Transform Your Master Bedroom Into the Perfect Newlywed Sanctuary

Close your eyes and imagine this: Your wedding day went off without a hitch, you’ve spent a week in lovers’ bliss on your honeymoon, and now you’ve coming home to a beautiful master sanctuary that nurtures your honeymoon vibes for months and years to come.

We asked the bedding experts at Peacock Alley to share their top tips for creating a soothing and sexy master bedroom for two.

Remember, It’s for Both of You

Their first, and the most important, tip is to make these decisions with your partner. It’s the privately shared space that both people should feel the most comfortable in the home. All it requires is a conversation and shopping together. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll both enjoy creating a space together!


Color is Everything

The color palette you choose really sets the overall tone of the room. Do you want it to feel sexy? Soothing? Cozy? If you can’t come to an agreement on a color, or just aren’t sure, our experts recommend sticking with monochromatic palettes, the classic all white bed, or neutral tones.

Refresh the Basics

What if we told you that you could replace three items on your bed, and it’ll feel like you bought a brand new one (without the giant price tag)? Well, if you didn’t believe us, we have some news for you!

The three items that can make your bed feel brand new again are:

We recommend ordering your new items well in advance to your big day so they come in on time. Redoing your bedroom not in your budget? The best part is that these are all items that you can put on your wedding registry! Don’t have one? Start registering today with Honeyfund.

Jordyn Coppola

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