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Hey, good looking!

Do you hate exercise as much as I do? Yep, probably. But if you’re like me, you also have a fitness goal you’d like to achieve before your wedding day. Turns out science is now showing this one simple idea”(hint, not exercise!) can get results”wear a fitness band.

That’s right. Studies have found that simply measuring your daily steps, flights of stairs, sleep and more can result in better fitness, without even thinking about it! That’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft to get you a Band 2.

You can measure your steps, heart rate, calorie burn and even your sleep quality. Set up alerts (email, text, calendar, call) to remind you when to move, if you’re ready to motivate to the next level.

If you’re like most to-be-weds, you’re looking for a plan as easy as this.

Enter to Win Your Own Band 2

To enter to win, simply tell us which exercise you hate the most in the comments below.

We’ll pick a winner August 31!


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