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Albert Einstein did it. Leonardo De Vinci did it. Now Moby, Ellen, and Joaquin are doing it. Vegan isn’t just a diet, it is a lifestyle. No leather, no animal testing of beauty products are the mantras of vegans worldwide. The impact of the change is positive. Being vegan can save the planet. Eating Vegan can be the single biggest way to positively impact the earth. Oxford University Study concluded that eating vegan can reduce your carbon footprint by 73%. Few know that eating a half-pound of beef generates the same amount of greenhouse emissions as driving 9.8 miles while a half-pound of potatoes is equivalent to .17 miles.

The plant-based diet craze is catching like wildfire with a 600% increase in the past three years. Not only is this cuisine saving the planet, but it’s also saving lives. Eating an animal-free diet reduces the risk of Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease. and Diabetes. Best of all, vegans are making the world a happier place. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine discovered that people who ate whole-plant foods over a five year period had fewer symptoms of depression. Complex Carbohydrates increase the feel-good hormone serotonin in the brain.

Tomato tartar cones drizzled in aged balsamic

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Vegan Menus Dominate Events

The menu change is impacting the event world in a positive way. As chefs explore the culinary secrets to cooking amazing foods like using black salt to emulate egg flavors or nutritional yeast to make a nutty cheese substitute, guests are happily cleaning their plates and hope for more. The Golden Globes had huge success this year serving a plant-based meal at their awards show.

Blue corn potato tacos

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As an event planner, I have had huge success winning over the heart of carnivores at our formal feasts made with love, not animals.  For Kat Von D and Prayers singer Rafael Reyes’ wedding ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel, I worked directly with the chef to create an extraordinary meal.  At first, the hotel wasn’t used to creating vegan meals, so the selections offered were filled with soups, salads, and tofu.  After directing the chefs to please study the menus at Au Lac and Crossroads, the hotel came back with a mind-blowing menu.

Beet & citrus salad

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For starters, the tray-passed hors d’oeuvres featured blue corn potato tacos with avocado mousse, cucumber, and avocado sushi rolls, heirloom tomato tartar cones drizzled in aged balsamic and the fan-favorite coco-not shrimp with spicy peanut sauce. The first course of our very formal sit-down dinner treated guests to spicy corn empanadas. The second course served a farmer’s market citrus and baby beet salad. The pasta course boasted fire-roasted corn, pepper, and leek tortellini in a creamy vodka sauce. The entree was a comforting veggie seitan roast with toasted marshmallow sweet potato gratin and a sweet treat of flaky pastry, sweet cashew cheese and fresh fruit with minted coconut milk. The final indulgence, a red velvet wedding cake towered above the guests, served to full-bellied, happy sweet-toothed fans.

Eggplant timbale with tomato coulis

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The Vegan Weddings Trend Continues

Just a few months after Kat’s wedding which earned international acclaim and was featured in Veg News, guitarist John 5 from Rob Zombie tapped us to create his vegan wonderland wedding renewal. For this wedding, we worked directly with Celestino Drago’s catering team to help direct their classic Italian hit dishes into new vegan indulgences. We directed the chef to reinvent their classic dishes. The risotto with truffle was made with vegetable broth. An eggplant timbale with tomato coulis highlighted the feast. Rock star vegan Tommy Lee was thrilled to have an entire meal created by a celebrity chef featuring an entirely plant=based menu.

On Valentine’s Day, we worked with chef Denise of Alchemy Organica to create an elevated five-course vegan feast with wine pairings. All wines were from www.veganwines.com.  Many curiously or sarcastically ask, “Aren’t all wines vegan?” The surprising answer is “no.” Many wines are made with fining agents which are processing aids used during the winemaking process; these include milk protein, egg whites, gelatin, and even fish bladder. Using a resource like vegan wine club @myveganwines introduces vineyards that cultivate their wines that are animal-friendly.

As vegan cuisine increases in popularity, new products are popping up with beyond beef and impossible burgers. For the first time carnivore are curiously adventurously trying the new faux meats and are happily surprised. For the first time, a faux burger is actually juicy. Impossible meats actually use beets to create a red juice. Guests can even order their meat to be cooked to their preferred temperature. As people commit to meatless Mondays to explore meat alternative driven meals, the public is recognizing that eating vegan can be delicious and filling.

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The trend toward a vegan lifestyle is constantly growing. Events offer the opportunity to introduce guests to delicious creative menus. Compliments pour in as amazed guests brag about how delicious the food is.  A trend has an expiration date. Soon vegan adventures will evolve from meatless Mondays, a great start, to more vegan feasts sought out by environmental, health conscientious foodies.

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BIO: Celebrity wedding planner and fortune 500 company’s secret weapon, Michele Fox Gott is Center of Attention Events founder and visual architect. Launching her wedding planning business live on MTV’s New Year’s Eve special featuring Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s vow renewal, Center of Attention received global recognition garnering international awards.  Fifteen years later, she continues to set global trends. Clients have included Snoop Dogg, Rob Dyrdek, Deadmau5, and even Al Gore.  Her all red lux gothic wedding for Kat Von D was ranked 4th trending wedding of 2018.  Her passion for creating cohesive brand marketing campaigns.

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