Tonight we implemented a fix for the problem that keeps bringing the database down. Fingers crossed it doesn’t crash again tomorrow morning.

We are also working on the problem with some of the buttons in Our Registry not working (like Add Items and Choose Photo). It has to do with the way JavaScript is loading and we should have the solution implement on Friday, Jan 23.

Thanks for your patience!

Sara & Josh

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2008 was a successful year for Honeyfund and we hope for you, too! Thanks to your generosity we raised $593 for our charitible giving program. As a reminder, each quarter we total the donations given by couples to, and donate 10 percent off the top. Here’s how the money was distributed in 2008:

Q4: St Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital – $113

Q3: FINCA – $250

Q2: Open Content Alliance – $180

Q1: RAINN – $50

Thanks again for your support!

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