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Wedding flowersThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Even if you love flowers and buy them regularly, your wedding flowers may be the biggest floral expenditure of your life. You are not just purchasing beautiful blooms, but you are procuring design expertise, vision, convenience, ambiance, and memories. Here the tip 10 FAQ’s you should understand before you select the florist to provide this important component of your wedding.

Top 10 Questions and Answers About Wedding Flowers

Floral design

Q 1: How do I know I will get the design style I asked for?

Couples who are diving head first into wedding planning are often overwhelmed with choosing their vendors. Many brides will have their first association with a florist when they begin planning for their wedding flowers and don’t always know where to start. Compose a list of florists in your area and research their portfolios. Look at their social media accounts, their website and customer testimonials. See if any seem to suit your wedding aesthetic and book a consultation. If you find a florist that you trust to understand your vision, you won’t worry about a thing when it comes to your flowers. That and inspiration photos are key in communicating the style you want.

Q 2: How much should I budget for my wedding flowers?

A: Budgeting is difficult for so many brides and sometimes it comes down to one thing: what are you prioritizing? There are brides that have spent thousands of dollars on a simple backyard wedding because they just love flowers! There are others that only order a single bouquet. The sky is the limit! But in that same sense, no wedding order is too small. At the end of the day whether you only need flowers for your wedding party or you want flowers dripping from the ceiling, you will be quoted based on what you really want. From there, based on the quote you receive, you can decide what you want. With that being said, it is always helpful if you come to us with a budget. That way your florist can make appropriate budget friendly suggestions if necessary.

Florist prepares bouquet

Q 3: Can I pick up my flowers the day before the wedding?

A: In short, yes. They are your wedding flowers after all!. However, we do not recommend flowers being picked up until the day of the wedding. When wedding flowers are stored, they are kept in coolers to stay fresh and happy. Wedding flowers are meant for one day, your wedding day. Their purpose is not to last, their purpose is to look stunning for your day! With that in mind, most florists purposefully allow the flowers to open up so that the day you see them is when they are in their most beautiful state. Because of this, keeping the flowers your florist’s coolers over-night is the safest place they can be.

Q 4: How are wedding flowers priced?

A: Wedding flowers are priced the way they are based on a few factors. The cost of every flower variety fluctuates as flowers are seasonal. For example, if you wanted peonies in August they would likely cost more than if you wanted peonies in May. Time and labor also needs to be calculated in order to properly price the items for your wedding. They are carefully processed, cleaned and intricately arranged by an experienced designer. The other factor is supplies. Each wedding requires the use of boxes, tissue, ribbon, tape, paper, wire, and the list goes on. The final factor is over-all design aesthetic and size preferences. A larger arrangement will cost you more. Wedding flowers are carefully priced with all of these things in mind.

Know what you want

Q 5: What’s the difference in cost between real flowers and silk?

 A: Many brides think that they will cut costs by getting faux flowers instead of fresh. In most cases that isn’t true. Silk flowers are often just as expensive, if not more, if you’re comparing them stem for stem to the price of real flowers. If you find inexpensive silks they typically look very un-realistic.

Q 6: How far in advance do I need to book my flowers?

 A: Because flowers are such an important aspect to most weddings they are not something you should be waiting until the last minute to book. Florists tend to fill their schedules quickly, especially for the dates that fall during their high season. Anywhere from 6-9 months in advance is ideal especially if you require specialty items or a large amount of floral décor. Most florists can only book a certain number of weddings per weekend, so it is important to book before they become unavailable (especially for weddings falling on a long weekend). For small weddings that only require a minimal amount of flowers, 3 months is typically enough time.

Use seasonal flowers

Q 7: What should I bring to the consultation?

 A: This is likely the first time you have thought in depth about what you like when it comes to flowers and if you don’t know, your florist will be there to show you all of the options. Without even knowing it, we all have a style that we love. It’s just a matter of finding out what that is! When preparing for a floral consultation it is helpful to come with some ideas so that you and your florist have a place to begin. There are so many different color palettes, design styles, and flower varieties available that it will help to have a starting point to bounce ideas off of. A consultation will be most productive if there is a photo or two (Pinterest is great for that!) that your florist can elaborate on and seek inspiration from.

Q 8: What flowers are in season for my wedding?

