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Taking great honeymoon photos

Photo credit: Deborahann Photography

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime….

Should Taking Photographs Be An Important Part Of Your Honeymoon?

You have just celebrated your beautiful wedding day! The music has stopped and you have said goodbye to all of your guests and all of those photographs!!!! I guess that is enough to make anyone exhausted and totally ready for a honeymoon! Do you really want to be taking more photos? I say absolutely! There is something so special about honeymoon photos so let’s talk about some reasons why and how to capture the best images!

Tips For Taking Honeymoon Photos

Capture the beauty of your honeymoon locale

Photo credit: Deborahann Photography

What Is The Benefits Of Bringing The Camera Along With You?

I am sure after 10 hours of being photographed on your wedding day, you may feel like you need a break from photographs. You probably have chosen one of your most favorite places in the world to celebrate, rest, relax and just spend every waking hour for a week or however long you can escape totally together!! It is usual paradise for sure! Whether your trip promises sun and surf, snowy mountaintops, or breathtaking cities, you will want to pack your camera for sure! Capturing these beautiful memories will truly be something that you will be able to look back on for years to come.

If there are children in your future, they will absolutely enjoy looking back on their parents and laughing at the hairstyles that you chose, your clothing, your sweet kisses for sure, and everything else about your honeymoon that you were able to capture.

Factor the landscape into photos

Photo credit: Deborahann Photography

What Type Of Backgrounds Should One Look For In Taking Great Photos?

Landscape images are always gorgeous, but there are times during the day that you will truly get a better picture than other times. Morning sunrises are always one of my favorite images. Check on when the sunrise is and then choose a place where the sun is framed along a pretty area. i.e. over an ocean, maybe a pretty mountain range, or whatever is attractive to your eye. Show up about 15 minutes beforehand and then start shooting. Sunsets are magnificent, so be sure to find out from the concierge at your hotel where to capture the best sunsets! I would arrive about 30 minutes before the actual time it sets in order to really enjoy each stage of it. And do lots of shooting!

Taking flattering shots with people

Photo credit: Deborahann Photography

How To Best Capture Attractive Photographs Of Each Other Or Groups Of People

This is a subject that can be pretty tricky. When going out in the middle of the day be aware that the sun will be very high overhead, so it is not the most ideal time to take photographs. (Keep in mind here that it is different when shooting landscape, anytime is fine for that!!!)

Most of the time you will see raccoon shadows under the eyes of your subject! Whenever possible try to save the portrait time together until about an hour and a half before sunset.
This is called the “golden hour” which is a photographer’s dream hour! It is when the sun is much lower in the sky and the sun starts to cast that dreamy golden light! That is the perfect opportunity to grab some amazing photographs.

I know people always think that positioning your subject to face into the sun is correct, but honestly it is not the ideal position. They will have trouble opening their eyes and it will cause lots of squinting. So my suggestion is to backlight your subject. Just turn them so the sun is behind them and try and catch that pretty sunglow as it frames their hair.

I also recommend incorporating many people into your photo gallery such as your concierge, maybe your waiters at different restaurants, and new friends that you happen to meet! And please do not forget all the pretty details to photograph! Look around, you will find so much PRETTY!! Capture it all! (Beach chairs, umbrellas, drinks, sand and surf, fishermen and the list goes on!!)

Incorporate local color into your photos

Photo credit: Deborahann Photography

What To Wear For Some Pretty Photographs

If you all have been through an engagement session you probably already know how this works! My advice for my couples is to wear soft and neutral colors. It will create soft and dreamy pictures – I promise! Especially if you are on a tropical island and are doing beach photos, this is perfect! No matter where you are, just keep in mind not to wear any clashing patterns with each other.

Should You Hire A Professional Photographer On Your Honeymoon?

I think that is a totally individual decision. It’s a really cool idea, but I don’t really think it is necessary. There are always people around that are more than willing to grab hold of your camera and snap a few pictures for you.

I truly hope that you will incorporate beautiful fun memories as an important part of your special honeymoon! Enjoy every moment!!

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Take memorable photos with these 5 tips

If you are on Instagram, you must have noticed that some pictures uploaded by some of your friends while on vacation look so professional they could be bought by travel companies. The photos highlight great mastery of the art of photography and this is something that you might want to become a pro at too. When you travel, whether on your honeymoon or your vacation, you also want to save memories and nothing does it better than having photos and videos of the different scenes you encounter.

Summit Shah is a travel enthusiast who has also shown interest in photography and through the number of times he has traveled across the world, he has taken the time to do some research about enhancing his skills in travel photography. To help you take great photos when you travel, here are five key points he highlights that you should note to become a perfect photographer.

Tips For Taking Great Photos When You Travel

The human brain is always looking for patterns and when this is factored in during photography, it becomes easy to produce high-quality photos. Composition includes considering symmetry, shapes, and the use of interesting figures in your photos. Understanding patterns is the solution to producing highly impressive travel photos. These rules will help you master the art of utilizing pattern s in your photography.

Observe the rule of thirds

1. The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most important tricks in photography that will help you produce high-quality photos when you travel. Basically, in the rule of thirds, you are advised to break the image into three equal parts and once you do this you should make sure to place vital compositional elements within those thirds. You could turn on gridlines on your camera to get assistance doing this, but basically what you need to do is ensure you place the subjects at the points where the lines intersect as this will draw the attention of the viewer more naturally because it is here where the focus is first directed.

Use leading lines to help focus the subject

2. Leading lines

Another factor you should understand is ensuring you make it easy for the viewer to understand the subject and focus of the image. To achieve this, you could use leading lines, which is using natural geography and other features that the eye can see in the first instance before leading to the subject. One excellent option is using roads or a railway line, or any other pattern that forms lines.

This comes in handy when you want to do big landscape photos. It could be applied while hiking, walking across streets, or at any place where you can find a straight patter leading into a distance. This is one of the best ways to express your love of travel and appeal to the theme of your tour.

Frame your subject

3. Framing

Framing is a compositional technique that involves hanging a picture in a frame. It is more about applying what is near you to perfectly frame the subject and illustrate to the viewer the message in the shot as well as draw their attention into the scene. Look around for cues that help you to identify good frames like trees, vegetation, and windows or doors.

You could even place the subject between two other objects as long as you do it in a manner that does not lose the subject to overemphasis introduced by the framing objects. Just experiment to find out how you could position the photo to achieve the effect in a more precise manner.

Tell a story with photos

4. Storytelling

While taking a picture, you are actually preserving a story and the way you do it affects how the viewer will decode it. Look at the background to decide if it helps in passing the message you have in mind while doing the photo. You need to ask yourself what you will think about after looking at the image later. So, your composition must include the most interesting features of the journey that you think are worth preserving.

This could be people or even events and places, so to package the message well, ensure the background helps to communicate the message you are relaying in a precise manner. Do a shot that will inspire you later to want to go back for more. This might look challenging, but with practice, you will appreciate the art of doing it.

Focus on your subject by blurring the background

5. Focal points

One of the ways you could ensure people focus on that part of the photo you want them to look is by utilizing focus as a technique. In this technique, you blur the rest of the mage while leaving the subject to focus. A good example is during a wedding or while photographing in the wild and you are only interested in one subject; in this case you will have to lay more emphasis to the said subject while blurring out the rest of the environment.

By following these tips, you will have memorable, high-quality photos.

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Bio: Summit Shah is an allergy doctor based in Columbus, Ohio whose avocation is taking high-quality travel photos. You can see his work on his website.

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