June 2013

Today we are celebrating marriage equality!

We at Honeyfund wholeheartedly support today’s Supreme Court decisions protecting the federal rights of legally married same-sex couples and reinstating the right to marry in California. We are proud and honored to serve those who have been waiting for this day.

To celebrate, we’re offering a new Rainbow theme. AND, everyone will receive $6 off Honeyfund Premium through the end of June!

Check out our new background theme and get your discount today.


– Sara & Josh

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Honeyfund Premium Designs


Howdy Honeyfunders!

You now have 20 new reasons to enjoy Honeyfund Premium: 20 new registry templates! Each new design includes a big beautiful image that conveys the joy and excitement of your destination. They also include guestbook commenting, directly on the page!

Preview them here.

Thanks to our rockstar designer, Jonas, for these lovely new templates!

We can’t wait for you to try them. As always, we await your feedback. 🙂

– Sara & Josh

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