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A wedding is a unique and unrepeatable event in the life of every person. Of course, preparing for the wedding celebration is a troublesome affair, but the outcome is worth it. Decorating the hall for a wedding reception will help create a classy evening’s atmosphere in the soul of the newlyweds and each guest. What should you pay attention to, and which decorative elements to choose?

First of all, pay attention to the style – if possible, it should correspond to the general direction of the celebration, especially if the wedding is themed. The colors should be harmoniously combined: do not give preference to too bright and flashy shades because the holiday lasts several hours, and very few guests will like to look at the inconsistent tones.

It is advisable to decorate the reception hall no more than a day before your wedding. Otherwise, the decor may lose its attractiveness – the balloons will decrease in volume, the flowers will wither, and the sweet decor will dry out.

The accessibility factor is also essential – do not overdo it with decorations: it is unlikely that people will be comfortable if there is something near their feet, or if on the dance floor, they will have to avoid columns or figurines all the time.

Of course, you can contact an agency that decorates the premises for a holiday, or you can connect your imagination. Be patient and create an amazing atmosphere of a reception hall for a wedding with your own hands. Just follow the advice of Hackrea experts.

Ideas for Decorating the Hall for a Wedding Reception

Decoration with Balloons

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Balloons are one of the most popular wedding hall decoration options. It is ideal for small budget celebrations. With the right combination of colors and shapes, the balloons will transform the room.

You can use blue and white, violet and white, red and white or other colors. Balloons can be of different shapes – hearts, doves, animal figurines to add zest to the interior. Try to inflate the balloons to the same size, and also make sure they are securely attached. From balloons inflated with helium, you can lay out an interesting composition under the ceiling, hang bundles of balloons, or create beautiful garlands and original figures.

Decorating the Walls with Posters

Posters can be purchased in the store or call friends with artistic skills to create them. On them, you can write funny expressions, toasts, tips, and just wishes. You can create a collage with photographs, a kind of evolutionary path for a couple: from small children to the moment they meet.

The most popular designs for wedding posters are hearts, pairs of doves and swans, wedding rings, and glasses.

Decoration with Fabric

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This type of decoration can transform even a boring room. Particular attention should be paid to tables, chairs, and the wall above the newlyweds. Contrasting tablecloths and napkins will look very advantageous, and the color of the napkins should be combined with bows on the backs of chairs. If possible, choose cloth napkins, not paper..

With the help of light transparent fabrics, you can decorate walls. The main thing is to know the room’s dimensions in advance to buy the amount of material needed. Several shiny fabric canvases can be hung above the ceiling, creating a dome effect – this technique always looks very beautiful.

Decoration with Flowers

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Floristic compositions are not a cheap pleasure, but they also look very festive and elegant. At the same time, fresh flowers delight with their appearance and savor the whole room.

It is advisable to choose only one variety of flowers – chamomile, rose, or lily. It depends on the style of the wedding and the general color scheme of the room. You need to start decorating the reception hall a few hours before the celebration – a maximum of a day, otherwise the buds will simply fade. To make them look more outstanding, they can be supplemented with candles, ferns, and green plants. Flowers can be used to decorate the arch above the newlyweds’ table, and put centerpieces on guests’ tables.

Contrasting Ribbons

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With the help of ribbons of two colors, you can create a festive mood in any reception hall. You can decorate the backs of chairs, the legs of glasses with them, tie them around curtains or lamps, and create beautiful compositions.

As you can see, there are many options for decorating a reception hall for a wedding: you may well combine some of them or give preference to one. The main thing is that the final result should appeal to everyone and become the embodiment of celebration and beauty.

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