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Five Steps to the Perfect ‘Surprise Honeyfund’!

By October 6, 2015 July 18th, 2019 One Comment
Surprise Honeyfund! Sand or Snow?

Surprise Honeyfund! Sand or Snow?

Watch Honeyfund’s Founders Sara & Josh Create a Surprise Honeyfund for Matt & Erica on ABC’s Shark Tank, October 9 at 9/8c!

Many people ask us how to use Honeyfund to fund a surprise honeymoon for a friend or loved one. We’re here to tell you — it’s easy! Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: About three to six months before the wedding, casually ask the couple about their honeymoon plans. Find out where they are dreaming of going! Are they going to be “in” on the surprise or completely in the dark? Even if the couple has already booked their honeymoon, they can use the surprise funds to make the trip that much more special. For example, they can upgrade their flight to first class or book a suite vs a standard room. Have fun with it!

Step 2: Create a Honeyfund account in the couple’s names

  • Answer a few simple questions and you’ll have a great list of honeymoon activities for friends/family to contribute to!
  • Important: Use your own e-mail address if you don’t want them finding out before the wedding!
  • Important: Decide where the funds will go. Will you collect payments and then present them to the couple in one lump sum? Or will each gift go to the couple directly? See all the options under ‘payment settings.’

Step 3: Let the couple’s wedding party and closest friends/family know about the surprise! They can help you share the Honeyfund link with wedding guests.

  • If guests will be giving AT the wedding, make sure you have a good cover! For Matt & Erica’s wedding, we erected a “photo booth” and hid the giving station behind it.

Photo booth to hide surprise gift station

Step 4: Link the couple’s store registries to their honeyfund page. Wedding guests love choices! Those who prefer a traditional gift will like having that option.

Step 5: Present the couple with their surprise! The wedding shower, rehearsal dinner or the wedding itself are all great moments to let the couple know how much they’ve received in honeyfund gifts!

Got it? Great! Start a surprise honeyfund now.


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  • john nicolas says:

    My marriage on 17 November 2015 I going through financial crisis can you help me for that I need at list 3000$ for my honeymoon in india .if anybodycan help me then please send me money .information I am giving you is true.only 3000$ I need please help me

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