Large guest list or extravagant reception

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Deciding between a big guest list and an extravagant reception is not an easy choice. As a Wedding Planner, I have couples that hit a crossroad where they have to decide on an answer to this question, and though it seems hard, there are some questions you can ask yourself that can help you decide on what direction to go.

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Deciding On A Large Wedding Guest List vs. A Fabulous Reception

One thing to establish is that most times when a couple ask themselves this question, it means there is a budget they have set and having a big guest list can either cause them to compromise on how they wanted the reception to look or to compromise on the look they envision for their wedding so having a big guest list will mean spending an enormous amount of money.

Below are some key questions we feel are important to ask yourself if you are trying to make this decision.

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Questions To Ask Yourself

One: What is your budget?

What amount of money can you and your fiancé honestly afford? What is the maximum you are willing to go above budget? Know the answers to these questions, know your numbers and stick to it. A wedding is once in a lifetime, so yes, you want it to be amazing, but you also want to be wise. Set a budget for how much you want to spend. However high or low you set a budget, give an allowance or an overage you can afford and stick to it.

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Two: What Is The Look You Want?

What kind of design look do you want for your wedding? Most times having a higher guest count can directly affect how high your budget will go. You will either have to compromise on the design if you go with a higher count or have a lower guest count and splurge on your design.

Three: What Are Your Relationships To Your Guests?

Who are the people on your guest list and what is your relationship with them? When starting out the planning process, put a limit on the number of family members that can attend the wedding and give each side of the family the total number of people they are allowed to invite. This means you may have to cut out children under a certain age, your second and third cousins, and friends and acquaintances you haven’t seen in ages.

Four: What Is Your Guest Count?

How many guests do you intend to invite? What was your desired count? Does that match your budget? If your count is higher than your budget can afford then you need to make a decision to invite fewer guests or increase your budget.

Consider how you answered question 1 about money and remember that increasing the budget is not an option unless you have the financial means to do so without being broke. Use your answer to question 3 about relationships to get your guest list under control, especially if entertaining a huge guest list compromises your design.

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Decisions, Decisions

There are lots of questions to ask yourself when trying to make this determination of having a large guest list or having an extravagant reception. Ultimately, it comes down to what is most important to you.

No one answer is perfect; however, going over your allowed budget to accommodate more people is not always the best idea. If you choose to invite a large number of people, then you will have to compromise with the design in order for it to fit into the budget. However, if your design is a top priority for your wedding then, aha! – There’s your answer! Keep the guest list lower to get the design you want. If you are not very particular about your décor then having extra guests won’t be a bad idea.

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Rent your dress for your dream wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

You have the ring, you’ve picked a date, your Pinterest Board is filled with beautiful images, and you stay awake at night planning every detail in your mind. While awake the reality of a budget strikes worry into your vision of the wedding of your dreams. Let me tell you that dream can be a reality. Don’t buy the details, rent them.

Rent rustic decor


The Benefits Of Renting Rather Than Buying What You Need For Your Dream Wedding

How many brides do you know that gather decor items for a year or more to match their theme only to try and resell them on the internet for a fraction of the price they paid for them? For months or years, their basement or garage is filled with wedding items in a color or theme that has passed by. Event planners, florists, and many venues have an alternative for today’s bridesn – Rental Decor.

From large furniture to staged lounge areas, to vintage trailers as photo booths, to the latest trends in wedding decor, down to the smallest details, it can all be rented for a fraction of the retail price of the items. We can’t help but mention the benefits of recycling items; it just makes us feel good to know that in a small way we are helping the environment.

One of the hottest trends in weddings is the use of Vintage and Rustic Decor. There are many rental companies that specialize in vintage decor and have scoured flea markets, auction houses, estate sales for just the right decor items to bring that vintage feel to your event. On the other end of the spectrum, many rental companies offer the latest in wedding trends. These companies have done all the hard work for you and can save you valuable time. Time – as all brides to be know all too well – sneaks by all too quickly when planning for their big day.

