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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

I do?.

Two simple, yet powerful words are the essence of your wedding day.

Whether you elope or have a large wedding, the significance of the ceremony is the same. Your verbal promises are legally binding due to the presence of an authorized priest, minister, rabbi, officiant, celebrant.

Each couple should discuss and agree on the flow and content of their ceremony. Most couples prefer a short and sweet ceremony with a celebration to follow. A meaningful ceremony will be an emotional experience and should not be over shadowed by the reception. The ceremony and reception should be complimentary but stand alone as two separate events.

Let’s make your I do? a memorable part of your wedding day.

Ten Wedding Ceremony Must Do’s?

#1. Know The Marriage Laws

Every state and country is different. Each state has different restrictions as to who can perform your ceremony, waiting periods, witnesses required and proof of residency. If you are considering getting married in a foreign country you will need to know what your country (USA), requires of the country you will be married in (Italy), to make it legal. By selecting your officant early, they will guide you through the legal aspects.

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#2. Location, Location, Location

Choose a location for your ceremony that has meaning. It could be your church, favorite park or a mountain top. Other options are; a venue with a beautiful garden for the couple that loves the outdoors. Or, a winery for the couple who love wine, a barn for a relaxed country wedding, your favorite restaurant with a pairing menu for the foodie couple. If you prefer to have it at home, consider a backyard wedding.

If you have lots and family and friends and you want to invite everyone, pick a large venue that will accommodate everyone and have adequate parking. Pop-up ceremonies are popular for couples eloping with only a few guests or just the two of you and an officiate. Lastly, the beach! Couples can easily see themselves standing on the beach, barefoot, as the surf breaks on the shoreline or saying I do? standing in the surf.

Words to guests

#3. Opening Words

Including a warm welcome and a thank you to your guests sets the tone for your ceremony. It also gives you a chance to take a deep breath before the vows begin.

#4. Be Present During Your Ceremony

Focus your attention on your soon-to-be-spouse. Look into each other’s eyes, hold hands, smile, laugh or cry. Whisper endearing words to one another; I love you.? or You look amazing.? Couples often feel as if they are the only one there. An experienced officiant will give you direction so you will not feel nervous or stressed.

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#5. Personalize Your Ceremony

The best way to customize your ceremony is to write it to reflect your personal beliefs, wishes and personalities. Including a story of how you met, or writing your own vows adds romance to your ceremony. Religious ceremonies often include a prayer to bless the union of the couple and/or a prayer to bless the rings. Provide the officiate with your specific details and wishes.

#6. Add An Element Of Surprise

One of our favorite ideas is to involve your grandparents as ring bearer and flower girl. Other surprises are; surprise your spouse by including lyrics of a meaningful song in your vows or recalling a special moment you shared. Be sure your guests can hear your vows. A memorable entrance or exit are an unexpected element that everyone will remember. At a recent beach wedding one couple decided to take a bike ride after saying I do?.

Pets at wedding

#7. Involve your pet

The family pet can be a member of your wedding party. Couples often relax when their pet is involved. Before you make the final decision to include your pet take into consideration their temperament and be ready for anything during the ceremony. A few doggie treats in the best man’s pocket are a great idea.

#8. Reserved Seating

Seat your parents and grandparents so they can see your face during the ceremony, not your back. If the bride stands to the right of the officiant her parents and grandparents are seated on the officiant’s left. The groom’s family will be seated on the officiant’s right. The first row is usually reserved for parents and grandparents. If you are reserving additional rows for close family and friends keep in mind, everyone feels they are worthy of the reserved section.

#9. Special Moments

Your ceremony can include a remembrance chair or table for loved ones that have passed away or for a family member unable to attend due to health reasons or military deployment. Other special moments; sand or colored water ceremony, tie the knot, love letter wine box, unity candle, give each mother a hug and a rose, give each dad a hug and a handkerchief, your favorite song or poem can be performed by a close friend or family member.

We did it

#10. We Did It!

Take 5 to 10 minutes for a private celebration after the ceremony before your photo session begins. There is often a location where you can be alone. You may decide to share a glass of champagne and toast your new life as a married couple or post your first photo as husband and wife on social media. Reklama: Pakabukai, grandinėlės, žiedai, apyrankės ir sidabriniai auskarai

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Our success is due to customized services we provide and our belief that every client feels they are our only client. The first part of our goal is to provide guidance, so each couple can make informed decisions. The second part of our goal is for each couple to be happy on their first day as Mr. and Mrs. Happily Ever After.

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