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Tips for buying your wedding dress

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

You’ve just said YES to the man of your dreams, now it’s time to find the perfect gown. If you’ve ever seen “Say Yes To The Dress,” you’ve seen some super stressed brides and gown shopping horrors. Here are a few quick tips to keep your day stress-free.

Tips For Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping

1. Make An Appointment

Make an appointment at bridal salon

Making an appointment with a wedding gown salon is just as important as scheduling an appointment with your doctor – you would never just pop-in on your dermatologist, right?

Setting an appointment allows the salon to prepare for you. They’ll be expecting you on the decided date and time and your consultant will be able to focus entirely on you. Without an appointment, there may not be anyone available to show you a single dress – yikes!

Okay, so you’ve made an appointment. Don’t get caught up in the moment and make 3 appointments for the same day. If you don’t find your dress at the first salon, then go ahead and make a second appointment. Decision exhaustion is real – your brain can’t handle looking at too many dresses in one day!

2. Know Your Budget

Look at dresses within your budget

Knowing the dress budget before the first appointment will relieve so much stress. I PROMISE.

  • If you are paying for the gown, do some research and come up with a number both you and your fiancé are comfortable with.
  • If someone else is paying, have a conversation before your appointment. This may be uncomfortable initially, but totally worth it in the end. If you know the budget is $2,500, you won’t need to wonder if you should try the $5,000 gown in the window!
  • Consider accessories and alterations. Make sure you have some wiggle room; don’t max out your budget on the gown alone.

3. Limit Your Entourage

Limit your entourage

The great Andy Warhol once said, One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.

However, I think it’s best to leave the party for the wedding day. Too many opinions during the appointment can be overwhelming and confusing. You’ll be the one wearing the gown when you say I do so it’s important to bring only those whose opinions you trust and who encourage you to find the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful. Oh, and be sure to bring along the person with the purse.

4. Have An Open Mind

Have an open mind

So, you’ve probably been adding photos to your wedding dress Pinterest board for the last 6 years. That’s ok! In fact, you should do some research on different styles and fabrics before your first appointment. However, it’s equally as important that you go into each appointment with an open mind. It’s not uncommon to fall in love with a dress that you never imagined even trying on!

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Say, “Yes!”

Say "Yes" to your dress

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a dress you love at every bridal salon you waltz into. That being said, it’s okay to find “the one” at your very first appointment! Don’t think you need to try on every gown in the city before you can decide. It’s actually pretty common for brides to purchase one of the first dresses they try on when working with an experienced bridal consultant.

So, when you find a gown you love, stop looking and say, “YES!”

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Bio:  Alyssa Hall is the Social Media Manager for Bustle. Bustle is a bridal salon nestled in Homewood, Alabama providing a high-end shopping experience to style-savvy brides on a budget. Bustle specializes in designer sample wedding gowns straight off the rack. Visit Bustle’s website to learn more!






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What style wedding dress do you want?This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

With all the choices out there for brides-to-be in terms of gowns, designers, and styles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are my tips from a bridal designer’s point of view to picking your wedding dress.

Designer’s Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Dress

Do your research

1. Do Your Research

Decide on what you like and don’t like. It sounds simple enough but once you get into a store there will be literally hundreds of dresses to choose from and you’ll just feel overwhelmed by choice. My advice is to pick 3 or 4 designers you really like that are in your style and budget and do your research!
Watch your budget

2. Budget

Decide on a budget and stick to it. This ties back into rule number 1. There are many brands at different price points, and you need to have an idea of what you are willing to spend. Don’t try on gowns that are out of your budget! You may fall madly in love with it and no other gown will live up to it, and you will be disappointed. It’s really important to be realistic.

It's your dress

3. Style

Honestly, I think the best advice I can give you is COME ALONE. This is your dress, and your day. Don’t let people project their opinions on your wedding, and what you want to wear, even if they know you well. Trust yourself! If you do want to bring friends, bring to your follow-up appointment when you have a clear idea of style and budget and they can help you with your top three choices.

Don't feel compelled to wear white

4. Don’t Feel Pressured to Wear White

White is gorgeous, but it’s not for everyone. Yet, I feel a lot of women go for it because they feel that it makes them look like a bride. If you do like white, then amazing- go for it- but don’t feel that you have to wear it if it’s not a colour that speaks out to you. Instead, look at pale pinks, a nude, or a soft grey, or champagne. At & FOR LOVE we have an amazing dirty gold dress that really stands out in a crowd.

Expect alterations on your dress

5. Don’t Think about Size

All designers size charts different. Don’t look at the number. Look at what fits you, and what makes you feel good, and remember that the dress will be altered anyway to get a perfect fit. No one is looking at the tag in your dress.

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& FOR LOVE is a modern bridal and ceremonial brand inspired by real life and real love. We create gowns, separates, and jumpsuits for a new type of bride- a woman who believes it’s ok to break the rules, and knows that looking like a “bride” just means a killer outfit that looks and feels amazing.

We believe in style that’s authentic, effortless, and elegant. That’s our definition of cool, and that’s what bridal means to us.

Angel Spendlove, the designer and creative director of & FOR LOVE, grew up in Sydney, Australia, and graduated from the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, VIC. With her signature boho-meets-modern style, she is inspired by Kate Moss, Rooney Mara, Alexander McQueen, and vintage Balanchine costumes. Angel is the key eye behind & FOR LOVE’s aesthetic, and believes that bridal wear should be a celebration of your true style – and not an excuse to dress up like a 4-year-old‘s princess party.

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