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There are endless venues to host your bachelorette party in New York City from the high-end swanky hotels to relaxing retreats. While most people often prefer escaping the urban locations due to its associated limitations, the wide array of locations that suit every party style in New York as awing. Popularly known as the city that never sleeps, New York is a renowned city with restaurants that double up as clubs and amazing bachelorette party packages. If you are planning a bachelorette party, consider the following exquisite NYC venues.

The House of Yes

House of Yes

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Like any party, sleeping is a distant memory when it comes to bachelorette parties. As such, if your crew is hyped and looking forward to being on their feet the entire night, you should consider the House of Yes. This amazing party place is within Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Depending on your timing, you can find an ongoing show, dance to the wild music, or jump on the stage and show some moves.

On random nights, revelers jive to funk, disco, west coast, soul, or R&B music. The best time to enjoy the House of Yes is planning your party to coincide with their famous theme nights. Regardless, throwing your bachelorette party in this place will a guarantee of lasting memories.


74 wythe main room

Photo by 74 Wythe

Another great place to sign off your bachelor’s experience is 74Wythe. The venue presents one of the best private event space Brooklyn for those looking to enjoy a low-key yet fascinating experience. 74Wythe is located around the Greenpoint, downtown Brooklyn. Besides the excruciating serenity, you will like the picture-perfect setup of the venue that accurately combines historical and modern amenities.

The creative designs of various structures provide the best space to create unforgettable memories. The commanding Manhattan skyline views from 74Wythe’s rooftop, concealed cocktail lounge, fully furnished private rooms, and the multifunctional private loft with a courtyard are just but a few things to yearn for from the 74Wythe.

Moxy NYC Downtown

moxy hotel nyc

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Moxy NYC Downtown is another great choice of venue for your bachelorette party. Besides trending with the #atthemoxy Instagram hashtag, there are many reasons why you should create bachelor party memories in this space. The venue is a good choice for those looking for a relaxing place to reflect upon their life decisions before making their big engagement, which is getting into marriage.

From the neon signs to mural decorated sidewalls, the Moxy NYC Downtown creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The best thing is that you can do all you want in this location. For some night recreation, the third-floor bar/restaurant and basketball court will suit your needs. The luxurious guest rooms also provide an ample place to rest.

Public Arts

Escalator like in Public Hotel

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Public Arts is another NYC venue to host exciting bachelorette parties. The venue is slightly to the Lower East Side of the Trendy Public Hotel. It provides a versatile space for private events, screenings, and shows from the morning to the early evenings. However, it magically transforms into a nightclub from midnight to morning hours every Wednesday to Saturday. This makes it a good place for those with varied needs during their bachelorette parties.


Bachelorette party

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Bachelorette parties shouldn’t be all about partying and retreats. Vandal presents an exciting place to dine as you enjoy your party. With the cosmopolitan nature of NYC, Vandal features an all-inclusive menu with perfect recipes for you and the crew. Some samplings starter options include French soup dumplings and cauliflower tacos.

You have endless options for main dishes as well. You can try out the mouth-watering seafood, steak, and a mix of pasta. Well-curated cocktails will also accompany your meals for better digestion. For those who won’t be busy dining, they will enjoy wandering at the exhilarating décor. Since the place was designed with Instagram in mind, you will also enjoy a beautiful photo time as you head towards the nightclub downstairs.


Korean barbeque

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Besides the Korean BBQ associated with this restaurant, there is a lot to enjoy from this amazing bachelorette party venue. What makes it outstanding is their open kitchen design that captures your taste buds as your order is being prepared. From tasty noddle, rice, to fried chicken, Insa certainly has everyone’s favorite on its menu. Insa is a great place for pre-party dining. However, you don’t have to go far as you can party right upstairs.

Enjoy your Bachelorette Party in NYC

While there are other good cities to book your bachelorette parties, NYC provides a perfect mix of non-stop entertainment, amazing nightlife, and rich culture. It is a cosmopolitan, swanky, and sophisticated place to enjoy your last moments as a bachelor.

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Author Bio: Located on the site of the once-popular nightclub Output, 74Wythe is a multifunctional hospitality venue with three stories across four interconnected space that is perfect for wedding and events of any size. Offering rooftop space with gorgeous west-facing waterfront and Manhattan skyline views and retractable roof, spacious internal rooms, and a courtyard, we aim to provide unforgettable wedding receptions whether you want an all-inclusive wedding package or are just interested in the venue.



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