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Being a bride is a wonderful experience and one that women look forward to since the moment they lay eyes on “the one”. There is so much preparation for the wedding that being a bride-to-be should have its own special status and count as a plus on your CV. There are just so many things to prepare and to think about, from the venue and seating arrangements to your own look. And that last one is so important because if everything else goes wrong, feeling comfortable and beautiful in your dress will make everything seem okay. But the dress itself isn’t enough, so let’s talk about the accessories:

Go with dainty bridal jewelry for the big dayGo Dainty With Your Bridal Jewelry

If there is one thing you don’t want at your wedding, it’s for something to outshine you. Not the guests, not your dress, not your partner, not a piece of jewelry that takes the attention away from your face. Lightweight, dainty jewelry is perfect for brides because usually, the entire bridal look is so soft and delicate that a big, chunky piece might overpower it. Of course, you can rock something bigger if your look supports it, but if you’re not sure, dainty is the way to go. Just beware of all the cut-outs and small pieces, because your hair or the lace of your dress could easily get caught in that and cause a nuisance. Remember that dainty is great for layering, as is in the case of necklaces and bracelets, to create a more intriguing look by combining different pieces.

Unique bridal jewelry for the big daySupport Local Businesses

Every bride wants to send a message with her appearance and since it’s an “all eyes on you” day, you can certainly do that. And an easy message to send is that you love and support your local community. This can be shown through a lot of things on your wedding, like hiring local vendors to do the catering or having your local, regular, hairstylist do your hairdo. But you can also do it through your accessories – if you’re a proud Aussie, you can get beautiful bridal jewelry in Australia and if you wear some of those show-stopping earrings, you know everyone will be asking where you got them from. You can also show off some heritage by wearing a piece of more traditional jewelry if that is something you gravitate to.

Complete your look with a beautiful veilLet’s Talk Veils

A classic part of any bridal look, a veil is what really makes you feel like a bride, and some would say that, besides the ring, it’s the most important accessory you have on. But there are so many different styles and ways to wear them that it can be difficult to decide in which direction to take it. On the one hand, you can wear one that blends in and matches your dress, but if you want a more chic and unique feel, you can go for a birdcage veil or even a colored veil. You can combine it with jewels and decorations in your hair, or even replace the veil with a tiara or some other big headpiece. Make sure you coordinate with your hairstylist, because the way the veil sits on an up-do and on loose hair are two completely different stories. And remember, if you have a shorter dress, you can get an extra-long veil that will literally act as the train of your dress.

Be a showstopper with jewelry & accessoriesBe A Showstopper

If you plan your outfit well, you can have a piece of jewelry that you love be the star of the outfit. For example, on a more subtle dress without embellishments, a sparkly belt will stand out so much and steal the show. Your mind might go to a big, beautiful, layered over-the-top necklace, however, putting something so strong so close to your face could outshine you, so try to keep things below the collarbones if you want to make sure that your face comes second to nothing.

If you have some jewelry that you love, feel free to bring it to your dress shopping appointments, because it will help you find a dress that will match it. The salons themselves will usually embellish you with belts, sashes, and veils if you don’t bring your own, because they know that your look will never look complete without the accessories, so make sure you’re seeing the whole picture.

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