July 2018

Planning a wedding in a short timeframe

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Can you plan your wedding in just four months? While many odds will be against you, it’s definitely possible. The key to getting everything done is to get rid of the stress-inducing extras and focus on important planning tasks instead. Just when you think you’ll never make it, you’ll realize it’s much simpler than it looks.

How You Can Plan Your Wedding In Just Four Months

Which wedding venue is for you?

Decide On The Big Three

First, you need to make up your mind about the big three essentials – the style of your reception, the budget, and the guest list. An intimate beachfront dinner? A dressy rooftop cocktail party? Take this Reception Venue Quiz and find out which style suits you the best. Also, think about how much money you need to spend. In a survey by The Knot that included 13,000 couples married in 2017, it was revealed that an average wedding cost was $33,391, excluding the honeymoon. However, a big budget maker is the guest list. Since you’re working in a short timeframe, there is a possibility a number of guests have already made plans for the month, and your guest list might be somewhat thinner.

Use technology for wedding planning

Use Technology

Excellent wedding sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are a great starting point for finding your wedding team and keeping track of the details. They even have associated mobile apps, so you can always keep your wedding notes with you. Ordering invitations from an online retailer saves you time you’d spend visiting a traditional stationery shop. You can also find online retailers to provide escort cards, menus, thank you notes and all the stationery that you need. Skype and Face Time are great tools for interviewing potential vendors, especially if you don’t live in the area where you’re getting married.

Book the wedding venue

Find And Book The Reception Venue

Since you’re planning on a short timeframe, if you set your sights on a specific date, venue or vendor, chances for success are much greater the further in advance you’re able to book. In other words, you need to be flexible. The popular venues such as country clubs, ballrooms and hotels might already be booked for Saturday night, but Friday or even Sunday afternoon might be available. Also, think outside the typical venue and consider more imaginative sites like suitable craft breweries or vineyards. You can even try a beautiful golf course wedding location, and instantly infuse some Old World charm into your big event.

Select your wedding rings

Shop For Wedding Bands

The problem with planning on short notice is that you may not get the wedding rings you want on time. Order those you like anyway, and find a couple of placeholder rings for the ceremony. A pair of inexpensive silver or gold bands at a local town jeweler’s will do just fine. If you want a break from the planning fever, have some fun trying to find your placeholders at an antique store or a flea market.

Be decisive about what you want

Be Decisive

It’s only too easy to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole! It’s good to have comparisons, but you don’t need to meet with four DJs, three bakers, five photographers, florists, makeup & hair artist, and so on. Limit your search and focus on online user reviews and recommendations, but also their previous work portfolio. Find a vendor you like, connect with them, book and move on. If you have a solid idea what you want your wedding to look like, these decisions will be easier.

Most people plan a wedding a long time ahead, sometimes even years in advance. However, it’s possible to organize the perfect wedding in just a matter of months. And if your date can be flexible, by exploiting any late availability, this short time-handicap may even come with a cost benefit.

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Pull off a beautiful wedding in just 4 months

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Summer of 2018 has been jammed packed with major sporting events! Whether you are a sports-aholic or just enjoy the atmosphere that comes with historical sporting events, we’ve come up with the top five worldwide sporting events that are worth dedicating your honeymoon too.


The oldest tennis tournament in the grand slam circuit, Wimbledon boasts rich tradition in true British form. There is a royal box where you’re likely to see a member of the royal family or two in attendance, especially toward the end of the tournament. Wimbledon is hosted at All England Club just outside of London and is the only major tennis tournament hosted on grass courts.

Wimbledon begins June/July so the temperatures can be a bit uncomfortable at times, but enjoying a cup of the tournament’s signature strawberries and cream makes whatever heat there is a lot more bearable.

Attending Wimbledon can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like depending on your passion for the sport. If you are a diehard fan, purchasing tickets to sit inside the stadium is the best way to enjoy the matches. Tickets range from 500-650 pounds to sit at Centre Court. If you don’t want to break the bank you can head to the ticket off and “queue,” a.k.a. stand in line, for a select number of Centre Court tickets that are pre-leased the day before a match that is significantly cheaper than pre-paying. You can also purchase seats for Henman Hill or Murray Mound, two outside seating locations, where you can still watch the matches on a big screen. Find out more about purchasing tickets here.


