A True Tropical Paradise for Adults: Your St. Lucia Honeymoon

Your St. Lucia honeymoon will be an island paradise and the people there will welcome you with open arms. They have gorgeous beaches for your enjoyment, famous mountains, unique resorts with stunning views, and plenty of activities to keep you busy during your Caribbean getaway.

Traveling to St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It’s north of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, south of Martinique, and northwest of Barbados.

The most popular way to get to Saint Lucia is by airplane for an extended stay. However, some people travel there by boat from a neighboring island, or via cruise ship.

A visa is not required for entry to Saint Lucia, but you do need a current passport. It must be valid for six months and have one blank page in it for customs to stamp upon your arrival and departure. Additionally, you need to show proof of a return flight, heading back out of the country.

Vaccinations when traveling to St. Lucia

Most travelers who visit Saint Lucia for their honeymoon are fine with routine vaccinations. This includes measles, polio, Hepatitis A, the flu and typhoid.

COVID Regulations to Consider when traveling to St. Lucia for your Honeymoon

Guests traveling from the United States to the island of St. Lucia must have a negative COVID test within seven days of their arrival, and a travel authorization letter emailed to them with the results. The travel registration form can be found on their tourism website.

Additionally, once travelers arrive in their country they need to quarantine for 14 days at a COVID-19 certified property.
While we don’t advise you to book a St. Lucia honeymoon for arrival before the end of 2020 given the uncertainty right now and two weeks you need to quarantine, we’re hoping these regulations will change within a few months.

Because it generally takes a while to plan honeymoons, we’re providing this helpful information for honeymooners desiring a getaway to St. Lucia. Book wisely, knowing the timeframe you’re traveling to St. Lucia. And always make sure you get fully refundable airfare and hotel rooms. Most reputable hotels and airlines are offering full refunds during Covid.

Airports in St. Lucia

There are two airports in St. Lucia to arrive for your honeymoon:

  1. The main airport in Saint Lucia is in Vieux Fort, the capital city, called Hewanorra International Airport (UVF). This is on the south end of the island. From here you would hire a car service or rent a car to arrive at your hotel.
  2. Another option is to fly to the smaller airport here, which is on the north end of the island in Castries. It’s called George F.L. Charles Airport (SLU). This is an inter-island airport. For example, if you land at UVF airport and need to fly to the northern end of the island, where Sandals resorts are, you may consider booking a flight from UVF to SLU.

After you land on the island at your final destination airport, you’ll have to take airport transfers to your honeymoon resort, via car. Don’t be shocked when they are driving on the opposite side of the road! They drive on the left side of the streets in St. Lucia, opposite what Americans do.

Flights to St. Lucia from the United States

  • Houston area to St. Lucia: Flight costs vary between $450 and $900 depending on the time of year you travel and the flight path you select to get there.
  • LAX to St. Lucia: Expect to pay between $400 and $1,200 to fly from Los Angeles to St. Lucia (depending on time of year) and to have at least one stop-over.
  • NYC to St. Lucia: You can fly to St. Lucia non-stop on JetBlue for about $520 to $700, depending on the time of year. American Airlines is the second-best option to fly to St. Lucia from the NYC area due to cost and travel times.

Saint Lucia’s Time Zone

St. Lucia’s time zone is Atlantic Standard Time. This means they do not observe Daylight Savings Time but are within the Atlantic ocean zone. If it’s 11:00am in New York during September, for example, it’s the same time in St. Lucia.

The Currency You’ll Need for your Saint Lucia Honeymoon and Language Spoken

If you take money out from an ATM in Saint Lucia, or order it from your bank in advance of your honeymoon, you’ll need EC Dollars, or Eastern Caribbean Dollars. But as is the case with most popular honeymoon destinations around the world, a Visa credit card is accepted almost anywhere, especially at honeymoon resorts.

English is the official language and Saint Lucian Creole French is also spoken.

LGBTQ+ on St. Lucia

The culture of Saint Lucia is such that same-sex marriage between males is not accepted. While females have more lenient regulations, overall gay rights is not at the forefront of St. Lucia’s agenda. Why the resorts are more accommodating to gay PDA than the public areas, we don’t recommend this destination for LGBTQ+ honeymoons, You should definitely feel free to PDA all you want on your honeymoon!

Popular Destinations in St. Lucia and Where to Stay

There are a few great areas to stay within this small but mighty nation. Each part of the country offers appealing resorts for your tropical vacation.

We share the best resorts and where they are in Saint Lucia, below.

Sandals St. Lucia in the Northwest

Sandals St. Lucia honeymoon resorts are plentiful. There are two nice aspects of staying at one of the three Sandals resorts on the island: 1) they’re adults-only and all-inclusive, and 2) you can travel between the three for a change of scenery if you’re staying at one but want to see what the others are like, say for a meal or excursion one offers.

They’re all located in the northwest area of the country.

Here are the three Sandals resorts in St. Lucia:

  • Grande St. Lucian
  • Halcyon Beach
  • Regency La Toc

Be sure to add your Sandals resort of choice to your Honeyfund registry if you go this route.

Sandals Resorts

Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet in Soufriere

Soufriere is probably one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in all of Saint Lucia, partially made famous by Jade Mountain being on more than one episode of The Bachelor.

Jade Mountain is the ultimate luxury resort. You’re assigned your own butler who will bring you whatever you need, from an afternoon snack to bottle of champagne. Enjoy amazing views of the Pitons from your room as you relax in your own plunge pool and gaze out to the scenery on the island. The rooms at this resort only have three walls, which means the “fourth wall” is gone. This allows fresh air and the elements into your room, 24/7.

