Helen & Allen

August 11, 2013

We are so excited to have found each other and are delighted that our lives are moving along such a wonderful path. We know God has great plans for us.


Allen and I have enough "things" to fill two homes but we know that some of our dear friends and family will want to give us wedding gifts. Our church holds a special place in our hearts and is always in need of something. We hope you will find something on our gift registry that will enhance the worship experience at St. Andrew's. Centro Latino of Hickory is a special non-profit organization in our community that is also important to us. If you wish, you may make a contribution to this worthy organization.

Wedding Details

Ceremony Location: St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, 629 8th Street NE, Hickory, NC  28601 (map)

Reception Location: St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, 629 8th Street NE, Hickory, NC  28601 (map)

More Information : The ceremony will be at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 11, 2013 at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church. This is the church were we met and grew to know and love each other.


Item Requested Remaining Price Quantity

ELCA Hymnal

We love the hymns on Sunday mornings!

10 0 $25.00 complete

Eternal Light Candles for the sanctuary

52 35 $4.00

Wine to be used for communion

26 0 $10.00 complete

Pair of Altar Candles

15 0 $5.00 complete

Two weeks of Bilingal tutoring

At-risk students show real academic improvement when helped by Centro Latino

30 13 $20.00

Craft and art supplies for Centro's classes

All children enjoy creative art projects!

20 9 $15.00

A 1/5 share in a Wedding Banner

This decorative banner would be used in the church sanctuary during weddings

5 5 $40.00

A 1/5 share in a Banner Stand

Every banner needs a stand!! This will allow us to put up a second banner.

5 5 $40.00

A week of child care for a parent taking ESL

Safe, onsite child care means a parent can concentrate on the English language classes at Centro Latino.

20 17 $25.00

Silver plated goblets.

These would be used for communion on special occasions

2 0 $25.00 complete
Total: 0.00
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Contact Helen Briggs via e-mail or via phone at (828) 381-7273.