The days of tourists flocking to ride spray-painted donkeys along the streets of Mexican cities are over – today’s travel buzzword is “authentic.” Let’s face it, you’re looking for more real experiences that give you insight into the culture you’re visiting, right? Well, those of you headed for a honeymoon south-of-the-border, get ready, because Mexico can definitely deliver on that note!

Everything in Mexico is full of flavor: the food of course, but also the people. Whether salsa dancing or wrestling, Mexicans love a good show! And, their contribution to the world of liquor, Tequila, has a bit of a tendency to even heighten the fun. But if raucous partying isn’t your thing, Mexico also offers plenty of opportunities for the more subdued of cultural explorers.


So, what type of Mexico do you want to experience? Here are a few activities that our friends at GoBe have ready for you.

Feel the soul of Mexico in Guadalajara


Get taken there with a day of activities that are as close to the hearts of the Mexican people as you get. Head to the Charros de Jalisco museum to learn more about charreria, the unofficial sport of Mexico’s cowboys. After that, visit the stables and farmyards of Guadalajara to watch the sport in action. Then, end up at a tequila tasting and yummy Mexican appetizers while being serenaded by local mariachis. Ole!

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In Acapulco?


Albeit a rather new “tradition,” there is one tourist attraction that is a MUST SEE: The La Quebrada Cliff Divers Show! Since 1934, the La Quebrada divers have been performing a ritual that has been taking place for millennia. Popularized by Elvis in Fun in Aculpuco, tourists and honeymooners have been mesmerized by the excitement since. GoBe has even organized a day for you to visit the arts and crafts market in Acapulco and gasp at the cliff divers in one of their thrilling excursion.

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Mexico City aka “The City of the Eternal Spring”

Tour Cantinas

Mexico City is a must-see stop in the search for a true Mexican experience. But hey, let’s not forget about its surrounding villages. Both Cuernavaca and Taxco provide a glimpse into age old industries and historic landmarks and GoBe has planned a day of exploring and shopping that will definitely satisfy all your senses. Start with a stroll through the 16th century cathedral in Cuernavaca and the gardens in Juarez, then head out to Taxco for everything your heart desires – in silver!

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It’s Fiesta Fun Time!


A trip to Mexico would just not be complete without a fiesta. GoBe has put together an evening to remember! Start with drinks and appetizers in one of Guadalajara’s oldest bars. The main attraction is the “Lucha Libre,” a high-flying wrestling event that is as hysterical as it is thrilling. After the show, you will be treated to the incredible flavors of the area’s best taqueria. After this, you’ll definitely have experienced Mexico’s true flavors.

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What to wear to a country wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Here in Southeastern North Carolina, a huge trend in weddings is to have a country chic affair. So when guests get invited they are all left with the burning question of “What am I to wear to a country wedding?” Well, luckily Wilmington Weddings and Events is here to answer your question and provide you with many style options.

Tips For Guys Atteni8ng a Country Wedding

Casual dress for a country wedding

Gentlemen: We will start with the easiest person to dress for any occasion: the guys. For a country wedding, there is no need to wear a tuxedo, but simply a dressier version of casual wear.  Dress slacks, such as khakis or gray pants, with an ironed button up shirt and deck shoes will usually do the trick. This is a universal look for all seasons. Jeans and flip-flops, though, are a no-no unless specified on the invitation.

Tips For Women Attending A Country Wedding


Women:  Your look is a little more diverse than the gentlemen’s, but that means more options to make your look unique!

  • Spring and Summer: Short dresses that hit at the knee, or a little above, are the way to go. They will allow you to look nice but also not sweat to death in the southern heat! Your dresses can either have short sleeves, be sleeveless, or have long billowy sleeves, but never be strapless. Strapless dresses belong more at a backyard affair than a wedding. The dresses can then be paired with ankle booties, sandals, or wedges. Keep in mind that if you’ll be walking around on grass, you may want to avoid wearing heels!

Dressing for a winter country wedding

  • Fall and Winter: Here is where the most options come into play. You can do a long sleeve, short dress with tights and boots, for a simple, pulled together look. Or you can wear a long dress with a pair of dress shoes. However, if dresses are not your style, you can always wear a long skirt and nice blouse combo. All these outfits can be put together with heels or boots, but no sandals or flip-flops during these cooler seasons.

Accessorize with jewelry

  • Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup: Since jewelry, hair, and makeup are universal for all seasons, they should be kept simple and polished. Your hair should either be tastefully down or in a simple up-do. You may be glad you wore your hair up, depending on the time of year it is! Jewelry can include statement pieces such as earrings, but the rest of the pieces should be kept minimal to compliment your look. Makeup should also be kept simple, especially in the warmer months due to the heat and humidity in the south. Live by the motto “Less is More”.

Great setting for a country wedding

Enjoy Your Participation In A Country Wedding

With these simple style tips, you are your date are ready to make your way to a country wedding. Simplicity is the key to pulling off your look with ease. If you are still left with any questions please feel free to reach out to us. Our website is

If you are still left with any questions please feel free to reach out to us. Our website is  and we are a free wedding resource for brides getting married in the Wilmington, NC area.

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