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Planning a wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Wedding planning is a very exciting journey. As exciting as it is, wedding planning can also be very daunting, especially if you have little to no wedding planning experience. I mean, let’s face it, planning a wedding isn’t half the same as planning a dinner night out with the ladies.

You should be able to enjoy the planning experience just as much as the big day itself. This can only be done if you start planning your wedding with a great foundation. This involves two big steps.

Set a wedding budget

Steps In Wedding Planning

Setting A Wedding Budget

The first is setting a realistic wedding budget. It is almost impossible to start planning your wedding without an idea of what your wedding budget is going to be. This vital steps allows you to splurge on the most important elements of your wedding – e.g., wedding design or wedding dress.

So how does one set a wedding budget? One of the most important factors to consider when setting your wedding budget is to determine what type of wedding you want. Do you want an extravagant wedding in Seychelles or do you want an opulent intimate wedding in a stately home? All this information will allow you to conduct some of research on estimated pricing for your wedding venue, wedding catering, and overall wedding design etc.

The whole point of this prior research is so that you can set a realistic wedding budget. You have to know an approximate price for the important wedding elements you want to splurge on in your chosen location. What is the point in setting a £25k overall wedding budget then later find out that the cheapest stately home you can book for your wedding in your area is £35k? Because of this, do plenty of research and allow yourself enough time to gather as much information as you can before you can finally create a wedding budget planner.

Determine a guest list

Determining A Guest List

When your research is done, it’s time to draft up a guest list. Making a guest list is probably not as straight forward as setting a wedding budget. When you start writing your list it is always important to refer back to your overall wedding budget. At this point, you will have an idea of what is realistic and what isn’t. Each guest adds to the number of chairs, invitation, food, and most importantly, your venue. Will your chosen venue accommodate this number of people? These are all important factors to always remember when listing your guests.

Another great idea would be to sit down with everyone involved in the wedding, e.g., your parents, your family, and some close friends, so they can help you list some names. Let’s face it – you will probably forget a lot of people due to having so much wedding stuff on your mind.

Once you write down a guest list, tt is always a great idea to get even more organised by using a collaborative tool that allows you to edit guests as you go along. This will also help you when you begin sending invites and when you create your seating charts etc.

I hope this bit of advice will get your wedding planning off to a great start! Happy Wedding Planning!

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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during your wedding planning process. Along with organizing, researching, and finding the best vendors for your budget, it also comes down to negotiating costs, ensuring that everything is done on time and that the big day runs smoothly – all the while ensuring that your guests are happy and enjoying themselves!

On top of all of this, many of us work full-time jobs and trying to juggle a job with a social life and wedding planning – well something’s gotta give! This is where a wedding planner saves the day.

Why hire a wedding planner

Choosing A Wedding Planner

There are 3 different types of services that wedding planners usually offer:

  1. A wedding planner only for specific tasks, ie. to help you with the catering or with the florals for the wedding
  2. A wedding planner only for the big day to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that you can relax and leave the day in the hands of a professional
  3. From the moment you begin wedding planning to help with every detail of the wedding

What To Look For In A Wedding Planner

After choosing the type of service you require, apart from your budget, below are six things to consider when choosing your wedding planner:

1. Personality and Trust

It’s important for you to find a planner that you instantly get along with. There are times when you may send 20 emails in 1 night to the wedding planner with details of your wedding, and there are more stressful times than others where the ‘Bridezilla’ in you might come out. This is where you’ll need the wedding planner to stay calm and really listen to you.

You need to also ensure that you’re able to trust the planner as there are times when planning can get difficult. Even if they may be incredible at what they do, ensuring that your personalities click and that you trust them 100% is key.

View wedding planner portfolio

2. Portfolio

Ensure that you take a look at the weddings that the wedding planner has done previously not only to be inspired for your own event, but to also ensure that their style matches yours.

Questions to keep in mind are:

  • Are the weddings small simple affairs, or are they more extravagant and luxurious?
  • If you’d like your wedding theme to be focused around colours and florals, see if the planner has done similar themes in the past and if so – to what scale?
  • Do they specialize in a certain type of wedding?
  • Are they familiar with the wedding location?
  • Do they have vendors that they currently work with? If so, would this wedding planner be able to get you a discount for your wedding?
  • What size of weddings do they usually work with?

Wedding planners are able to work to ensure every aspect of your wedding is amazing, but they each have their own skill set that they bring to the table whether it be the visuals of the wedding or the food, you need to ensure that it matches what you are looking for.

What is your planner's specialty

3. Communication

Communication is integral to planning the wedding of your dreams. This leads to considering the response time between when you call/email/text the planner and when they get back to you. Is this planner too busy? Do they take a long time getting back to their clients? The planner needs to keep you up to date with the preparations and ensuring that you know exactly when to expect a reply will help to lessen the stress.

What is your wedding planner's pricing structure

4. Pricing Structure

Every wedding is different and whether you only want the planner for specific tasks, on the big day itself, or if you’d like the planner to be with you from the beginning will, of course, make a difference in the price. The pricing structure could be any of the following:

  • A flat fee
  • A base fee plus extra charges depending on vendors and needs
  • An hourly rate

If the planner charges a flat rate, find out what exactly would be included in this. Also, find out if there is a payment structure and what the billing method is. It’s essential to be upfront with the wedding planner when it comes to the budget to ensure that both parties are happy.

5. Other Weddings

Be sure to find out how many other weddings the planner is working on, as well as if there are weddings they are planning that happen during the same month as your wedding. If the planner works for a large wedding planning company then their firm may have other weddings in the pipeline- and they will also have a large team to work with. If they are independent wedding planners, then it would be best if they could be focused primarily on your wedding.

You want your planner to be devoted to your wedding to ensure that that the planning and the big day run seamlessly.

eck your wedding planner's references

6. References

Make sure to get references of recent weddings that the wedding planner has done. It’s vital to call and check how these customers’ wedding planning and big day went. If the wedding planner does not want to give out references – it’s most likely a red flag and best not to work with them. This also ties in with building trust with the wedding planner and giving you peace of mind.

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Bio: Neha Oberoi is the blog manager for the London based international luxury Asian and South Asian wedding planning service Think Shaadi. Originally from Canada, and also having lived in London for a few years, Neha is currently based in Dubai, and loves fashion, travel and beautiful beach days!

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