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Ket a multi-service event compnay handle wedding planning

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

If you have a big event coming up, especially a wedding, chances are that tensions are running high. You need to choose the venue, hire vendors, pick a theme, invite the guests and make a slew of other arrangements. Because of the complexity of planning such a large event, many people hire a wedding planner. However, you can go one step further by hiring a multi-service event company. This way, you can plan your dream wedding without running from business to business, trying to put together the pieces. It’s time to outsource the stress of your wedding and enjoy a beautiful wedding!

Let A Multi-Service Event Company Ease Wedding Planning

Leta mult-service event company handle the big picture

Big Picture Advice

One of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding is forming a ‘big picture’ plan. Although you may have a faint idea of your dream wedding, developing a plan is another issue. A wedding planner knows the ins and outs of the industry and has extensive experience in getting things done. When a wedding planner is backed by a multi-service event company, developing the big picture is even easier.

Multi-service wedding planners will already have relationships with vendors, venues, DJs, photographers, and videographers. They will also have a sense of what each has to offer. Are you looking for a rustic wedding? A wedding planner will know which florist offers the most fitting floral arrangements and which photographer is most suited to capturing the moment. All you need to do is describe the general theme of the wedding and multiple options will be presented to you.
Enjoy your wedding DJ

Relax & Enjoy

The stress of planning a wedding can create conflicts between couples and families. Who is going to confirm all of the vendors and set up times? How much responsibility should fall on each person involved? Whose fault is it if something goes wrong? When you hire a wedding planner, all of this fade away, along with potential arguments and stressful conversations.

Enjoy your honemoon planning


How would you rather spend the time leading up to your wedding? Planning the perfect honeymoon or looking through hundreds of vendors? Thinking about your wedding should be fun, and it can be when you aren’t bogged down with all of the small details. Let the wedding planner take care of the frustrating tasks while you plan the fun stuff!


We hlep yo pull off a wedding with minimal stress

Wedding Planning Without The Stress

Versatile Event Designs has worked in every venue imaginable and has the insider’s perspective to guide you through the process of event planning. From booking to execution, we work with trusted vendors so you can enjoy the perfect event. Our professionals are the most seasoned available and can facilitate day-of-coordination seamlessly to make sure your event has the proper flow and organization. Contact us to start planning the perfect wedding.

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Bio: For over 30 years, Versatile Event Designs has worked with couples to provide a comprehensive wedding experience. With offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we provide the entertainment, lighting, music, photography, and videography to make your day complete.

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The Newport Bride

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

As amazing as your wedding day is, it’s over in just a few hours. The memories are what last forever. Thankfully, the memories can be refreshed in our minds and hearts with a few simple tricks. Your big day only happens once, but our 10 easy tips you can relive your wedding again and again!

How To Preserve Memories After The Wedding Day

Tip 1. Freeze-dry your bouquet

Get your bouquet freeze-dried so the texture, colors, and volume stay as vibrant was your wedding day. You can put the bouquet in a shadow box, or display it in a vase.


Tip 2. Make a personal album with the best behind-the-scenes pictures

Some of the best wedding pictures are the ones that weren’t planned. Make an album of the best behind- the-scenes pics; that one of you and your MOH making a silly face, or the one of your niece asleep on the dance floor. Remembering those special little moments will help the day stay fresh in your memory.

Tip 3. Wear the scent you wore on your wedding

Wear the perfume you wore on your wedding day or ask your spouse to do the same and see what memories come back. Your brain will connect the familiar smell with your special day and bring all those emotions back to the surface.


Tip 4. Put your wedding invitation in a pretty frame

Display the invitation you worked so hard to choose. You can find beautiful frames at a local home store or take it to the next level and get a custom frame.

Tip 5. Display wedding pictures around the house

Perhaps the most obvious way to remember your wedding, hanging wedding pictures in your home is a great way to remind yourself of your wedding on a daily basis. Plus, you get to remember how great you looked!


Tip 6. Play your first dance song

It’s no secret that songs can have special meaning. Put your first dance song on a favorite playlist and remember what it was like to look into the eyes of your spouse during your first dance.

Tip 7. Get fresh flowers, like the ones you at your wedding

If you prefer fresh over freeze-dried, get a fresh bouquet of the flowers you had in your bouquet or the centerpieces.

Tip 8. Make a shadow box with special little items from the wedding

Shadow boxes are a great way to display some of the three-dimension items from your wedding like your veil, a favor, unique escort card, ribbon from the bouquet, or even your cake topper.


Tip 9. Watch your wedding video

If you don’t have a wedding video, put your wedding pictures into a slideshow set to music from your wedding and watch it with your new spouse.

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Tip 10. Go back to the place you got married

Go back to where you had your ceremony and walk down the aisle. Remember what it was like to see your love waiting for you. Visit your reception site and stand on the dance floor remembering all your friends and family gathered around.

Bio: Julianna of The Newport Bride is obsessed with two things: weddings and Newport. Since the age of four, she has been planning weddings. The church, the dress, the flowers and food, she’s got binders and books about the whole affair.

When it was time for her own wedding, she realized how hard it was to make a decision when there was a whole world of possibilities and beautiful and exciting options and choices. She also realized how important it was to be married in her favorite place in the world, Newport, Rhode Island. Her great great great great¦.. Grandfather John Cogshall thought Newport was the place to be, and 450 years later, she agrees. As a 12th generation honorary Newport-er (she lives in Boston currently) this beautiful city by the sea is her heart home and nothing makes her happier than being in the city she loves with the people she loves.

The Newport Bride is her attempt at sharing her two favorite things with the rest of the world. Need wedding inspiration or just like looking through ideas? The Newport Bride is the place to look. Want the inside details on a venue or vendor, shoot Julianna an email or look through the vendor spotlight blog posts. You’ll get the inside details from a bride and planner whose seen it all. Learn more at

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