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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Planning for a wedding is fun, but the real fun begins when planning for your honeymoon. With endless destinations to choose from after saying “I do,” we have created a list of our favorite places to consider for couples’ surfing honeymoon.

Being that we are destination wedding photographers in San Diego and have explored every beach up and down the coast of Southern and Northern California, we could go on and on about iconic surf spots to hit. From Blacks Beach in La Jolla to Half Moon Bay in Ocean Beach, the opportunities are endless. However, we want to share honeymoon locations that will take a little more adventure and travel to get to, so here’s a look at epic surf destinations around the globe while offering you a budget-friendly honeymoon option.

Great Locations For A Surfing Honeymoon

Surfing at Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Photo by Evita Ochel from Pixabay

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Located just north of Tamarindo in Guanacaste, Playa Grande is a laid-back beach community, offering a chill beach experience. If you are searching for a calm, not so touristy type surf destination this is it. The main street has a few restaurants, a small supermarket, and a few surf shops and the area is filled with plenty of stunning brown sand beaches and pearly blue waters. The long stretch of beach is covered with great, giant trees which gives it a rather unique feeling of tropical paradise. According to local surfers, the breaks are varied and offer different skill levels from moderate to high making Playa Grande an ideal location to choose from. Low tide is great for beginners wanting to perfect their skills while high tide brings a bit more action to this break for the intermediate or more advanced surfer.

Surfing in Bali

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Ulu Watu, Bali

A goofy footer’s dream spot, according to Surf Indonesia,Ulu’s is a wide reef offering 5 different peaks that turn on at different tides that all break left.” Ulu Watu, however, is a drastically different vibe than Playa Grande mentioned above. This location in Bali is one of the busiest surfing spots and is advised that you should have a fair amount of experience before paddling out into the lineup. It is highly recommended when heading out there to be patient and respect the locals who call this spot home, while also having a solid understanding of surfing’s etiquette. Bali is one of the most dynamic destinations on earth, with jungles and amazing waterfalls to explore; there is so much to do outside of surfing on your honeymoon that this definitely makes the list of top destinations for honeymooners.

Surfing at Mentawai Island,Indonesia

Photo by Gede Wirahadi Pradnyana on Unsplash

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Often on the top of any major surfers bucket list is the Mentawai’s due to the combination of uninhabited tropical islands, warm crystal blue water, and consistent world-class waves. The Mentawai Islands make up over 70 wave-rich chains off the western coast of Sumatra forming some of the most rideable waves on the planet while also being one of the most consistent surf breaks year-round. The Mentawai Islands offer top surf resorts with boat charters that take you to many different breaks depending on your surf experience and which spots are firing at the right time. Macaronis is one of the more popular breaks and is great for beginners.

Surfing in Ragland New Zealand

Ragland, New Zealand

Searching for one of the longest rides in the world? Goofy footed and looking for a left to carve on all day long? Manu Bay is one of those spots that needs to be in the discussion for top waves to ride before you die. The wave itself ranges from two to ten feet; however, the real intensity is the hollow drop when you first take off which forms a nice sizeable barrel, before opening up into a long wally section. Ruapuke is a beach break on a sandy beach with beautiful cliff views just south of Ragland which is exposed to plenty of swell. Its often recommended to paddle out at Ruapuke when Ragland is small because it is bound to be bigger there since the winds are from the Eastern quarter.

Surfing in Taghazout, Morocco

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Taghazout, Morocco

Nothing like an African honeymoon, Morocco definitely serves up a cultural shock to any western traveler while also offering some of the most stunning waves. This quaint town was once a small fishing village that is now a bustling mini-town full of cafes, accommodations, and shops–even of the surfy nature,” according to Surfer Mag.  Taghazout has a boho vibe with friendly locals that respect the tourists that visit to enjoy the world-class surf that the area has to offer. Morocco is a Muslim country, so always remember to be respectful of their culture – good practice when visiting a country outside your own. With plenty of modern boutique style hotels that offer surf camps and rentals, there are a la carte options to travel or all-inclusive options that are still very affordable ranging from $85-100 a night which includes food, according to Surf Maroc’s website.

Sure there are spots like Hawaii’s north shore and the Gold Coast of Australia that we may have not added to the list, but if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck while being able to surf world-renowned breaks,  these five locations will have you living out your dreams. Each location is within close proximity to other stunning surf trips and offer non-stop exploration with just a short hopper flight away to new cities and foreign countries. Enjoy all the planning that comes along with the honeymoon, remembering to take in each moment and as always… when in doubt paddle out. Cheers!

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