A new way to gift air travel and book flights has arrived—and it’s a total game-changer. Honeyfund has partnered with Skyhour to power your honeymoon flight plans and it couldn’t be easier!

Imagine a simple and seamless experience that prices flights by the hour instead of the dollar and let’s you gift and book air travel in seconds. Meet our new and exclusive air travel partner, Skyhour.

How It Works

1 skyhour represents 1 hour of flight time at a fixed rate of $60 per hour. Skyhour allows users to carry an air travel balance, give skyhours, set travel goals & book worldwide on over 350 airlines. They believe in fairness over fares, so Skyhour bookings are consistently based on the total flight time of your selected route. Every Skyhour booking comes with rewards and if the value of your skyhours are worth more than the value of your booked ticket, your account balance will be credited with skyminutes to put toward your next trip.

Request Flight Time with Skyhour on Your Honeyfund Registry

To register for skyhours, click “ADD” at sign up, or follow this link in your Honeyfund account.

Redeem Skyhours to Book Flights

To book flights with the skyhours you received through your Honeyfund, follow the link to Gifts section in the upper right-hand corner of your Honeyfund account. Then, click the ‘Redemption History’ tab, and select ‘Redeem’. Finally, choose ‘Skyhour’. Select the number of skyhours you wish to claim and voila! You’re off to book your flights! The sky is truly the limit.

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Catch Flowers

This post comes from a real-life day-of wedding coordinator , Elisabeth Kramer, about the tips and advice she shares with her clients.

“Do we have to register?” It’s one of the most common questions I hear as a day-of wedding coordinator. I’ve already mentioned why people ask this and how we should address that problem, and as much as I’d love a world where registries go the way of the dodo, I don’t think your grandma would understand.

So what’s an engaged couple to do? Get crazy at Crate and Barrel or risk hurt feelings? Thankfully, today’s couples have options when it comes to skipping the traditional registry. Among them: Honeyfund.

Tell me more…

I first heard of Honeyfund when a cousin got married and my parents bought him part of a BBQ, a happy hour for his honeymoon, and a portion of a home office. That’s the idea behind the site: Couples pick what they want and their guests decide how much they contribute toward each goal.

Honeyfund started in 2006 as a way to crowdsource funds for a honeymoon. The 800,000-plus couples who’ve used it since do often ask for a trip. But more often it’s for help with a down payment or a request to contribute to the wedding.

Note: Try Honeyfund’s Zero Fee option. Redeem your Honeyfund balance in the form of gift cards with an extensive list of top-notch various Honeyfund partners like Amazon, Uber, Delta and more.

This originally appeared on Unwed: Not Your Typical Wedding Blog. There you’ll also find a Q&A series with women who’ve planned their weddings and a series about nontraditional wedding planning resources.
Author bio: Elisabeth Kramer is a day-of wedding coordinator and writer based in the Pacific Northwest. Read more about her work.
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