Alexandra & Alexander

July 6th, 2024 White Pigeon Township

Welcome Family and Friends

Having your well wishes and blessings as we celebrate our marriage is the greatest gift of all! However, if you're looking for wedding gift ideas, we've registered with Honeyfund so that we can start our lifelong journey together with an epic trip as husband and wife.




We’re beyond excited to bring our dream of exploring National Parks to life!

We’ve been dreaming up this road trip to visit Acadia National Park since the very beginning of our relationship, and what better time to make that dream come true?! For our honeymoon, we’ll be making Acadia our final destination while exploring the NY, VT, and NH mountains along the way. Our planned mix of hiking, camping, and luxury hotel stays will be absolutely perfect - we can’t wait. And yes, Charlie will be coming with us! We couldn’t imagine taking this trip without him.


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