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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

After the wedding, the next thing for most couples is a getaway as husband and wife. What kind of things should you do on your honeymoon?The experience can be as unique as you and your love.

Amazing Things To Do On Your Honeymoon

1. Take One!

Some people put off taking a honeymoon for financial or scheduling reasons – both of which are completely valid. But post-wedding, there’s a lot to process (see #2), so even if it’s not an official honeymoon, I always recommend a weekend away – or even a staycation! – something to give you and your new partner time together post-wedding. I think it’s an essential piece to honor what a huge step you’ve just taken and get that marriage off on the right foot.

Decompress & relax

2. Decompress and Relax

People relax in a lot of different ways – maybe you want a morning of meditation, or a morning of ATV exploring! But the ultimate goal is to process the fact that your wedding is over, you’re now married, and let that all sink in – and enjoy! Planning a wedding can be super stressful, even for those who are incredibly organized, or with wonderful families that get along. It can also be somewhat of a let-down to have the huge event be over. THIS is the time to take a deep breath, process those emotions, and chill out!

3. Plan Ahead

Ok, I’m a planner. So I had to add this one. Talk to each other before your honeymoon about what sort of experience you want it to be and what you want to do. If there are some elements that are important to you, like a reservation at a specific restaurant, or an excursion that may get booked up, plan ahead and make it happen! That way while ON your honeymoon you can relax and enjoy. Not to mention the fact that science proves anticipating vacations brings more happiness than actually being on them!

Enjoy an adventure

4. Adventure!

This can be interpreted in a lot of ways, whether it’s trying a new food together or skydiving. Whatever adventure means to you, you just embarked on a big one together so I recommend diving right in. Adventures involve risk, sometimes fear, often lots of ups and downs (sounds a lot like marriage). It’s a great way to continue your bond and begin your married life by embracing adventure and learning how to do it together.

5. Splurge and Save

As a planner, I’m quite practical. So I’m a big supporter of balance, especially since you’ve most likely just spent a large sum on a wedding ,and you’re starting a life together (hello potential new home, new car, new baby?). I always recommend splurging on a couple of items – a fancy meal, an over-the-top experience, a couple nights in a luxury hotel – while also making some budget conscious options, too. Some of the best meals I’ve ever had were in shacks on the beach, with a cheap beer in hand.

Go for it

6. Get It On¦ Or Don’t

The last thing a honeymoon should be is another stressful situation. Much like the wedding, try to remove all those shoulds from your head when it comes to honeymoon expectations for romance and love making. Not every dinner you have on your honeymoon needs to be oysters and wine and hands held across the table. Take it easy and do whatever the heck you want. Whether you’re making out in the surf, or just taking a nap together – do what feels right and works for you and your new partner.

7. Go Solo

Speaking of not letting the pressure of what you should do get to you, while it is your honeymoon, it doesn’t mean you need to be attached at the hip. I always loved this recommendation from one of my favorite bloggers (A Cup of Jo): take some time apart on vacations. It makes sense that you two might want to do different things now and then, and as Jo mentions it gives you fresh stories to share (plus there’s always that whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing).

Absorb the culture

8. Immerse Yourself In The Culture

Whether you’re at a B&B in New England or deep in the jungles of Brazil, there’s always something new to explore. Be sure you move past the usual touristy stuff (which is great, but shouldn’t take up your whole itinerary) – to really immerse yourself. Talk to the bartender behind the bar. Get lost in the streets. Ask a local what they do for fun. Often these tips will lead you to secret gems that you won’t find in the guidebooks.

9. Be Flexible

No, I’m not talking yoga (though go right ahead and indulge if that’s your jam). Travel of any kind is bound to produce some snags: flight delays, bad weather, missing luggage, getting lost. Try to be ready for and embrace those blips – they often produce the best memories, the best laughs, and the best stories (just ask me about my near death kayak adventure on my Fiji honeymoon).

Plan for the future

10. Talk About The Future

As someone 5 years into marriage and one year into having a child, I’ll tell you: time is precious. And you may not have this much alone time together again for a while. Use this opportunity to party, celebrate, relax and indulge – but also take some time to start planning and talking and dreaming about the future. It’s what makes marriage great – that you have a partner to inspire you and your future life – so dream big and start planning for your NEXT adventure, whether it be traveling around the world or starting a family.

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Bio: Katie Wannen is the owner of The Plannery – where ideas become events, and sh*t gets done. The Plannery is a DC-based boutique wedding planning and coordination company with practical, down-to-earth planners that believe high quality is achievable at any budget. Katie is a pop-culture junkie who loves eating her husband’s delicious cooking, chasing after her one year old, and fanatically organizing family travel plans, often years in advance.

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