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When it comes to wedding attire, many people think that grooms have it much easier. However, looking stylish on your wedding day is more than just putting on a suit; you have to think about the perfect cut, the ideal colors, as well as the overall style of the wedding, if you want to look and feel your best. Considering all eyes are going to be on you, not just your bride, here is an extensive guide on wedding day dressing that will help you look incredibly fashionable and elegant:

A Groom’s Guide To Dressing Fashionably

Consider the formality of your wedding

Informal wedding gear for the groomFirst things first, the outfit you choose for your wedding day should match the venue, as well as the overall formality of the event. For example, if the ceremony is held during the daytime or even outdoors, then casual attire would be the best option, including light-colored suits or shirt and trousers combinations made out of lightweight materials like cotton or linen. If your wedding is more elegant and formal, such as an evening affair in a luxury hotel or ballroom, choose either a formal tuxedo or a well-tailored black suit. If you’re planning an even more opulent celebration, then a white tie dress code is ideal for ultra-luxurious venues.

Don’t settle for less than perfect

Whether you are renting your wedding attire, buying it off the rack or even getting a bespoke suit made, fit should be your number one priority, as it’s the one thing that will take even the simplest of suits from average to incredibly stylish. Make sure that your trousers fit flatteringly and comfortably both when sitting and standing, being long enough to cover the top third of your shoes. The bottom hem of your jacket should be long enough to cover your behind, with the sleeve hem falling right at your wrist bone. The shoulders should always feel comfortable and the vent should never pull open, regardless of how much you move around, in order to get that perfectly flattering fit.

Accessories for the groomAccentuate your style with accessories

As long as you take the formality of your wedding into account, accessories are the perfect way to express your personality and accentuate your style. Whether you opt for a matching jewel-toned tie and pocket square combined with pearl or gold cufflinks for a formal wedding, or even a patterned bow-tie with brightly-colored suspenders for a more casual affair, a good choice of accessories can easily make you stand out from the crowd. Regardless of your wedding dress code, one accessory you can never go wrong with is a classic stainless steel watch, as it is the ideal way to complement any wedding look and elevate it to a whole new level.

Don’t be afraid of colors and prints

Even if you’ve planned a formal celebration, unconventional prints and colors don’t necessarily have to be off-limits; you just have to choose them carefully and tastefully. For example, you can pair a solid-colored suit with a printed shirt, such as stripes or plaid, opt for a brightly-colored bow-tie and pocket square combination, or even elevate a classic formal suit with elegantly textured neckwear. If you’re throwing a more casual and relaxed wedding, however, you can play around with anything from patterned accessories, like neckwear and socks, to bolder choices, such as printed suits or ensembles in bright and daring colors.

Groom shares the wedding styleComplement your partner’s attire

Although this might be obvious to some, it’s still an important factor that’s worth noting. Your wedding celebration is a wonderful opportunity to proudly show off your style as a couple, which is why you should always aim to coordinate with and complement your partner. Even if you’ve decided to wait until your wedding day to see what your wonderful bride wears, make an effort to ensure your style goes well with hers. For instance, if she’s opted for an opulent ball gown, you can wear a sleek black suit or a classic tuxedo. Similarly, a romantic lace dress would pair well with a tan or cream tailored suit, while a light gray, slim-cut suit beautifully complements a chic, streamlined white gown.

Invest in a great hairstyle

No look is ever complete without the right details, and this becomes even more important during your wedding day when the spotlight is on you and your beautiful partner. That is exactly why grooming is an essential aspect you simply can’t overlook. If you want to look flawless on your big day, visit a good barber and invest in a sleek and modern haircut, such as a pompadour or a low fade with a textured quiff, that will make you appear polished and refined. Don’t forget to ensure your facial hair is trimmed and cleanly cut as well, as this small detail can truly enhance your whole wedding day look.

Evidently, there are many ways any modern groom can look stylish and fashionable on his wedding day. But as long as you choose an ensemble that truly makes you feel comfortable and confident in your style, you’ll be able to look like the best version of yourself on this incredibly important day.

Blog written by Diana Wills

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