Super Bowl

Either you really love your husband-to-be or you’re both football fanatics to choose the Super Bowl as your honeymoon destination. Attending the Super Bowl is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people due to the high price of tickets.

Having a honeyfund is the perfect registry to have the opportunity to attend such an event. Be sure to tell your family and friends your honeymoon plans as they might feel a little more generous to help you achieve your dream.

If you don’t care about the teams battling it out for the blingest ring in the NFL, it might be worth considering the host city for the next upcoming Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 53 will be hosted in Atlanta, Georgia at Mercedes Benz Stadium which is enclosed making it temperature controlled, but there are always host cities that have open stadiums that can expose fans to harsh February temperatures. Even if the stadium is enclosed that doesn’t mean you’re protected from elements outside of the stadium. Consider Super Bowl 52’s host city Minneapolis. If you can’t handle freezing temps and snow you might want to research upcoming host cities and pick one that interests you the most.

If you DO care about what team makes it into the Super Bowl you can always set aside a certain amount of your total honeyfund and continue to save until your team makes the Super Bowl…though for some teams you might be savings for a LONG time…

If you AREN’T a football fan you can also choose The World Series for baseball fans and the Stanley Cup finals for hockey fans.

World Cup

Honestly, what has been more exciting than watching the world cup? Even though The United States didn’t qualify for 2018, there were still so many inspiring countries to root for like Iceland who practically had their whole country in the stands. Mexico fans caused an EARTHQUAKE, yeah an actual earthquake, after their team won their first match.

If you love to experience different cultures from around the world, the World Cup is one big melting pot where people gather from around the world to celebrate one thing, football (a.k.a soccer).

The World Cup happens every four years with the next event hosted in 2022 in Qatar. Now, typically the cup takes place during the summer but obviously no one wants to run a half marathon each game in the desert in the summer heat. That’s why Qatar is breaking with tradition with the cup starting November 21. This all means you have plenty of time to add more savings on top of your original honeyfund amount in order to cover all expenses.

With the next host city being Qatar, that means airfare is not going to be cheap. Have wedding guests purchase Skyhours that you can bank until you’re ready to fly. It’s an affordable way to gradually save until you have enough skyhours to fly to your next destination.

Always be mindful of the host country’s culture and traditions before you go. Even though everyone is happy to celebrate football you still don’t want to offend anyone while you’re there.



What would this list be without the Olympics? If you don’t want to wait four more years for the next World Cup you can plan to attend the next summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan in 2020.

The summer Olympics will run from July 24-August 9 which gives you plenty of time to see all your favorite events like gymnastics, diving, swimming, etc., as well as explore the rich culture Japan’s capital city has to offer.

If you favor the Winter Olympics you can hold out another four years for the next set of chilly Olympic games hosted in Bejing, China, February 4-20, 2022. We all know what the new favorite game is, CURLING!!! But seriously, why is it so much fun to watch?

Of course, going to either Olympics means you’re there to watch top athletes from around the world compete for the gold, but we highly recommend you take some time to journey outside the stadiums to see and experience the host country’s culture, food, history and traditions.

Boston Marathon

If you’re looking for a different kind of sporting event outside of a stadium within the United States, there is nothing like attending the Boston Marathon held in April.

It’s the oldest annual marathon, having started in 1897, and has grown to be an iconic race coveted by runners from around the world. The race itself has over 30,000 runners participate including Olympic athletes and elite runners.

The race is held on Patriots Day which is a city-wide holiday celebrating the start of the revolutionary war, more specifically the first battles at Lexington and Concord. If you’re a history buff this is the perfect sporting event for you.

Wake up early and post-up at one of several bars along the route, though we recommend choosing one around the finish line near John Hancock Tower in Copley Square.

Now we’re not saying you have to run it, though it is quite the goal to set and achieve, attending the race is one that fills you with American pride and appreciation for the feat that thousands of runners who are about to take on the 26.2 mile trek.


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