Jade Mountain

Photo Credit: Booking.com

Anse Chastanet is the sister resort to Jade Mountain, and a bit more affordable. The decor here has a more authentic island vibe. There is also an absence of a fourth wall in some premium rooms here as well, giving you incredible floor-to-ceiling views of the Pitons.

Check the honeymoon package offerings at either of the resorts – they have various options for you to take advantage of after your wedding.

Sulphur Springs, a popular attraction in St. Lucia, is only a 20 minute drive from these resorts.

Sugar Beach, Viceroy Resort in Soufriere

Sugar Beach is an award-winning paradise designed in a “plantation” style, as their website proclaims. Their suites have infinity pools to gush over and dreamy views out to the sand beaches of the island.

A room here has a white palette that makes it feel ultra luxurious and wedding-like for honeymoons.

Photo Credit: Booking.com

Ti Kaye Resort and Spa in Anse la Raye

Ti Kaye, which is Creole for “little house,” is in the quaint fishing village of Anse la Raye, close to Marigot Bay. It’s an adult-only resort with personal plunge pools available couples who select this room as an option. Other rooms have ocean views and balconies to enjoy.

Calabash Cove Resort & Spa in Gros Islet

This beach resort is very close to Rodney Bay Marina, Castries market and Pigeon Island National Landmark. They offer honeymooners a romance package that makes it easy to book a trip with all-inclusive services, drinks and meals. They even include a romantic candlelit beach dinner, rose petal turndown service at their villa suites, and couples massages.

Photo Credit: Booking.com

Marigot Bay Resort

Consider staying at one of the St. Lucia honeymoon resorts right on Marigot Bay at the resort, spa and marina of the same name. You can sign up for cocktail and cooking classes, partake in yoga or pilates, or learn how to infuse rums when you stay here.
This is one of the beach resorts in St. Lucia that has a ton of activities options. It’s possible to take a complimentary ferry from here to LaBas Beach Monday through Friday.

Types of Honeymoons you can Have in St. Lucia

You can have fun with adventurous activities in St. Lucia or opt for relaxation. Take a day on the beach followed by a hike or bike ride to the Pitons, or spa treatment at your resort and dip in your infinity pool.

Activities in St. Lucia

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Who wouldn’t want to dive into the aqua blue ocean and St. Lucian waters to see what’s deep down under the surface of the water? There is great snorkeling and Scuba diving in the area where you can discover reefs, shipwrecks and the colorful tropical fish of the Caribbean.

Sunset Cruise or Boating in St. Lucia

A sunset cruise, in Rodney Bay for example, is a lovely activity for your honeymoon but also a wonderful way to explore the Caribbean waters surrounding St. Lucia.

Couples can also opt for a romantic sailing tour on Marigot Bay. Or enjoy beach views from the waters around Soufriere, on a catamaran tour with the option to go ashore to experience Toraille Waterfall.

Explore the Rodney Bay Village

This is one of the most popular areas to walk around in St. Lucia. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to keep your interest for a few hours and it’s a great way for couples to gain perspective on St. Lucian living, being amongst the locals outside of a hotel.

Take a French Colonial Plantation Tour

There’s a past history of this Caribbean island changing hands from one country to another over many centuries, from French to the Dutch.

Learn more about St. Lucia through a plantation tour of the 18th century ruins at Anse Mamin, part of Anse Chastanet property and gain historic perspective about the nation during the tour.

Learn about Chocolate and Cocoa at Rabot Estate

Sign up for a chocolate tour and visit Boutique Rabot Estate (and Hotel Chooclat). You can learn all about cocoa beans and how chocolate is made here. It’s right near Petit Piton on the southwest side of the island.

Spa Treatments for Couples

What better way for new spouses to relax than to partake in a couples’ massages? Ask your resort about honeymoon packages for their spa, including massages, facials and aromatherapy. Some resorts may even offer in-room treatments.

Sulphur Springs

One of the unique areas of St. Lucia is these natural springs, providing loads of minerals to visitors. It smells of – you guessed it – sulphur! It may not be the most pleasant scent, but at least what to expect is in the name. The mud baths at Sulphur Springs are natural, and are particularly therapeutic and fun to experience with your spouse.

Zip Line in St. Lucia

Ziplining through the treetops in St. Lucia is a fun way to see the spectacular foliage on the island. Various tour companies exist throughout the island, mainly on the west and northeast sides.

Hike the Pitons

There are two famous twin peaks in St. Lucia on the southwest of the island. They’re called The Pitons and there’s even a national beer named after them that you’ll see wherever you travel to in St. Lucia.

The Pitons are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the biodiversity found here, and conservation of the ecosystem. The taller of the two Pitons is called Gros Piton, and the smaller is called Petit Piton. These mountains are true icons for the country and you’ll see them over and over again, even in graphics for tourism companies.

Biking St. Lucia

Trade a palm trees view for a lush rainforest as you bicycle through forest trails with a guide. This activity will allow you to see Errard Falls, the highest waterfalls on the island. You and your partner can take a break from bicycling to dip in this natural plunge pool, you like!

Alternatively, you can take a guided coastal bike tour on Pigeon Island from Gros Islet. You can either hike to see the fort upon arrival or enjoy a break on the beach.

Sign Up for Your Saint Lucia Honeymoon on Honeyfund

Don’t forget that your friends and family can help make your St. Lucian honeymoon dreams a reality with the help of Honeyfund. Start with our suggested St. Lucia honeymoon registry and add to it, to fit your adventures.

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Mikkel Woodruff

Mikkel Woodruff owns two travel sites, Sometimes Home and Sometimes Sailing, which she operates with her husband, Dan. Her photo business, Mikkel Paige Photography, allows her to bring a unique perspective to Honeyfund as she has been a part of the wedding industry for over a decade. She calls the east coast of the United States home and travels domestically and internationally multiple times a year hoping to inspire others to travel.


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