NEW! Travel Anywhere in the World on 350+ Airlines with Skyhour 


A new way to book airfare here, and it’s a complete game-changer. Honeyfund has partnered with the hot new app to power your honeymoon airfare, and it couldn’t be easier!

Instead of spending hours researching routes and costs, watching fares climb, or wrestling with airline miles that have blackout dates and restrictions, imagine one simple search engine that delivers every option across 350 airlines, all priced by one simple formula: $60 per flight hour.

How It Works

One skyhour equals one hour of flight time. Each skyhour comes at a fixed rate of $60 for every 60 minutes of air travel. Want to fly from Miami to Jamaica? That’s three hours there and back  for a total cost of only $180! Every airline, every flight, so all you have to do is decide which time is more convenient for you. AND, you can still earn airline miles with your favorite carrier every time you book, PLUS Skyhour rewards!

Register for Skyhours Right on Your Honeyfund

To register for skyhours, click “Add” at sign up, or follow this link in your Honeyfund account.

Redeem Skyhours to Book Flights

To book flights with the skyhours you received through Honeyfund, follow the link to Gifts section in the upper right-hand corner of your Honeyfund account, then click the Redemption History tab, and click Redeem. Finally, select skyhour, choose the number of hours you wish to redeem and voila! You’re off to book your flights!

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