Hi Honeyfunders!

Letting you know about some page errors we’ve been having…

Apparently we’ve gotten too big for our britches! Our database is getting filled up and therefore working more slowly. This causes some pages to display “Honeyfund.com Service Error” because it can’t access the slow database.

Some of you are also getting the “Browser Requirements Page” even when you seem to have the correct browser and settings.

We’re going to be working on these issues tonight and hopefully all will be well by morning. We’ll post updates here.


Sara & Josh

9:00 pm PDT update: We’re temporarily disabling your beautiful couple photos so we can verify the "Service Error" problem. This should be a temporary fix.

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Hi Honeyfunders,

Last night we implemented a new Shopping Cart feature which allows your gift givers to select multiple items and pay for everything in one transaction. Their gifts will also now be together on one gift certificate.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to make the gift purchase and receiving processes smoother. For gift givers we’ve added instructions up front about how Honeyfund works and clarified some of the steps.

For you we’ve added instructions on the View Gifts page and improved the Payment Reminder process.


Let us know what you think — and what you’re hearing from your gift givers about this new process.

Sara & Josh

P.s. There was one bug in the implementation: If you added any items to your View Gifts page that you’d received outside Honeyfund they may show up lumped together as "multiple items." We’ll update this blog post when that’s resolved.

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