August 2016

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Your Maid of Honor has been there for you long before you bestowed her with the title, whether your friendship started on the playground or at your college orientation. And now she’s said “yes”  to being your right hand gal as you prepare for the day you’ll say, I do.

What gift can even begin to say thank you for years of late night phone calls and belly laughs, months of wedding dress shopping and licking envelopes, and for keeping you sane and smiling on the big day? There’s no way to adequately show your Maid of Honor just how thankful you are to have her in your life, but a unique gift is a good place to start.

Finding Special Maid-of-Honor Gifts

Your Maid of Honor deserves better than a one size fits all gift. Find a gift that reflects her style and your relationship. We’ve made the process easy for you by gathering ten unique Maid of Honor gifts to tell your lady love that she’s not like the rest of them.

Maid of honor out on the town

#1.   For the Maid of Honor who enjoys a night on the town

A personalized flask is a surefire way to make sure your friend will think fondly of you as she’s making memories during a night out. We love the pop of pink in this flask from Factory eNova, but the shop has a variety of colors and styles to fit your MOH’s look.

#2.   For the Maid of Honor who is always the first to try a new workout

Customized workout gear says thank you while also supporting one of your MOH’s favorite pastimes. She can do a downward facing dog in style in a pair of specially made yoga pants and a personalized tank. If she’s a runner, a customized pair of kicks will have her jumping for joy.

Map of the world

#3.   For the Maid of Honor who is always traveling

Does your Maid of Honor live by the quote, I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list? This gift is for her. This scratch map from Uncommon Goods does double duty as both a way to help your Maid of Honor keep track of where she’s been and a statement piece for her home. Get it started by scratching off the location of your bachelorette party, your wedding, and any other friendcations you’ve taken together.

Beautiful jewelry for MOH

#4.   For the Maid of Honor who knows diamond’s aren’t a girl’s best friend, but they are a close second

Your partner-to-be gave you something sparkly, and now it’s time to pay it forward. Why not gift your MOH a classic piece of jewelry that she can pair with anything? Pearls, a simple gold or silver bracelet, or a small pair of diamond studs are sure to put a smile on her face.

#5.   For the Maid of Honor who refers to her pet as her fur baby

Your MOH is the first to admit that she loves her pet (almost) as much as she loves you. Get her something that she can enjoy with her furry friend! A monthly pet subscription box is just what she needs. Your Maid of Honor will be reminded of your friendship each time a new box comes in the mail, and her pet will thank you too!

Photographer MOH

#6.   For the Maid of Honor who regularly says she #diditforthegram

You’ve gotten used to your Maid of Honor standing on chairs to get the perfect overhead shot and the way she geeks out about the light at golden hour. Show her that you appreciate her Instagram aesthetic by ordering her a set of framed prints from Social Print Studio. Pump up the sentimentality by choosing photos from time you spent together.  Your MOH won’t be able to resist snapping a pic of your gift to share online.

#7.   For the Maid of Honor who know her way around a kitchen

Access your Maid of Honor’s heart through her stomach. Treat her to an array of gourmet ingredients”exotic spices, truffle oil, and that cheese she rarely splurges on. If you’d rather gift something that lasts longer than food, consider buying kitchenware. Your MOH will enjoy chopping her veggies on a personalized cutting board for years to come.

Spa gift

#8.   For the Maid of Honor who prioritizes self-care

Set the stage for your friend’s next self-care with essential oils. Eden’s Garden lets you create a custom gift set filled with oils of your choice. You can also choose from their themed sets. Either way, your Maid of Honor will remember you as she inhales the scent of her gift .

#9.  For the Maid of Honor who is a dancing machine

Is your MOH the first to get the party started? Choose something that will keep her dancing long after the wedding ends. She might enjoy wireless speakers that give her the freedom to dance around her house, or you could design her own vinyl album, complete with custom cover art! Whatever you decide, make sure to visit so that you can join in on the dance party that ensues.

Vintage gift

#10.   For the Maid of Honor who was born in the wrong era

You’re lucky that your Maid of Honor was born when she was; otherwise she wouldn’t have met you! However, you both have always felt like she lived a past life. Your MOH will enjoy a vintage gift that acknowledges her penchant for the past. Spend some time looking at vintage and antique stores until you find the gift that was meant for your Maid of Honor. It could be a book of Victorian poetry, a totally mod dress, or the daintiest necklace. She’ll appreciate the gift, but she’ll appreciate the thought behind the gift even more.

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Welcome to #WeddingWednesday, live from Bloomingdales in NYC! We’re giving away a $100 Bloomindale’s Gift Card, and simply thrilled to have our special guest, Cheryl Seidel of!

Cheryl founded after she had a hard time finding a friend’s wedding registry online. Now it’s so simple to find all gift registries on!

Speaking of having all registries in one place, Honeyfund now powers all kinds of giving including a Universal Registry and links to store registries!

Without further ado, let’s hear from Cheryl!

What should couples think of when choosing a registry?

Think about the purpose: Convenience for guests! The first registries were created for this purpose and it still holds true today.

Tell us more about giving guests choices?

Make sure you have a balance of prices and types of items that fit all budgets. Guests love the $50-100 range, but don’t be shy about gifts at the $200 or more level.

What if I have everything I need for my home?

You can upgrade! Guests want to buy something you’ll remember.

What trends are you seeing in the registry world?

Everyone is buying online now! And that makes giving cash more popular as well. Online cash giving is safe and secure and serves a wide variety of families, cultures and backgrounds.

What do you tell couples trying to figure it all out?

Check out the AskCheryl column on registry finder for some great etiquette tips! Like #1: Don’t include registry info on your invitation. And always express gratitude! A heartfelt thank you note is timeless. Check out Honeyfund’s social post generator, which let’s you post a cute photo and stamp, with your wedding hashtag as a cute FYI. (And wink wink it links back to your Honeyfund page!)

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