Rent the table decor for your dream wedding

Rent the Decor, Spend the Money on Styling Your Wedding

So your Pinterest board is filled with those amazing images that make you dream of your perfect day. The harsh reality is that most of those images have been created by talented event planners, florists, and photographers. Only 15% of the population has the ability to visualize and create such beauty.  When you rent your decor items you will have money in the budget to spend on styling your event with a professional so that your dreams can become a reality. Stylists have the eye for details, color theory, and spatial recognition and have studied the latest trends. They also have experience and contacts that can help you negotiate your way through the months leading up to your big day.

rent your venue & a whole more for your dream wedding

Not Sure Where To Begin Or What’s Available For Rent

Have we piqued your interest or perhaps changed your mind on purchasing lanterns for your centerpieces or chargers to highlight your chosen color palette? Or perhaps we mentioned decor items you dreamt of having but couldn’t fit them into your budget. Craving some rental inspiration? You rent your venue for the day, your photographer, your DJ, your event planner, why not RENT it all!

You can rent your dress, one of our favorite rental companies is, and don’t forget about your bridesmaids, they got you covered. If your goal is to use Vintage items and you love the look of items with an aged patina along with a stylist with an eye for detailed perfection check out Looking for a company that serves the entire United States and carries the latest trends from the smallest of items to large tent rentals? Check the website of

We also found a great resource for brides who love the look of Rustic Decor; has listed state by state vendors who specialize in vintage and rustic rental items. Just remember there are other rental companies that may not be listed as often the companies featured in guides pay a fee to be listed there.

Rent your dress & more

Top Ten Vintage and Rustic Decor Rentals

1- Furniture: From a grouping of eclectic vintage chairs, to rustic church pews to sofas to stage a lounge area, and even vintage campers set up as photo booths.

Rent signs & chalkboards

2- Chalkboards: Used to send a special message to your guest or your one true love, give direction to your guest or set a mood or theme.

3- Vintage Plates: This trend is hot in the restaurant world as well as for bridal showers and weddings. It allows you to mix styles and colors to add romantic style to your event.

Rent the lanterns for your dream wedding

4- Lanterns: Used to create beautiful centerpieces, line and light up your aisle, hung  from trees to add magical candlelight, rented lanterns add to the mood.

5- Wood Slices: A staple of rustic wedding decor for centerpieces and to place sweet treats on.

Florals in mason jars

6- Mason Jars: For many these versatile vessels define the feel of vintage, used filled with flowers, painted to match the event’s color palette, filled with jams and given out as favors, so many uses.

7- Wooden Crates: Used as risers to set up a sweet table, stacked to display a naked wedding cake, filled with blankets to warm your guest in an outside venue.

Use vintage suitcases

8- Old Suitcases: Piled on top of one another to stage a welcome vignette for your guest, opened and adorned to hold cards, or one of our favorites filled with mimosa cocktails

9- Vintage Books: Used to give height to centerpieces, add patina and texture to your decor, or share your literary favorites with your guest.

Say your vows on an arch, arbor, or bridge

10- Arbors and Arches: Provide a focal point, mark the spot for your vows, set the feel for your event from simple to elegant.

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BIO: Laurie Kaeppel is the owner and stylist for True Vintage Event Rentals by Jade Interiors. She is a certified interior decorator, real estate stager, and shop owner specializing in vintage and restyled home decor for over ten years. At the request of friends and families, she was asked to bring her rustic and elegant style, along with her rental props to the world of event planning. Her company Jade Interiors allows her to offer her clients a wide range of rental items that have been painstakingly collected over the last 20 years. As a stylist, she can ensure her clients’ dreams will match the images not only in their minds but also those pinned on their Pinterest boards. Offering a full range of services from event planning, rental decor and floral design Jade Interiors makes the stress of planning a wedding melt away.




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