August 2007

Hi Honeyfunders,

Well it appears we’ve fixed the service error. We never could reproduce the error but we could see it was happening by checking our logs. We tried a couple things last night and are happy to report today our logs show no "service error" pages displayed. So we think it’s been fixed! Thanks for your patience.

Sara & Josh

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Hi there,

We are still working on the “Service Error” issue. We thought it was related to the photos on the page, so we tested that overnight by disabling the photos. Unfortunately the issue is still occuring intermittently.

We’ll have another update as soon as we know more. If your gift givers report a problem please ask them to try it on another computer as that seems to work.



10:30 pm PDT Update: The photos are back up now. We’ve implemented a system to pinpoint the issue. We’ll continue to post info here as we have it.

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