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Elope to Niagara Falls

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

When you are looking for a memorable wedding that doesn’t cost a fortune, eloping may be the economical and romantic choice. When you elope in Niagara you choose the size of your event, the venue, and the amenities at the price you want to pay.

Here are five of the top reasons to elope to Niagara.

5 Reasons to Elope in Niagara

1.  Location, Location, Location

Enjoy your Niagara Falls location

In Niagara Falls Canada, beauty and romance surround you everywhere with SO much to do:  wineries, ziplining, hiking, dinner and lunch cruises, bicycle and Segway rentals. Feeling adventurous? There are so many rides to choose from: horse n carriage, helicopter, jetboat, an areocar over the rapids and 175-foot high skywheel, antique car and limo tours.

There are museums, arcades, nightclubs, theatres, casinos, the famous festival of lights, and of course romantic walks and views, and enjoy fireworks displays over the falls in the evening. We are surrounded by 2 lakes, historic forts,  mouth watering cuisine, artisans and really cool gift shops. Niagara has it all year round!

You make the rules for your wedding

2.  You Make the Rules!

When you elope, there is no one to please but yourselves. No cake? No worries, you didn’t want a cake anyway.  No reception with favours? Nope, you didn’t want to buy favours or worry about booking a venue and try to please everyone (which is virtually impossible). When you elope, you can literally wing it, eat wherever and whenever you feel like, and do whatever you wish on your day. Create your own intimate wedding memories and spend the day on your own agenda. Say I do and then go hiking, or do a wine tour or wander around in the magnificently groomed parks around the falls.

Reduce wedding stress

3.  Less Stress

NO stress or family drama! No divorced parents to worry about! Avoid religious and cultural clashes! Eloping eliminates all the disagreements on things like colors, style, venue choices, food choices, who’s doing what, who’s in your wedding party, who’s on the guest list, ceremony style, parents that don’t talk, and that’s just the beginning! Eloping is the solution to avoid all of the stress and worry that planning a big event can create.

Save your wedding dollars

4.  Save your money!

Why go into debt at the start of your life together? The average cost of a wedding is $30,000.00, which could be well better spent in any kind of investment including a house purchase. It’s best to have no wedding regret: ask any couple who are still making payments on their wedding loan 5 years after if they wish they would have eloped. Enjoy a romantic intimate ceremony, a fabulous honeymoon and not bear the heavy burden of debt for years to come.

It's your secret when you elope to Niagara

5.  It’s Your Secret

It’s fun to keep it a secret!  It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission is a great motto and there are so many fun ways to announce to everyone that you eloped. Planning such an intrigue is so romantic and charming. It’s just you and your lover. The only two2 involved in the secret and it’s such a special and exciting secret too! Those who are upset about the elopement will get over it, and if anyone wishes to plan and pay for an extravagant gathering afterwards then all you have to do is show up! Couples have announced they got married with surprise social media posts, photos and videos to rave reviews and excitement from family and friends.

Those who are upset about the elopement will get over it, and if anyone wishes to plan and pay for an extravagant gathering afterwards then all you have to do is show up! Couples have announced they got married with surprise social media posts, photos and videos to rave reviews and excitement from family and friends.

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Bio: Childhood friends Kathy and Kim offer exciting options for eloping to Niagara Falls. Niagara’s ONLY little log chapel located on a private log home property features a 1/2 acre treed area designated for intimate weddings Nestled on a lovely little creek that runs off the famous Niagara River, this picturesque location is ideal for 2-12 people, The Little Log Chapel is unique, cozy and quaint! Our packages include a non-denominational officiant and professional photography sessions are available. Also offering “Drive-through” weddings, the chapel is perfect for couples having a destination wedding and needing the legalities to be completed in Canada. Lickety-split, easy and fun! (By appointment only) call to book: 905-382-1490.

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Make wedding memories with photographs

Stunningly beautiful wedding picture of the groom dipping the bride at dusk outdoors at Potomac’s Bolger Center in Maryland.

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your entire life, and you’re going to want to be able to relive and remember it 10 days after, 10 months after, 10 years after, and when your children and grandchildren are getting married.  Yet, no matter how good your memory is, as the years pass, your recollection of this exciting and joyful period of your life will naturally fade. So as you plan your wedding day, here are 10 ideas to help you remember your wedding day.

Create Lifelong Memories With Great Wedding Photographer

Journal every part of your wedding journey

Journal every aspect of your wedding & beyond.

1. Keep a journal of the period from your engagement to your wedding day, and even of your honeymoon.  

Pick up a journal like this Bride-to-Be Book, and start recording all the big and little things you experience as you plan your wedding, including your impressions, thoughts about the significance, feelings, and of course the fun things you and your partner do to celebrate your special engagement period.

