March 6, 2012
UPDATE: All Honeyfund users are being excluded from PayPal’s 21 day hold policy. YAY!!

Hi Honeyfunders,

We have heard from some of you that your PayPal account has been flagged for PayPal’s new 21-day hold program. We are researching this program and are working diligently with various levels of PayPal’s organization to figure out a solution. Our goal is to get Honeyfund users exempted from the 21-day hold of their Honeyfund gifts—and we are making progress! We were recently given access to a hidden level of PayPal’s interface code which allows us to flag your payments as “services” instead of “goods.” We are working with PayPal to find out if we can further specify your payments as “gifts” which they have previously not allowed us to do.

For now, please see our FAQ about PayPal’s 21-day hold for steps you can take now.

Know we are doing everything we can, including calling in personal favors, to get through this quagmire with PayPal!

– Josh and Sara

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