How to have a stress-free Honeymoon

We’re partnering with Rover to bring you the perfect solution to creating a stress-free honeymoon when it comes to the care of your pets. The last thing you want to worry about while on your romantic honeymoon with your new honey, is your pet. Are they being fed, walked, played with, and loved?

With Rover, your pet is being well taken care of by a pet sitter that you meet in person, before booking, through the meet and greet feature. You also know that your fur baby is getting the one on one attention they deserve. Sitters send daily reports, with pictures, for you to check in throughout the stay.

The process is so stress free that the biggest question you’ll have to answer is which type of pet sitting service you would prefer.

Types of Pet Sitting Care

  1. Drop-in visits
    The pet sitter will come by your house for 30 minutes at a time to feed, play, walk, and check in on your pet. This is great for shorter trips or daytime check-ins if you have someone else staying the night with your pet.
  1. House Sitting
    If you prefer that your pet stays in the comfort of your home with around the clock care, the pet sitter can come and stay at your house through the duration of that dream honeymoon you’ll be on. This is also a great option if your pet has a lot of anxiety in new surroundings or has separation anxiety/depression. Your pet will be in their own environment with as little disruptions as possible and you can relax knowing that they’re in good hands.
  1. Dog Boarding
    If you don’t feel comfortable with the sitter staying at your home, your pet can stay over at the pet sitter’s home while you are away. Don’t worry, if you are setting up that meet and greet and the pet sitter and pet get along very well, you can suggest a second meet and greet at the sitter’s house. This is also a chance for you to get to know your pet sitter a little more and gives you a great idea of where your pet will be staying for a few nights while you are on vacation.
  2. No matter which pet sitting option you decide to choose, you have the comfort of knowing that your pet is in the hands of vetted pet sitters through Rover.

    So, go ahead and book the honeymoon of your dreams and let Rover take the stress out of your vacation and care for your pet while you travel. Don’t forget to use your discount and save you $10 off your first booking.

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