2. Choose to make wedding photography one of the highest priorities of your wedding planning.  

New York photographer Richie Schwartz wrote about his experience evacuating his home before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  As he loaded his car, he looked around him and took stock of his neighbors.  He noticed that they all seemed to be loading the same things in their cars.  Not Xbox consoles or computers, nor pretty lamps or fancy blenders.  Instead, he found that he and his neighbors were all filling their vehicles with their wedding albums and family portraits, which they removed from their walls, frames and all.  [Read the full article here.]  

Your pictures are your memories, making photography the ultimate treasure.  No worldly possession can replace your memories, and so as each year goes by, your wedding photography becomes ever more valuable.  So as much as possible, focus on quality and service when evaluating and selecting your professional wedding photographer, because as we all know, your wedding is one event that doesn’t have a do-over.

Have guests sign old records

Turn old records into memories.

3. Collect the records of the first dance songs that your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents danced to at their weddings.  

Put the records out at your wedding reception and allow guests to sign the records.  Then mount each record in a shadow box and hang them in your home.

Ask guests to write notes to you

Ask guests to write personal notes to you.

4. Ask wedding guests to write notes to you to be opened in future years.

Place a nicely printed card on each plate inviting your guests to write a note to you to be opened between 1 and 10 years or more in the future.  (So one table might have a 1-year note, another table has a 2-year note, etc.)  Leave pens and envelopes on the table, and have a family member or maid of honor or best man collect the sealed notes at the end of the wedding reception.  Then, on each wedding anniversary, that person delivers to you the notes for that year, which you open to relive your wedding day memories!

5. Write your own wedding vows and have them printed on cloth like a tapestry.

A number of companies, including Five Dot Design, can print your wedding vows on fabric.  Use the fabric as a backdrop at your wedding ceremony or for a photobooth at your reception.  Be sure to have your professional wedding photographer also capture some bride & groom portraits in front of it!  Then, after the wedding, hang the fabric in your home on a decorative curtain rod.

Hand wedding photography in your home

Ask your wedding photographer if they can show you different wall portrait possibilities before you place your order.

6. Hang engagement & wedding photography in your home.

Your engagement & wedding photography won’t bring back memories of your special day if all they do is sit on the hard drive of your computer.  Instead, decorate your home by hanging wall portraits from your wedding in prominent areas of your home that you spend a lot of time in, such as your family room or living room.  

Ask guests to write notes to you

Erika & Juan chose one of their favorite engagement photographs for us to print and mount as a standout. We made one side of the image white, so that guests could sign it at their wedding reception.

In addition to creating the physical artwork, some wedding photographers can drag and drop your favorite wedding photographs onto a photo of your home to help you visualize size, layout, and frame possibilities before they exist, so that you can see what you like the best prior to ordering and printing.  See more ideas for hanging photography in your home here.

Dispaly your album on your coffee table

Display your wedding album on your coffee table.

7. Place an album of your engagement photography and/or wedding photography on your coffee table.

If you have young children, you can also sit your professional photo album on a small desk easel, and place the easel and album on a chest or bookshelf.  Instead of doing a traditional album of engagement portraits, ask your professional wedding photographer about a guest sign-in album, which has extra white space so that family & friends can write their best wishes around the photographs at your wedding reception.  For your wedding album, ask your photographer to include the lyrics of your first dance song or even your vows if you wrote your own.

Use a runner from the reception on your home table

Use decor from your wedding on your table.

8. Use the table runner from your wedding reception in your dining room

Getting table runners for your wedding reception?  Don’t just rent.  Buy at least one, and keep it to adorn the dining room table or buffet in your home.

9. Use the & Sign or Block Letter of Your Name in Your First Family Portrait Session

Using an & sign or block letters of your names to decorate your sweetheart or other table at your reception?  Save the sign/letters, and with your first child, use it to decorate the nursery AND as a prop in your first family portrait session!

Pass on your wedding dress

Reimagine your wedding dress.

10. Pass On Your Wedding Dress, But Not in the Way You’re Imagining

Save your wedding dress and hire a seamstress to make a purse for your daughter or granddaughter as a gift on her wedding day.

Use these 10 ideas to make a collection of family heirlooms to last the ages, as each can and should be handed down, generation after generation.  Congratulations on your engagement!

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Bio: Irene Abdou began to work professionally as a photographer in 2007, and today, her company, Irene Abdou Photography, LLC is a recipient of the People Love Us on Yelp award, Angie’s List Super Service Award, and two-time winner of the Bride’s Choice Awards by WeddingWire. Hundreds of her photographs have been recognized and/or published by magazines, newspapers, books, wedding blogs, and other publishers, and since her first exhibit of a single photograph in the fall of 2007, she has been juried into or invited to exhibit in numerous fine art exhibits. View her portfolio of artistic wedding photography here.

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