Wedding makeup ideasThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Finding inspiration for your wedding day makeup is not an easy challenge. You wish to look top notch, but at the same time not cliché or already-seen. So, it’s crucial for you to find the makeup that suits your face perfectly. If you have never considered what color of lipstick matches your skin, how you should style your eye makeup, or what hairdo suits you, now it’s time to think about all of these. Here are some ideas to start with for making your perfect day even more perfect.

Wedding Makeup Trends

Au naturel

Trendy Au Naturel

Makeup trends are going towards a more natural look, and so should you. Forget about heavy foundations that cover every bit of your face, because this is not appealing to anyone. Brides tend to think big when it comes to wedding day makeup, mostly because they have to keep it in shape throughout the whole day (which is definitely a challenge). However, the mistake they make is when they decide to put heavy makeup on, thinking that it will last longer.

Instead, what you should do is use BB cream and concealer to cover all imperfections, and focus on enhancing your most beautiful accents. If you have big, light colored eyes, make sure to use mascara to emphasize them, but not too much eye makeup on your eyelids. For plump lips, there is no need to go with strongly colored lipstick (especially since a lot of kissing is going to happen), but go with lip balm instead. Brides are the most beautiful when they show off their natural features.

Shimmering eyes

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Being natural doesn’t mean that you can’t shine like a goddess at your wedding. The trick is to make this shine subtle, yet effective. Shimmering highlighters go perfectly with an illuminating base. Iridescent highlighter and shimmery eyeshadow will give you a soft, angelic look that can’t go unnoticed. Shining with purity is what every bride should strive for.

Just a little bit of glitter works perfectly for brightening and enhancing the eyes. A rosy pink blush and just a bit of peachy colored lipstick are enough to complete this incredibly beautiful look. It’s one of the most important days of your life, so you deserve an ethereal shine.

Matte, not flat

The Divine Matte

A great way to plan your bridal makeup is to think about preventing sweat. Makeup can easily get ruined by being smudged out from all of the humidity (and you certainly will be dancing A LOT at your wedding), so try to think about makeup that will prevent you from sweating, or at least prevent the sweat from ruining it. There are professional bridal makeup artists that can make your skin ready for a big day without having issues with swat. The solution lies in matte makeup tones, which are not only practical but look astonishing, too.

Polished brows and matte-brown smokey eyes are to-die-for, especially if you are going for sculpted curls. You can’t go wrong with a soft, brown, matte eyeshadow and just a touch of shimmer on the eyes. Matte doesn’t mean flat, which beautiful Keira Knightley and Adriana Lima prove by rocking the matte look. If they can do it, so can you!


Bronze It Out

It’s not a good idea to go for a plum makeup style for your wedding day, since you will be plum enough already from all the excitement and dancing around. However, you should have at least some makeup on your cheekbones, especially if you are naturally pale. A great way to succeed in making your face come to life without making it plum is to go for the bronze look.

Bronze colored makeup is everything you wish for makeup to be – it looks natural, it gives you a subtle shine and makes your skin look healthy. In order to make this look last for the entire day, try completing it with a gilded highlight and power formulas that go well with glittery eyes and metallic lips.

Don’t forget to put your smile on because that is the most important makeup for your wedding day. A happy bride is always the most beautiful one, so go ahead and smile your way to happily ever after.

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Find the right wedding carThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Are you planning your own wedding?

Don’t forget your wheels! Wedding cars are as ubiquitous as the three-layered cake couples share on the big day. Which is why you shouldn’t delegate the task or wait to the last minute to have one squared away.

You wouldn’t want to roll into your dream wedding in a Ford Pinto now, would you?

Whay wedding car is right for you?

Ride In Style On Your Wedding Day

Here’s a short guide on how to choose the right wedding car. This is a general guide that will work for other people’s weddings, too. Make sure you lend a helping hand by sharing!

Start Searching Early

Whether you are getting a car for yourself or choosing one for an event, the planning should always start way ahead of the time. Before heading out on foot, go online and scour the internet for wedding car hires in your area. The earlier you search for a vehicle, the better your chances are of getting some nice wheels. Try to book a car for one month in advance to avoid any scheduling conflicts. There should be plenty of listings, but you should only aim for the ones with actual reviews and testimonials to make sure you’re hiring a car within the lemon laws.  

Social media, friends, family, and contacts can play a crucial part during your search. Make a list of all potential wedding car services in the area and choose the top five. Call and set up a visit so you can inspect the vehicle yourself.

Time For A Ride

After narrowing down your search, it’s time for you to go to the garage and inspect the wedding car. Check the car history report and any signs of neglect. The last thing you need is a dirty and smelly interior or the car breaking down on your wedding day!

A vehicle inspection is also the perfect time for you to make some measurements. If you’re a bride, make sure the car has enough room for your wedding gown AND the groom! Exotic sports cars are great, and all, but aren’t really wedding friendly.

Retro-themed wedding cars

Your Theme

Does your wedding have a theme? Make sure the wedding car you choose matches your theme. Vintage cars go well with a retro-style wedding for example, and ATV’s have a place in beach weddings. Most car hire services will offer you different options depending on the scenario. Choose the best one that fits you.

Find the best car for your theme

Your Style, Your Car

If you love the quirkiness of the VW Beetle and think it matches your style, then go for it! Cars reflect our style more often than we’d care to admit, and your wedding is the perfect day to choose a vehicle that you can identify with. Rent the wedding car of your dreams, because after marriage changes everything, you won’t be able to!

Keep It Local

When looking for a bridal car, you should choose local companies first. The drivers are local, and they would know everything about the area. The drivers have inside info on beautiful locations for photos, places to avoid and the fastest route from the church to the reception.

Renting a wedding car from a local service is also cheaper because fuel won’t be much of a concern. You only go for a car hire that’s out of state if all the local services are booked on your wedding day, or if you have your heart set on a specific car brand.

What is included with your car?

Read the Fine Print

Make sure to read the rental agreement and ask questions. Now is the perfect time to ask what other services come with the car, such as a chauffeur, champagne, decorations, and rental duration. Knowing the facts early on will give you enough time to look for a driver or decorate the vehicle.

Now that you have a wedding car booked, fueled and ready, it’s high time you found a willing dance partner! Stop stressing about it. Go out there and get one!

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