 A: The floral industry has evolved immensely even over the past 10 years. As flower farmers advance their greenhouse processes more and more flower varieties are available well past their growing season. It has come to the point where nearly everything is available year round. Even though things are available they often come at a high price. To keep within budget and to get the highest quality of flowers, it is in your interest to choose flowers that are naturally in season during the time of your wedding. Peonies and tulips for spring, garden roses and ranunculus for summer, dahlias and berries for fall and amaryllis and paper-whites for winter.

Floral centerpiecesQ 9: Can I DIY my  floral centerpieces?

 A: In short, yes. Many brides opt to do their own wedding flowers to help alleviate some of the costs. Most florists are able to sell wedding clients bulk flowers for them to arrange themselves in their own vases. We recommend doing a trial run of any DIY centerpiece to ensure there are no surprises the week of the wedding. We would also suggest pricing out the difference in cost for your florist to arrange them for you (even if you want to bring in your own vases) and see if it is worth the extra time and energy for you to do it yourself.
Flowers to match your theme

 Q 10: Dyed Flowers?

 A: When it comes to the ethics flowers, many florists share opposing opinions. In our experience we have found more and more clients appreciate the natural beauty of flowers and want them to come as wholesome and natural as possible. We do not ever recommend dyed or tinted flowers. Not only does the process effect the quality and life of the flower, but it is often more costly than the non-dyed version of the same flower. (Not to mention that tinted flowers will transfer color onto fabric). If you are looking for a certain color, there is usually a flower available without the need of dyes.

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Flowers to match your theme

ACADEMY FLORIST BIO: Academy Florist opened its doors in Winnipeg, Manitoba over 35 years ago. We pride ourselves in not only our expertise as professional florists but also our love for good and intentional floral design. Flowers carry with them life, celebration, and beauty. We believe they have the power to change the atmosphere of any space. You can know without any doubt that you are in the best hands you could imagine. We have every intention of blowing you away when you see the flowers on your wedding day. Every piece no matter how big or small was created for you with love and intention because we truly love what we do.

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Wedding bouquet

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

One of our absolute favorite parts of the design process with our clients at Ashton Events is hand-selecting the blooms for the wedding bouquet. It’s the kickstart of the whole wedding design- helping declare the personality of our bride and the formality of their celebration. The biggest, most beautiful blossoms get artfully woven together and then tied by a gorgeous ribbon. Our positively least favorite part? Watching that bouquet head to a dumpster.

Making Your Wedding Bouquet Live Beyond The Day

Throwing the bouquet

Here are five helpful ideas to keep your bouquet from going to waste:

Don’t toss it, dedicate it:

Do you have a specific person (your grandmother, a mentor, dear friend) who would treasure those blooms for the days following your celebration? Instead of doing a bouquet toss, take a private moment with that VIP to shower them with your appreciation.

Split up bouquet

Split it up, by surprise!

We’ve had brides who had a vivacious group of single ladies waiting to snatch the bouquet. Instead of just tossing it into the crowd, consider having your florist separate your bouquet into 3-5 little sections. It will certainly catch them by surprise, and more girls will have flowers to take home.

Beautiful bouquet

Dry it out:

If you’d like to hold onto your bouquet and create a keepsake, have a close friend or family member take it home after the reception. Snip off the ends (so that all of the dampness is gone), and hang it upside down. This way, the flowers will naturally dry out and keep a bit more of their color.

Floral wreath

Create an anniversary gift:

Want to surprise your spouse with a sweet memento from the day? Snip a few of the smaller blooms and press them between pages of a thick book. Again, make sure that the bloom is dry! Then, to celebrate your first year, use those blooms in a frame or shadow box with a printed copy of your vows.

Start a tradition

Start a tradition:

One of our favorite ideas actually stems from a Southern tradition. Buy a special ribbon with your monogram on it for your bouquet. Then, keep that for your future daughters to incorporate into their bouquet. What a sweet memory!

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Bio: Ashton Events came about because Laura Ashton Helm saw a need for storytelling in the event industry ” for celebrations that do more than flow effortlessly, but also leave a lasting impression on their guests. A firm believer in creating well-planned and executed events infused with unforgettable personal style, she believes that the pomp and circumstance of the day is less important than the joy of two lives committing to each other.

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