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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Planning your destination, excursions, and activities has never been easier

 Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, a day where all of the people you hold dear will come together to celebrate your love and the beginning of a new chapter to your life story. Your honeymoon, on the other hand, is your first big adventure as a married couple! So where should you go? Where should you start and how can you plan it all? Maybe you want to cruise down the Venice canals with a glass of wine or zipline through the beautiful lush forests in Hawaii. Whatever it is you and your partner are interested in doing, now is the perfect time to plan a honeymoon because there are countless modes of inspiration and ways that technology can help you plan and organize your entire trip in an easy and fun way!

More couples are choosing to save for their extraordinary experience rather than registering for traditional wedding gifts and Honeyfund makes it easy to do just that! With Honeyfund by your side to help you connect all the finishing dots, these 9 tools can help you from the first moments of inspiration to booking flights/ hotels, and figuring out what to do during your once in a lifetime trip.

Tech Tools To Plan Your Honeymoon

Find dresses on Pinterest

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You’re probably already spending a lot of time on here pinning gorgeous wedding gowns and delectable cakes. The same way you use Pinterest to create the perfect wedding board, you can also use it to get inspiration for your honeymoon. You and your partner can be moved and inspired by the breathtaking images on Pinterest. You can even create separate mood boards for each element of your trip (favorite destinations, activities, outfits, etc.) to help you decide what you want to do.

Get ideas on Instagram

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Like Pinterest, Instagram is another social media platform that serves as visual inspiration and connection. We tend to be inspired by others, so by searching through the #honeymoon you may find exactly what you and your significant other are looking for by seeing what other couples are doing for their honeymoons. You may even realize that you want to go somewhere you previously didn’t even know existed.

Book the best flight on Hopper

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Okay, you’ve narrowed down where you want to go but now you have to start booking. Book the best-priced flights through Hopper, an app that predicts prices with 95% accuracy for up to 1 year in advance. Hopper allows you to enter your preferred travel dates, where you want to fly from, and where you want to go. They’ll update you on the best prices and when’s the right time to book.

Find what's swoon-worthy on TripAdvisor

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Reviews go a long way! A hotel may seem great on paper but nothing depicts the true experience like TripAdvisor. Do your research by going through the TripAdvisor reviews and seeing what people are saying about their real experience about what’s swoon worthy and what’s not. By reading several reviews, you should be able to get a clear idea of whether or not the hotel/or resort is a good fit for you and meets all of your needs.

Find lodging on Airbnb

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Typically, when people think of travel, they think of luxurious hotels. You and your partner may be looking for something a little more homey and personal, so an Airbnb may be the ideal option for you! There are Airbnbs all over the world and they offer several different kinds of accommodations (apartments, homes, single bedrooms, etc.) This will be a unique way to experience your honeymoon while also being a more budget friendly option.

Plan your honeymoon with Viator

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You know where you want to go, you’ve booked your flight and where you’re staying, and now you’re ready to plan some tours and activities. Viator is the worldwide go-to place for booking tours and activities like wine tasting, snorkeling, diving, etc. They provide detailed descriptions, photos, and reviews of each tour and activity so you can really make an informed decision.


This app is streamlined and an all-in-one organizer. All you have to do is send all of your confirmations and TripIt will do the rest. The app will store everything and create an itinerary to keep you on track. This collaborative app is accessible from any device and allows you and your partner to use it together.

PGet deals on tours

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Groupon Getaways

Groupon is perfect if you’re trying to have the most cost-efficient honeymoon. You can find all sorts of deals from exciting excursions to all-inclusive packages. Groupon Getaways allows you to stay on budget while still feeding your inner explorer, fine diner, and spa enthusiast.

If you’re looking for more guidance in planning your honeymoon and want to connect with an experienced pro, look no further. You can find the top wedding professionals that offer honeymoon services through Aisle Planner. Wedding pros can help provide you with destination style guides, honeymoon checklists, packing tips, itineraries, and timelines.

With Honeyfund there to make your newlywed dreams come true, planning your honeymoon has never been this easy. Take advantage of the endless ways technology can help you plan, pack, and organize your once in a lifetime experience in your dream destination! Happy honeymooning!


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