July 2017

Romance of a beach wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

There’s some very special emotion that the ocean’s views unleash in the heart and soul of just anybody and that’s how beach weddings are Oh, so romantic! On the other hand, it is exactly because of this that many couples might light-headily overlook one of the most important steps along the planning of their big day, choosing the right location for their perfect beach wedding. What’s to choose, after all?, they might think, when it’s all there, the mysterious blue ocean, the golden beach, the soft sand, the cool breeze¦  romance streams out from everywhere. You just need to be on the spot to experience it. Right?

Wrong! Deciding on the wedding location is a serious business and it requires serious planning and preparation. Beach weddings are no exception!

So, here are a few tips on how to find the best beach wedding location, brought to you by Beach Wedding Tips.

Tips For Finding The Best Beach Wedding Location

Put your trust in the experts

Find a beach wedding expert

Right from the start you have two options:

One, choose a venue specialized in organizing such events or at least having a considerable experience in providing such services. There are hundreds of hotels, restaurants and even entire complexes conveniently located at beautiful seaside spots, which offer all the needed facilities and services for a beach wedding. And since they know their business, why not get in contact with them directly and discuss all the details?! This option is extremely convenient for destination weddings.

Two, you may have fallen in love with a particular seaside spot that you may have discovered during your recent holidays and have pictured it to be the perfect location for your beach wedding. Even so, before taking the final decision, it would be best to talk things over with your wedding planner and ask for his/her professional opinion. Based on his/her training and experience, your wedding planner will reasonably assess all the pros and cons of the location you loved so much and will tell you whether or not this spot, gorgeous and romantic as it may be, can serve as the right venue for your dream beach wedding.

Facilities & services at your disposal

Facilities and services

The overall experience you and your guests will have at your beach wedding is important. So, make sure to choose a wedding venue that is able to offer best possible facilities and services. After you have picked a few possible locations, take the time to visit each of them ˜incognito’. Forget about all the grandiose and attractive commercial presentations the venue may have in the mass media, and inspect everything carefully.

  • Is the service fast or slow?
  • Is the staff friendly or inattentive?
  • What are the bar options and the quality of the drinks?
  • How is the food at the restaurant?
  • How good are the accommodation facilities?
  • Is there enough parking area?
  • How easy is the access to the place and are there good and convenient roads leading there?
  • Is there public transport available?
  • If you’re lucky to witness a wedding, it will be your best chance to observe how well (or poor!) the event has been organized and held.

When you have gathered enough such information you will be able to take the right decision and choose the best location for your wedding.

If the location of your choice is a popular place/destination for wedding and other similar events, there is another important factor you should take into consideration. Try to find out how many weddings/large events are expected to take place there on the same day or weekend as yours. Discuss the information with your wedding planner to make sure that you’ll have enough time to enjoy your special day and not made to get married ˜in a hurry’ only because there is another wedding or event following yours. Besides, you wouldn’t like to ˜compete’ with another wedding held in close proximity, would you?!

Choosing a venue for your guests

Numbers and figures

Choosing the right beach wedding venue does not even start with choosing a location at all! There are a couple of other important factors to be taken into consideration way before choosing the particular location. Before choosing a venue, you’d better take the time to first consider some important numbers and figures and take decisions on:

Your wedding budget

A beach wedding may be a romantic and emotional event, but in our times romance does not come cheap. What you need is proper and detailed preliminary information, a calculator, and a cool head. Take the time to do extensive research, visit places, take pictures, talk to professionals, compare services and options offered by the specialized wedding event organizers and providers, as well as their costs and prices for the facilities and services they offer both on and off the list. Based on such detailed information you will be able to set up your wedding budget which will buy you the perfect wedding venue.

Our honest advice, though – best let your wedding planner take care of all this and make your dream beach wedding fairy tale come true. Instead of talking money, you shall then have the time for way more important things, like getting the perfect suntan, choosing the perfect wedding outfit for you and your bridesmaids/groom’s men, choosing the flowers and wedding decorations, organizing your perfect bachelorette or stag party ¦

Your guest list

The number of the wedding guests is essential for choosing the best beach wedding location, too. First off, a clear estimate of this number will avoid unpleasant situations, where some guests might not fit at the ceremony spot or even left without proper accommodation, parking lot, or a chair at the reception venue. Second, most wedding event facilities will ask for a deposit based on the number of people who are going to attend the event so, you need to come up with a guest list some two to three months in advance. And third, knowing the number of your wedding guests will help you (or your wedding planner) set up a proper wedding budget.

All-in-all, having the guest list (plus-minus some 10-15 surprise guests) will determine the choice of the wedding location that will be able to accommodate all and make everybody happy.

What will the weather hold for a beach wedding

The weather

Beach weddings are extremely dependent on the whims and caprices of the weather. It would be of course great to have your romantic beach wedding under clear skies and cool breeze, but Nature can surprise you with showers and strong winds instead. On the other hand, strong sun and high temperatures can be equally unpleasant. Since you cannot control natural forces, what you can do is at least be prepared for various weather conditions.

