and we need Money for My operation.we really love to go for honeymoon and we planed for IT last month of december for our 1year anniversary but i guess luck is not in our hands.so i guess My dream honeymoon for me and My husband Will just remain as a dream….until i found honeyfund while searching online in safari.it gives me a Little hope that IT might still happen.that My dream honeymoon Will still come true.we are in a long distance realtionship and its very hard coz we don’t Have much communication coz My husband is always busy with Work and Other things.i hope and pray that we Will be the lucky ones…hoping IT Will bring back the Fire and the Good memories we Have.i love My husband so much and all i want is to make him happy in Every way i can.i hope honeyfund would answer My Prayers for My dream honeymoon come true.

    With so much hope and faith

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