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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

 It had always been a dream. Now – in a couple of hours it would all be a reality.

Yes, you would have tied the knot!

I know you are pretty pumped about it; you should be. And, that’s probably why you are reading this article- you want to kick off your journey to long-lasting marital bliss with an amazing first-night bed decoration.

Of course, you would want to handle this yourself. Consequently, this means birthing good decoration ideas for your marital bed.

Fortunately, we’ve saved you the stress of doing so by providing you with tips on how to make your first night bed a memorable one.

Ready? Let’s dive into it!

Get Your Checklist for Memorable First Night Bed Decorations

How Good is Your Bed?

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You don’t plan on decorating a bad mattress; or do you? A sub-standard mattress might leave you and your partner with some aches by morning.

So, if you have some reservations about your bed, check out the best online mattress, according to Sleepdelivered.com

Get Some Flowers


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Obviously, in any decoration spree, it is a rule-of-thumb to begin with the most conspicuous item- which, in this case, is the bed. So, let’s attack the bed first!

Begin with making lovely designs or shapes, with the use of flower petals. Here, roses would be a great choice.

Now is the time to do something creative. You aren’t so much of a creative person? Still cool! Simple designs such as the shape of a heart, a swine, a key – just anything that can emit signals of love- would do. The aim here is to set the ambiance up for a cozy night. So, most often, simplicity in your designs rocks more than going complex.

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Does your special person have any flower allergies? If so, keep that in mind while picking your flowers. You wouldn’t want to trigger a rash, or better still, an aching cough on your special night!

Feel like going beyond the norm? In your bathroom, leave some rose petals just beside the sink. Also, tracing a path from your Jacuzzi to the bed, wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Color Scheme


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Colors play a huge role when it comes to birthing amazing ambiance out of nothing. Likewise, the color theme of your bed would go a long way in setting the mood of the evening.

Here are a few color palettes you might want to try out:

  • Magenta + Poppy +Yellow
  • Emerald + Cream + Gold
  • Tangerine + Orange +Yellow
  • Cinnamon + Yellow + Beige
  • Merlot + Peach + Sage

If you are good at colors, play around with them. Whether you go with a bold theme with colors such as red, purple, and orange or softer one with soft pastel shades of pink, cream, and blue – be sure to incorporate your preferred color palettes into the bedsheets and pillowcases. You could also add balloons to bring out the beauty of the colors.

Still out of ideas? Extending the wedding experience by using the exact wedding colors would not only solve the color mystery but also give the couple a sensation of peace.

Think Outside the Box…

You know your partner quite well. Is he a lover of poems? Does she get hyped up by looking at the best picture of you two?

Strategically placing your special someone’s favorite stuff somewhere on the bed, is a fantastic idea.

Some Extras

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Don’t underestimate how bad hunger could be. After a long day, it isn’t out-of-the-world for the both of you to be famished.  A bottle of champagne, or a beautifully wrapped snack- placed a hands-length away from the bed- would not only serve as décor but also as a hunger-averter.

Also consider placing some lit-candles beside the bed, so as to give the bed a romantic feel.

In Conclusion

Whatever you do, refuse to be boxed into anything boring. Put on your creative cap and make your first night a memorable one!

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