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Every bride dreams of her wedding being the best and most memorable of the season. Way early in the planning process, you need to look at all the different ways you can make your wedding stand out and leave a lasting imprint on your guests. So, without ado, here are some ways you can make your wedding stand out.

Creative Wedding Ideas


Balloon Pop Seating

It’s boring to just get to your table and find which plate has your name on. Make it fun by tying a helium-filled balloon to every chair and giving your guests a small pin on the entry. When they reach the table, they should pop the balloons and they will burst with confetti and a name tag for every guest. For those guests who might be scared of popping balloons, there is always an option of letting the air out slowly, having someone else pop it or putting the confetti and tag in a clear balloon so that all they have to do is shake it.


Forget about numbers and names for your tables, let’s try some colors. On entry, each one of your guests can receive a small bouquet or corsage of one type of flower. Then, they need to find the table with the color that corresponds to the color of the bouquet. You can test your guests’ knowledge of color theory by placing some yellow and blue flowers together on a table for the guests with green bouquets.


Wedding With A View

Nobody is impressed with a ballroom anymore, no matter how beautiful it is. So try to mix it up and give your guests something that will really blow their mind. Find a view that will take their breath away, whether it’s on the edge of a cliff or in one of the beautiful waterfront wedding venues in Sydney. Getting married while overlooking the ocean will be something very different from the standard indoor wedding.

Make Up A Hashtag

Everyone is on the internet today and everyone loves to take pictures. But often, all of those pictures are posted on private feeds and not compiled together. Think of a hashtag (your names and the date, a special acronym or simply #MaryAndHanksWedding2018) and display it in several places to let your guests know they should use it. Ask them to tag all of their pictures with it, so that whenever you search the tag on Instagram or Facebook, you will be able to see all of the pictures in one place.

Flag Menu

Instead of offering your guests chicken/steak/vegan options for the menu, try something different: place an empty flag shape on the invitation and let your guests draw the flag of the country whose cuisine they want to have. Explain that the three most popular ones will be chosen and that they should also specify if they have any dietary restrictions on the side. It’s a fun way to give your guests agency over the wedding planning.

Wedding cupcakes

Skip The Cake

Yeah, yeah “the cake is the best part”, but who says it has to be cake?! How about a cupcake tower piled high with different flavors, or a pie table, where people can take a slice of their favorite pie instead of the cake? Having something unique might not sit well with everyone but first of all, it’s your wedding and secondly, you can make a tray of cake-pops for those who really want some cake and won’t leave without it.

You have to remember that being unique isn’t the most important part of a wedding, but it’s a great touch. Make sure you and all of your guests have as much fun as possible and you will surely have a great time and a day to remember.

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