July 2018

Wedding at the Lourve

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime…. 

The idea of exchanging vows surrounded by old world charm and ambiance can be an exciting thought for many people. With destination weddings gaining in popularity, the idea of a romantic and atmospheric ceremony in Europe is becoming a reality for more and more couples. Usually when people imagine weddings in Europe, France; Italy; and Greece seem to be the first places most people think of. However, when it comes to lovely and romantic locations, Europe is spoiled for choices for gorgeous and unique locations to exchange your vows. Whether you are looking for something tropical and exotic or are more of an old world romantic, there is bound to be a location which is as extraordinary as your love story.

Destinations For A Perfect Wedding In Europe

Wedding at Prague Castle

Straight Out Of A Fairy-Tale:

Most little girls at some point dream of being a princess and getting her very own prince charming. If this still sounds like your dream come true, why not think of getting married in the Czech Republic? Not only does this beautiful county in central Europe have the largest castle in the world, Prague Castle, it also hosts a number of towns which look like as if they just popped straight from the pages of a fairy tale. One of the most magical is Cesky Krumlov. Located in the southern part of the country, this medieval town is the perfect backdrop for a love as timeless as yours.

Guell Park, Barcelona

Mediterranean Passion:

There is something about the heat and passion of the Mediterranean countries. With flavorful food, warm weather, and colorful landscapes, it is easy to see why this region has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful and passionate in the world.  However, instead of opting for a wedding in Italy, why not head to Spain? With a unique blend of European and North African architecture, as well as food, getting married in Spain will offer an exotic feel to a traditional ceremony. Plus, with Spanish wines garnering more and more attention, you can treat your guests to some of the best wine on the market.

Scotney astle

Modern Royals:

Many couples are borrowing ideas for their weddings from the younger generation of the British royal family. So why not take another page from their book and get married in an actual British castle or palace? While the UK has plenty to chose from, Wales boasts the most castles in the world. With over 600 to pick from, and some of the most exquisite countryside views, it wouldn’t be hard to feel like modern day royalty here. Plus, with a naturally poetic accent and a musical quality to the language itself, it will feel like any local officiant is singing your vows to you. What could more romantic and special than that?

Wedding in Paris

With these, and plenty more under the radar choices to pick from, Europe offers a number of destinations to help you and your partner create a one of kind wedding to encapsulate your one of a kind love. So let your imagination run wild.

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Plan Your Own Wedding

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Creating the unity sand candle

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime…. 

A unity ceremony is a wedding ritual that symbolizes the union of two people and the coming together of two families. It is a symbolic conclusion to the bride and the grooms’ vows before the exchange of wedding rings. The candle unity set, tying the knot ceremony, and a sand ceremony, also referred to as a “blending of the sands” ceremony, are a few of the most well-known rituals.

Are you looking for a modern and creative way to symbolize unity during your ceremony?

New Ideas For The Unity Ceremony

Modern couples are looking for a fun, personalized, twist during the unity ceremony while still being rooted in wedding tradition. So, I have come across three unity ceremony alternatives that as a past wedding guest and internationally certified Wedding and Event Planner for Splendid Events, have yet to see in person:

  • Passing the Rings Around
  • Create a Time Capsule
  • Canvas Painting

Passing the rings

Passing The Rings

Seems scary thinking about passing your rings around during your ceremony, right? Just imagine the look on your closest family and friends’ faces during their moment of inclusion, or the look on your sweet grandmothers’ face. Priceless. According to “16 Creative Wedding Rituals That Symbolize Unity” by Martha Stewart Weddings, yours guests will feel included in the ceremony by passing your rings around and will have an opportunity to hold the bands, bestow their blessings on your bands as well as positive thoughts toward your marriage. Passing the rings around will certainly put a modern twist on a rather traditional ritual.

Wedding time capsule

Creating a Time Capsule

Everyone knows about the wedding cake tradition – The newlyweds are to preserve the top tier of their wedding cake and eat it a year later, on their first wedding anniversary. Preserving a piece of your wedding cake is said to bring good luck as well as allows you to celebrate your first anniversary together by reliving one of the most special moments that you have experienced together.

However, I am sure that I am not the only one who finds eating year old cake unappealing. So, how about opening a time capsule that you and your significant other created for your wedding day instead? And it is so simple. To create a time capsule, choose a box and save a few personal items to place inside during your ceremony, that is to be reopened in the future. During your ceremony place the items in the box and nail it shut. On your first wedding anniversary imagine opening your time capsule to love letters that you both wrote before the ceremony along with a bottle of wine from the year you met. If that doesn’t scream romance I don’t know what does.

Wedding unity canvas

Unity Canvas Ceremony

For the artistic bride and groom, have you considered a unity canvas painting ceremony? The blank canvas represents the start of every marriage and a new-shared journey. It represents a new beginning. The colors of the paint represent the bride and groom and the years together that are yet to come. A unity canvas painting may be a fun alternative that is still a true representation of yourselves. Think about it. Your canvas may be blank, have the first letter of your last name, or a famous love quote. The possibilities are endless. As the two of you become one, some areas on the canvas the colors will blend and mix together, which will create a new color, representing shared experiences. Some areas on the canvas the colors will stay separate and bold, yet still a compliment to the color by its side. And lastly, there will be some areas on the canvas where they color may contrast, while another area remains blank and untouched.  The unity canvas painting is an artistic alternative, which will showcase an original masterpiece that is as unique as the bride and groom.

Personalizing Your Unity Ceremony

Lighting the unity candle

As each wedding and couple is different, I believe the unity ceremony should be tailored to you as well. I encourage you and your significant other to think outside of the well-known wedding traditions, and find something that distinctly represents you as a couple.

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