June 2017

Experience a first lookThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Are you really going to see him before the ceremony? Isn’t it bad luck? Everyone kept asking me those questions as I contemplated whether or not to do the first look. This first lookÂť phenomenon has only come to light in recent years because it completely breaks tradition.

Some people cringe at the thought of the bride and groom seeing each other right before their ceremony, but as a bride who did it herself, and as a photographer, it’s the most amazing experience ever! So whether you’ve heard about it, or have no idea what it is, we’re sharing the reasons why we think you should definitely do a first look!

Adoring first looks

Are The Superstitions About Seeing Each Other Right?

First thing’s first, the most common myth about a first look is that it will take away the emotion and excitement of that moment the bride walks down the aisle. I’m here to tell you that it is not true! Vic and I thought long and hard about whether or not to do the first look. We had our very traditional family members telling us all kinds of nonsense about bad luck. But inside we knew that God brought us together and there was no superstition that would break us apart. So we went ahead and did our first look and it was the best decision we’ve ever made!

When I walked down the aisle Vic said he felt even more emotional than when he saw me before. Nothing changed! And of all the couples we’ve ever had the privilege of photographing their wedding, none of them have ever said that doing a first look changed anything.

Experience the joy of a first look

Why Do A First Look

So now that we have the big myth out of the way have, let’s get down to the benefits of doing a first look 🙂

First, when couples do first looks the emotions are real and the smiles and giggles are completely natural. We are able to capture that raw emotion of them seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, without all of their guests staring at them as well. It’s literally one of my favorite parts of a wedding day!

Capturing first looks

Another reason we love it is that couples who do a first look end up with more bride and groom portraits! Besides the fact that bride and groom portraits are our favorite, they are also some of the most important images you get on your wedding day! When you have a first look, there is more time after for portraits, without the rush. Neither the photographer nor the couple needs to worry about whether or not there will be time after the ceremony for portraits or if the sun will set before the ceremony is over. We’ve noticed that there is also less chaos and stress when the first look and portraits happen before the ceremony. We’ve literally seen shoulders drop and couples start breathing again after they’ve seen each other!

First looks are becoming more and more common these days and I have to say that I’m not mad about it at all 🙂 We did it when we got married and most of our couples have also chosen to do a first look on their wedding day! It’s one of the best experiences and we love witnessing the magic that happens during a first look 🙂

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Bio: Kristy and Vic are a husband and wife team of international wedding photographers who are based in South Florida. Organized, involved, and fun, they capture and immortalize your most intimate wedding memories.Let them create a wedding experience for you.  See their work at:

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Tips for writing wedding vows

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Can you recall the most memorable wedding ceremony you’ve attended? What made it unforgettable? I bet the one that you are recalling is the one with the most compelling wedding vows exchange.

You listened attentively as the couple read their own personal wedding vows to one another, promising how they would love each other for the rest of their lives.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as the groom poured out his heart and soul to convey his exact feelings for his new wife, their relationship and his commitment to her.

When it was the bride’s turn, she reached behind her cueing her maid of honor to hand over the sacred words of promise that she drafted several months before but touched up only hours ago. She read her handwriting verbatim and tears rolled down her cheeks.

The reason the wedding vows exchange is so impactful during the wedding ceremony is because personal wedding vows capture what’s special about your unique relationship as well as your personal feelings about the person you have fallen head over heels in love with. There’s no better way to start your marriage off on the right foot than with your own personal words of promise.

Make wedding vow writing personal

Overcoming Writer’s Block When Writing Wedding Vows

But many engaged couples stumble over writing their vows. Some get writer’s block from just thinking about it. What to say and how to say it can be overwhelming especially when there’s so much emotion involved and a room full of everyone staring out you hanging on every last word.

Not to fear! I have pulled together a few helpful tips from my start-to-finish vows writing course, How to Write Personal Wedding Vows That Wow,Âť to get you going in the right direction!

Tip #1 – Organize Your Thoughts

For the next week, put a tiny notebook in your purse or use any notepad app on your phone and jot down everything and anything that your fiancé does or says that puts a big smile on your face.

This exercise will help you recognize all the tangible and intangible things about your fiancé which you can use to write your personal wedding vows. For example, do you love when he gives you a goodnight kiss or a big hug after a long day at work?

Do this exercise for an entire week and you’ll have a great outline for your vows when the time comes to sit down and write.

Let a picture remind you of what you love

Tip #2 – Focus In

The very best way to get in the mindset of writing your own personal wedding vows is to look at a picture of your fiancĂ©. It’s super simple and yet so effective to get your mind thinking about all the reasons why your fiancĂ© is the one that you want to marry. Write everything that comes to mind. Don’t try to capture the perfect words just yet. Just think of this reflection exercise as a brain dump.

Tip #3 – Start In The Middle

Many times, people get stuck on how to start writing your own wedding vows. They can’t move past that perfect opening paragraph, but I’ve got a simple exercise to get you moving forward. Don’t even think about how you’re going to start your vows. Forget that for now. Start in the middle with your I promiseÂť statements.

Now is the time when those notes you’ve been taking come in handy. Open up your notepad and read all the ways that your fiancĂ© makes you feel loved and special.

  • How will you return those feelings?
  • How will you love, cherish and honor him or her?

Start your sentence with I promiseÂť and let your thoughts flow freely. You can edit it later. Make sure to put your phone away and carve out alone time when it’s just you and your unfiltered thoughts about building a life with your special someone.

Put time into writing your vows

Approaching The Task Of Writing Your Vows

If you choose to write your own vows, you, in essence, have indicated that these wedding words are important to you and represent more than simple sentences on a piece of paper. They are the building blocks of your marriage. As such, you need ample time to write a first draft and revise it to make sure your vows reflect your heartfelt thoughts and feelings. Think about your partner who you will be saying your vows to. You would want him or her to deeply feel all the intent you put into your vows. Not to mention that the key to feeling confident in any situation you are uneasy about is preparation.

Any good speechwriter will tell you that they start on their draft months prior to the big day. Why? Because they need time to write, write some more, delete, rewrite, edit and finalize. That’s the difference between an amateur and a professional. Which do you want to be on your wedding day?

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 Bio: Kristen Rocco is the professional love storyteller and wedding writer of Love Notery. Putting her professional background as an interviewer and writer to work, she created Love Notery to help engaged couples capture their love stories in the beautiful words they deserve to share on their wedding day and treasure as a wedding heirloom for generations. Her wedding vows writing course exclusively designed to help engaged couples from start to finish write heartfelt and meaningful personal wedding vows is now available at http://www.lovenotery.com/howtowriteweddingvows.

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