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Don't get married on Saturday

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Don’t get married on Saturday!

Yes, you! Don’t do it. I mean, sure get married – all for that – just why does it have to be 3pm on a Saturday?

Why not Sunday or Friday night or …. heaven help us, Wednesday?

Choose any day but Saturday

The Survey Says…

According to a recent survey by Easy Weddings, 62% of Australian weddings in 2016 were on Saturday, Friday was the next popular with 15% and poor Monday only had 2%.*

Ok, so the traditional Saturday 3pm is probably convenient for some of the population. No need to take time off work; you get the morning to get ready, the Sunday to recover.

However, statistics show that less than 30% of the population work in a Monday to Friday 9-5 job. Even so, if you gave your loved ones 6mths notice, how many of them couldn’t book a day off?

In my experience, most couples take the week off work before the wedding so the day you tie the knot won’t matter.

So it is possible to have a non-Saturday 3pm wedding – but why would you?

Score deals on venues

Why Not Get Married On A Saturday?

Well, to start most venues have more dates available mid-week as well as a mid-week discount. Some venues are booked during wedding season 2 years in advance – how ever going mid-week might mean you get your dream location sooner than you thought. You will also get your pick of other suppliers too; that photographer who is booked out for years in advance could be all yours.

There is no messing with family and sport commitments. In fact, there will be less traffic around venues (have you ever tried to get a park at the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens when there is a blockbuster at the G?) during the day.

Flights for your guests and honeymoon will be cheaper mid-week. You have more accommodation options for them too..

The bottom line is – if you friends and family are exciting that you are getting married – they will want to be there and celebrate with you – no matter what day it is!

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What to do after your engagement

You are engaged! Now, what do you do first? Below are the 5 most important focuses that I feel you should consider when starting/before you even start the planning process. I have planned and spent many years being a part of this industry – here are a few tips that I give all my brides when they first get engaged. Deep breath. You can do this!

Enjoy your significant other

1. Do not neglect your significant other 

You are getting married. Be sure you never lose sight of the reason this process started in the first place. Plan date nights regularly that do not involve wedding planning or even wedding talk. Your life together is the most important factor. It is the reason why you even have to plan anything at all…do not loose sight of each other by getting all caught up in the details. Have a glass of wine together and just enjoy why you said YES.

2. Choose your top 5 non-negotiable aspects of your wedding

Decide what is most important to you as a couple and at your wedding. Are pictures the most important? Weather/time of year? Make a list and prioritize these things first. Do not compromise on these non-negotiable, only compromise with items and details less important to you.

How many wedding guests?

3. Your Guest List

Probably the hardest thing you will have to do in the planning process. Start now. Make your A, B, C list and start collecting addresses. Start a google drive that you both can view and take it day by day. You can never start collecting addresses soon enough.


Set a “heart attack” budget, meaning you may not have a set price for each vendor or item, or even know what to expect but, you do know how much you DO NOT want to spend. You can develop a budget percentage/break down from that “heart attack” base. Then do a little research on the average cost of items and delegate a percentage to those items.

When you have the all these numbers ready provide them to your vendors. Letting vendors know your budget when you start a meeting will help them provide you with the options available. When/if you go over budget in a specific area, remember to not compromise on the non-negotiable items (see #2) you can pull from your budget in areas that are not a priority to you to help balance everything out.

Select your wedding venue

5. Your Wedding Date

Venues book up sometimes a year in advance (or more). Narrow down your search for what you want to have in a venue (bar, food, time frame, price). Pick three dates and call the venues to see if they are available on those dates. Have a few options can help you get the venue you desire.

Remember enjoy this process. Do not lose sight of #1 and #2 and your planning process will go much more smoothly and enjoyable for all!

Happy planning!

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