Worried that married life may make you boring? No need, you can take your honeymoon by the reins – actually, by the wheel or handlebars – to live your newly married life right on the edge where you belong. And the Caribbean is the perfect honeymoon locale for letting go and getting a little crazy.


Our partners at GoBe can keep your heart pounding with adventures throughout the Caribbean. Here are four ways to get your pulse pounding in the islands:

1. Mini Submarine Adventure: Why should British spies and marine biologists have all the fun? Navigate your own mini sub through the crystalline depths off Cozumel


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2. Cozumel by Jeep: Everything’s cooler when you drive a Jeep. You’ll see the sights, snorkel the waters and learn the super-secret Jeep wave.


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3. Dune Buggy Tour: No roads. No rules. Hop in your dune buggy and kick up some sand before exploring Mayan ruins like a rugged movie archeologist.


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4. Curacao Jet Ski Tour & Snorkel: It’s your honeymoon. Go full throttle, ripping through the water on a jet ski to Tugboat Shipwreck for some undersea exploration.


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Craving more thrills in the Caribbean? Check out GoBe’s 145 tailored travel experiences, activities and tours throughout all the islands.

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Planning a wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Wedding planning is a very exciting journey. As exciting as it is, wedding planning can also be very daunting, especially if you have little to no wedding planning experience. I mean, let’s face it, planning a wedding isn’t half the same as planning a dinner night out with the ladies.

You should be able to enjoy the planning experience just as much as the big day itself. This can only be done if you start planning your wedding with a great foundation. This involves two big steps.

Set a wedding budget

Steps In Wedding Planning

Setting A Wedding Budget

The first is setting a realistic wedding budget. It is almost impossible to start planning your wedding without an idea of what your wedding budget is going to be. This vital steps allows you to splurge on the most important elements of your wedding – e.g., wedding design or wedding dress.

So how does one set a wedding budget? One of the most important factors to consider when setting your wedding budget is to determine what type of wedding you want. Do you want an extravagant wedding in Seychelles or do you want an opulent intimate wedding in a stately home? All this information will allow you to conduct some of research on estimated pricing for your wedding venue, wedding catering, and overall wedding design etc.

The whole point of this prior research is so that you can set a realistic wedding budget. You have to know an approximate price for the important wedding elements you want to splurge on in your chosen location. What is the point in setting a £25k overall wedding budget then later find out that the cheapest stately home you can book for your wedding in your area is £35k? Because of this, do plenty of research and allow yourself enough time to gather as much information as you can before you can finally create a wedding budget planner.

Determine a guest list

Determining A Guest List

When your research is done, it’s time to draft up a guest list. Making a guest list is probably not as straight forward as setting a wedding budget. When you start writing your list it is always important to refer back to your overall wedding budget. At this point, you will have an idea of what is realistic and what isn’t. Each guest adds to the number of chairs, invitation, food, and most importantly, your venue. Will your chosen venue accommodate this number of people? These are all important factors to always remember when listing your guests.

Another great idea would be to sit down with everyone involved in the wedding, e.g., your parents, your family, and some close friends, so they can help you list some names. Let’s face it – you will probably forget a lot of people due to having so much wedding stuff on your mind.

Once you write down a guest list, tt is always a great idea to get even more organised by using a collaborative tool that allows you to edit guests as you go along. This will also help you when you begin sending invites and when you create your seating charts etc.

I hope this bit of advice will get your wedding planning off to a great start! Happy Wedding Planning!

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Bio: At Luxe By Minehaha, Our goal is to create an organized planning experience right from the very beginning. Our fully comprehensive package aims to eradicate all the stress that derives from wedding and events planning. Taking out this package will ensure that you do not do anything apart from communicating your ideas to us. We also offer design management and day-of coordination.

We offer the highest level of attention to detail ensuring you that you enjoy your wedding planning every step of the way. Please contact Minihaha Garande for a consultation and detailed description of our full-service planning package.

Minihaha is a certified Wedding and Events planner based in Leeds with over 5 years of planning and organizational experience. You will be assured of her impeccable styling expertise, great attention to detail as well as great communication skills. Minihaha believes that a successful wedding planner listens to what her couple needs and creatively implements those details into an Avante-Garde celebration. Don’t dismay if you do not know what you want – you will by the end of your consultation.

For information, visit our website, call us at +44 (77)36 830710, or email us at hello@luxebyminihaha.co.uk

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