November 2018

When you’re planning your honeymoon, everyone immediately thinks of the destination – somewhere beautiful and exotic.  But what about those of us who don’t desire to travel far and want to stay near? Honeymoons aren’t always about where we go, but what we do when we get there.













For those of us looking forward to doing all the things on our honeymoon, Groupon has us covered!  These are some of our most favorite and budget-friendly activities that can be found at most honeymoon destinations.

Wine Tasting

Do you love sampling something new?  Groupon’s Wine Tasting deals and coupons will let you search by location to find great wine packages.  Some include an appetizer, some allow you to take home a bottle or two and all of them give you a taste.  Maybe wine isn’t your thing, that’s okay!  Groupon has you covered with other spirit tastings such as great beer flight deals.


Do you love exploring?  You could spend a romantic night on a dinner cruise, enjoy a day on the water during a dolphin excursion, soar through the sky during helicopter flying lessons, or enjoy a nice historic tour.  On Groupon’s Sightseeing & Tours section, you’ll find all of this and more, depending on which destination your heart takes you.


Relaxation – something I think we can all agree on.  What better way to kick off your marriage than with a massage?  And I’m not referring to just any massage.  Groupon’s Local Massage section offers every massage category you could imagine, from deep tissue, to full body, to reflexology and the popular honeymoon choice – couples’ massage.

Live Events

Do you love to be a part of the action?  Groupon’s Live Events section offers the best entertainment for any area you visit.  From concerts or comedy shows, to sporting events and more, you and your beau are sure to find something fun and excitement.

Not sure where to stay?  Your honeymoon plans could take you to South Lake Tahoe, CA for wine tasting, San Juan, Puerto Rico for sightseeing, Klamath Falls, OR for a massage or Miami Beach, FL for entertainment, you’ll find the perfect (and affordable) honeymoon activities to make all your newlywed memories come true.

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Who pays for wedding for older brides and grooms

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

What’s age got to do with it when it comes to divvying up wedding costa?

As tradition had it, the bride’s family paid the majority of the wedding costs. Circumstances and common sense—not tradition—now dictate who will pay what for a wedding. Many couples are older, which can change who pays for what,

Who Pays For What For The Older Bride And Groom?

Who pays for what?

Discussing Wedding Details

The best way to decide who will pay for what is for both families (or all the families that apply) and the couple to sit down together and have a frank discussion about what each party can afford to contribute. Some people are terribly uncomfortable discussing their finances in front of others, so be sensitive to that. Separate meetings are sometimes necessary, but it’s best if you can get everyone together at one time to brainstorm and share information.,

Plan your expenses before meeting the family

Spreadsheets To The Rescue

It may be helpful to first budget out your expenses in an Excel/Google sheets document before meeting with the folks. Now, your choices haven’t been influenced by whose card chip is being inserted, and family members can look over the spreadsheet and volunteer for themselves where they’d like to pitch in, especially now that they know exactly how much it’ll run them in the end. This is also valuable if one or both sets of parents are divorced, and many parties want the be involved.

Older brides & grooms change the dynamics

Splitting Costs When The Bride And Groom Are Older

When a working and older couple is involved, they are likely to have some money saved and will accept paying for part of the costs of the wedding. If the bride and groom are older, as many couples are these days, they may each have been working for five years or more, have some money saved, and be perfectly willing to pick up some of the tab.

Who pays for what for a wedding might be just the first of many questions that come up when planning your day.

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