July 2018

Wedding of Alyssa & Lauren at the Ebell

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The wedding of Alyssa and Lauren was held at the Ebell, a philanthropic club which is a spectacular wedding venue. Offering an elegant historic clubhouse, it features two exquisitely detailed ballrooms, an intimate art salon, and a breathtaking courtyard garden That made it a perfect choice for this happy couple.

Wedding program for Alyssa & Lauren

The Ebell - bespoke wedding venue

Welcome to the elegant Ebell

Preparing for the wedding

Just minutes to go

The second bride gets ready

Planning A Wedding At The Ebell, The Perfect Wedding Venue

Alyssa and Lauren were an incredible couple to work with, as their energy and vision for their wedding was infectious. They truly wanted guests to experience fun and unique evening, including details that were both spectacular and unexpected.

Visually they decided to carry out a glamorous Art Deco concept with a bold color story of black, gold and white. For that extra special touch, they selected a gold sequin aisle runner for their ceremony, and gold chairs black satin padding. Cocktail hour arrangements were bourbon bottles adorned with white florals, which tied into the grand reception, bringing all the glamor of Art Deco elements into place. The reception had a mixture of gold sequin and black adorned linen with lush white florals. A rich purple-hued lighting was added for that perfect touch to enhance their reception.

Elegant lighting at the Ebell

Just married!

Let the party begin

Together at last

Selecting Music That Tells A Love Story

Music was a special detail for them. Being in the music industry, Lauren meticulously selected key songs for the day and ceremony songs arranged to tell their love story.  Fun details for their love of music carried throughout the night: their guestbook display was made of actual vinyl records, where guests wrote their well wishes; and as a surprise to their guests, a light projection of Prince, one of their favorite artists, was largely displayed on a wall, overlooking the outside reception.

Seating chart for Alyssa & Lauren

Teh bridal couple enjoying dinner

Feasting On Custom Southern Cuisine

Another surprise element Alyssa and Lauren envisioned was to have a not-so-typical wedding menu.  They worked with The Ebell’s Executive Chef to create a custom menu of Southern cuisine including fried chicken, black-eyed peas, collard greens, “fried” green tomato salad, homemade biscuits, 6 cheese Mac and cheese, hush puppies and more- complete with a bottle of Red Rooster Hot Sauce on every table! For the toast the couple offered their guests a choice of libation: champagne or bourbon, to represent each of the brides’ styles.

This lovely couple accomplished their goal and then some. Their guests truly experienced a beautiful, unique and unexpected day they’ll remember for years to come.

Vendors That Made The Day Come Special

The beautiful wedding of Alyssa and Lauren, held at the Ebell, was made possible with expertise the following vendors”

Photographer: Kim Fox Photography @kimfoxphoto

Planner: Chic Ambiance  @chicambiance

Floral: Loris Flowers @lorisflowersweddings

Venue and Catering: Ebell of Los Angeles @ebellevents

Lighting: Stagelabs

Linen: Elegant Designs Specialty Linen @elegantdesignsca

DJ (with their Instagram name): Jess Funk@jsfnkpro

Dessert: Hansen’s Cakes did our cupcakes

Photobooth: Jess Funk  @jsfnkpro

Alyssa’s Dress: Kay’s Bridal; Instagram: kays_bridal

Alyssa’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Alyssa’s Accessories: Alyssa’s earrings were Kay’s Bridal

Rings: Valley’s Gem (Lauren designed both rings)

Bridesmaid Dresses: Aidan Mattox

Lauren’s Suit: Designed by Lauren, manufactured by Thuy Custom Clothier (@thuycustomclothier), tailoring by Studio Unbiased (@studiounbiased)

Lauren’s Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Lauren’s Hair: Ayesha the Barber (@AyeshaTheBarber), owner of Ninth Chapter Barbershop LA (@ninthchapterla)

Hair Stylist: Monique Powers (website, instagram: @monique_powers)

Makeup artist: Monique Powers (website, @monique_powers)

Paper goods: (Menus, Programs, etc..): Designed and printed by Lauren

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Bio: The Ebell of Los Angeles Is a philanthropic organization founded in 1894 for women, and by women. Its building, an architectural masterpiece designed in 1927 by Summer Hunt, is the perfect setting for weddings and other events..

The wedding of Alyssa and Lauren was held at the Ebell, which opens it door to all. For information about booking your big day at the Ebell, check out the details on our website.

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It’s known that weddings are expensive. It’s still surprising seeing the average wedding cost in 2017 was $27,698! A direct cause of the steep price for a modern wedding is the increased costs of venue locations, entertainment, photography, just to name a few. Every little purchase adds up really quick, for example, the average cost of wedding invitations are just under $800!

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Being Financially Disciplined

Remember to stay financially disciplined when using credit cards. It’s not smart to put the total cost of your wedding on a credit card. Most likely, you’ll not be able to pay off the costs in full when the bill is due. This means you’ll start piling on interest, which means you’ll owe even more than the original cost!

When it comes to credit cards, use them as a way to earn value back as you spend. Always remember to pay both on-time and in full by your credit card due dates. These cards are tools that affect your future depending on how you use them.


Cash Back Reward Credit Cards

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0% Introductory APR Credit Cards

photo courtesy Credit Card Insider

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These cards are designed to be useful if you’re planning a large purchase or expect to spend a lot of money soon. One place they can come in handy is when you’re securing a wedding venue. If you book a $10,000 venue, a 0% APR credit card of 12 months gives you a year to pay that cost off interest-free! With proper budgeting, you could pay off the card in a year by paying just over $900 per month.

The Blue Cash Everyday card from American Express gives you a 0% intro APR on purchases for 15 months. Although it’s not the longest 0% interest rate on the market, it also provides cash back rewards.

Crowdfunding Honeymoons

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Jacob Lunduski is a Financial & Credit Card Industry Analyst. His mission is to help consumers save money and to earn rewards by using credit cards in their financial budgets. He strongly feels the need to educate consumers on how to do so responsibly, without ever entering expensive debt by using a credit card. 

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