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For magical, once-in-a-lifetime photos the “first look“ is a lovely break with tradition. While there’s no need to feel pressured to do one, a first look is an intimate moment especially set aside, just after the couple is dressed and ready, where they will see each other for the first time on their wedding day. In most cases, the bride will walk up behind the groom and tap him on the shoulder, prompting him to turn around. And what happens next is without exception, deeply emotional and always incredibly special.

Preparing for first look

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Why to Include a First Look

We thought we would share our experiences and feedback from our couples who have chosen this unique opportunity to be part of their day, as well as provide a few reasons why we feel you should consider including it in your timeline.

Preparing for the first look.

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That moment right before meeting each other to exchange vows is so intimate and personal and it provides a chance during an exciting but chaotic day, for the two of you to be alone (finally). The photos could be captured in the backyard of the house where you are getting ready or even in front of your favorite lighthouse! No matter where the photos are taken, you’ll always have this private time of respite to cherish and it’s sure to remind you of why you fell in love with one another.

We realize that one of our couple’s biggest concerns is making sure they are able to spend as much time with friends and family at the reception and are able to enjoy cocktail hour instead of being whisked off to take photographs, while guests await their arrival. Well, we don’t see any reason for you to have to miss a moment of your celebration. A first look BEFORE the ceremony, frees up time to move directly into bridal portraits, followed by bridal party shots and EVEN a few family photos (depending on time and who is around at the moment). Getting these photos done before the ceremony allows you to spend more time reveling with your guests! And then, all that is left to capture is formal photos with the family and some bridal portraits under a brilliant sunset.

Up close & personal first look

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Another reason for doing a first look – couples have told us (particularly, grooms) that doing a first look takes an enormous weight off their shoulders. It allows them to take in the moment, soak it in and be more present for everything that follows. We have yet to hear a couple who regretted taking time to do that first look. We guarantee you will not regret it!

And, as if you needed even more reasons, another advantage to doing a first look – more choices when it comes to background and setting/scenery! And of course, less stress! Instead of rushing to take photos of the two of you in between the ceremony and reception when you’re feeling rushed and restricted to one location, doing a first look provides couples with a chance to pick some really creative and special backgrounds. And, an added benefit – you look your best and are at the most aesthetically fresh prior to the ceremony.

First look

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So, to recap, the first look is not only intimate, but it provides flexibility, eliminates anxiety, allows for creativity and most of all, creates a memory to last a lifetime! We would highly recommend it!

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Written by: Rebecca Love of Rebecca Love Photography

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