With the help of your wedding planner and the facility manager, make sure to have quick-to-install canopies and umbrellas to protect the ceremony and reception spots in case of unexpected bad weather, or hide as many people as possible from too much heat and burning sun.

Have a ˜Plan B’ for unpredicted weather conditions allowing the event to take place in an inside space or a tent.

In case of too hot weather, ensure enough number of fans for your guests, and if possible, even sunglasses, sun visor hats, etc. little items that will make everybody feel more comfortable and enjoy the beach location experience.

Don’t forget to mention in the wedding invitations that the wedding ceremony and reception will be held outdoors (or at a more open location). Then your guests will know how to dress properly and bring their own umbrellas, hats, or even light coats (in case of an evening wedding).

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Packing for your Bora Bora honeymoonThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

After your wedding, it’s the second most important moment you and your love have been waiting for, the honeymoon in Bora Bora! Before you skip off into the sunset and unto sandy beaches, we want to make sure you are fully prepared to have the best time and that you pack everything you’ll need and nothing that you don’t. After reviewing several travel blogs and learning what first-hand Bora Bora enthusiasts recommended, we compiled these top items to bring along.

Tips For Packing For Your Honeymoon In Bora Bora

Shoes & Clothing

Reef shoes or swim shoes are at the top of the list. They will protect your feet from the pieces of coral that run throughout the beach when strolling along the Lagoon. Flip flops, sneakers, and closed toe flats may also be a good idea when you’re out and about on the island.

Bring your raincoat or windbreaker and light cardigan for cooler evenings. But the day time will be for sun dresses, cover-ups, shorts (sometimes pants), sarongs and swimsuits. In fact, sources say to bring at least 3 swimsuits as you will most likely wear them on hot days which is almost every day. For guys, your clothing should be light, breezy, and cotton and you should pack both long and short sleeved options.

Protect your hair & skin in Bora Bora

Hair & Skin

Many of you already know not to sit in the sun without sunscreen, but be sure to bring enough to last both of you on your entire trip. Experts suggest at least an spf 30 and then follow-up with aloe vera to sooth your skin. Carry some non-toxic bug spray. Mosquitos are quite a problem around the airport. You’ll also need your sun shades a sun hat or wide-brimmed cap. You will most likely take advantage of the swimming and snorkeling which means your hair will take a hit. Bring your favourite detangler to keep your tresses manageable after your daily dunk.

Food & drink to enjoy in Bora Bora

Food & Drink

Without a doubt, you will need to stay hydrated so it’s good to have water handy in a reusable water bottle. Liquor can be expensive at the bars, so you can bring your own to enjoy in your suite, if it’s not included in your honeymoon package. Alcohol can be purchased in the Carrefour supermarkets or in Papeete.

You should also bring along some snacks and zip lock bags to hold them when you’re touring the island. You can pack a knife in your checked baggage in case you need to slice and enjoy some delicious island fruit. It’s also recommended to bring a small/collapsible cooler to hold refrigerated items if the fridge in your room does not suffice.

Water fun in Bora Bora

Leisure & Activities

And now for the fun part! You probably won’t want a used snorkel or flippers, so bring your own with some goggles too. Be sure to get them in the mesh bag so you can dry them out afterwards. Speaking of bags for wet things, an additional mesh or breathable bag will be great to keep your wet and dirty clothing until you get home.

A backpack or tote bag is going to be perfect to carry items after you’ve done a little shopping; you’ll save on having to buy a bag in the store. For the quiet indoor evenings or rainy days, pack a few books or magazines and a DVD player or iPad with pre-loaded offline games. As we mentioned, you’ll be spending loads of time in the water and may not have anyone to watch your stuff, so you may want to invest in waterproof cases for cards, money or your room keys. An underwater camera will help you capture some great snorkeling shots and you can bring your own raft or lounger for sun soaking in the water.

First aid in Bora Bora

Good to Have

Some things that may also be good to have are a travel sized first aid kit with Tylenols, Motrins, Immodiums, antacids, Band-Aids, Neosporin and any other light meds that will help fight allergies, headaches or indigestion.

There are no streetlights, so if you know you’ll be out in the evening, bring a portable flashlight and you will likely need a power adapter (2 round prong), chargers, and extra batteries for your phones and other electronic devices and memory cards for all the photos and videos you’ll be capturing. As a rule of thumb, you should always travel with a copy of your passport and driver’s license and sewing kit. It is also great to have on-hand whether you’re traveling or not.

What not to take to Bora Bora

What NOT to Take or Do

With all of what you should do to prepare for Bora Bora, there was a small list of things you should not do or bring which include: do not touch the corals as they could be very hot, do not feed the fish, do not bring heels (the locals will laugh at you trying to skip over all the road cracks), and do not bring jewelry. There will be lots of island jewelry to browse and buy when you get there.

Of course, it’s hard to anticipate and prepare for every need but this guide will assure that you have the basics to prevent mishaps or complaints and make your trip one of loving and long-lasting memorable moments. Safe travels!

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Bio: Sandra Gabriel is the Managing Editor at Bride & Groom Canada Magazinea digital magazine that can help you plan your special day.

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