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Planning a destination wedding in India

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime….

India continues to gain interest among international couples who desire exotic locations, opulent wedding traditions, and wonderful hospitality. Weddings in India are lavish, colorful, and vibrant and provide a rich experience to couples from other countries as well as their guests, with a taste of true Indian culture and traditions. Besides that, India also offers many different kinds of experiences such as weddings in royal palaces, beach weddings, desert weddings, and other exotic wedding locations which creates a life-time experience for the couple and wedding guests.

Indian wedding customs

However, as exciting as it sounds, planning a destination wedding in India also needs detailed approach, as taking care of everything remotely may not be possible. We have put together some key insights, which we believe will be helpful for couples planning a destination wedding in India.

Tips for planning your destination wedding

Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding In India

Plan ahead for your Indian wedding

Plan Early:

Indian weddings should planned well in advance to secure the date you want. There are certain times which are considered auspicious for Indian weddings (generally November-March,) and these periods may lead to shortage of resources in terms of wedding venues, etc. It’s best to block venue at least 9-12 months in advance to avoid any last-minute planning issues.

Decide on your venue (Gaitore-Ki-Chhatriyan shown)

Choose Your Venue Carefully:

Your venue should be based on your wedding vision and what kind of experience you want, but at the same time, as you and your guests will be travelling internationally, connectivity and travel logistics should be top of mind for you. Guest transfers could become painful with increasing travel complexity and arrival to venue. It’s always preferred to have a venue with easy air connectivity so that your travel experience is smooth.

Plan a pre-wedding visit

Pre-wedding Visit:

Technology has made it easier for us to see and analyze things over long distance but nothing can replicate an in-person experience. If possible, we recommend you visit the venue/country once before the wedding so you get the real picture and not just what’s shown to you over videos and images.

Search vendors online

Leverage Technology:

With the increasing advent of technology, it has made it easier for us to get deeper insights into venue etc. before taking any decision. Use video calls to connect with your vendors as well as see live videos of the location so you understand things in detail

Use technology to communicate with vendors

Keep a Continuous Dialogue with Vendors:

We can’t emphasize enough how important having regular check-ins with vendors is. Even if going into detail or micro-management is not your thing, we highly recommend working with a clear work-plan and regular check-ins to ensure things stay on track and nothing falls through the cracks.

Understand cultural differences

Understand Cultural Differences:

There are cultural differences across countries and it’s important to understand them. For example,  people in India are not comfortable saying “no” out of respect, so don’t take every “yes” as an answer but ask more probing questions to ensure everyone is on the same page. Similarly, invest in building relationships with your vendors vs. just keeping it “strictly business” as it will motivate them to go above and beyond for you vs. a transactional approach to things. They will be driving things on the ground so their motivation will ensure your wedding is flawless and reflects your dream and vision.

Hope this is helpful. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can help.

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The happy couple after an Indian wedding

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Have your wedding in Rome, the Eternal CIty

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime. 

Rome is definitely the most romantic city where to get married. Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in the Eternal City? It will be the most unique experience of your lifetime!

Art, history, culture: you can find them everywhere while walking through the narrow streets of the city center… Stop for an Italian gelato with your partner and enjoy a rich, tasty meal in a special, traditional “trattoria”… the great beauty of Rome will conquer you and you will love to marry in such an amazing place!

Many choices when getting married in Rome

Great Reasons To Get Married In Rome

Why Choose Rome For Your Destination Wedding?

First of all, Rome offers a wide variety of options to choose from for your ceremony, such a stunning town hall for the civil marriages and more than 900 churches to host the religious marriages… There are also secret corners and panoramic terraces that are ideal for symbolic ceremonies and marriage proposals.

Second, since the weather is a very important aspect that affects your wedding, Rome’s climate is inviting. Almost all the year we enjoy the benefits of a warm sun and a nice temperature that will make the wedding day comfortable for you and your guests.

Third, all your wedding dreams can become true in Rome. Thanks to the presence of hundreds of venues, it is possible to have a party in the exact style that you prefer.

Many venues for civil & religious marriages

Roof-top hotels, unique villas, fascinating castles, lofts, historical buildings, charming countryside mansions, typically Italian “agriturismo”, an intimate beach… all the best scenarios are at your disposal for a bespoke, unforgettable event!

Rome is located at a strategic point that is well connected to all the surrounding area. The Roman countryside is quiet and enjoyable, perfect for a rustic-chic or a shabby style wedding reception.

Planning your Roman holiday

What Are The 5 Most Important Tips About A Marriage In Rome?

1. Book in advance. It is very important to book in advance all the places and services that you would like for your wedding day. Rome is a popular tourist destination during the entire year, and sought-after destinations fill up quickly. Be sure to make all the reservations promptly, especially if your dates are not flexible.

2. Hire a local wedding planning agency. Local, professional planners know about the best services in town and will offer support through the whole wedding planning process, starting with paperwork preparation to secure your venues. 

3. Pick a specific style for your wedding and go with it. There is so much to choose from in the Eternal City, Be sure about your preferences and coordinate all the details for an impeccable result, which saves energy and time.

4. Budget accurately. A destination wedding requires a precise budget-analysis to understand  all the costs that you and your guests will need to afford. Remember that a local wedding planning agency can be helpful also with budget management, as they will collaborate with selected vendors for a good price.

5. Enjoy the Eternal City. Combine your destination wedding with extra honeymoon-days, taking the time to visit Rome and all its great beauties.

Start your life together in Rome

Rome is exceptional and we are sure that you will fall in love with her special features! Whatever your wedding plans and expectations, we will be happy to welcome you in the warmest way to ensure that a marriage in Rome is “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.

The most important goal is to ensure that your wedding and your honeymoon will be as magical as you have always dreamt about, enriched and customized in every aspect choosing the finest solutions.

Thanks for reading and have a very nice time!

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Bio: Alessia Deiana and Alexander Riger are destination wedding specialists in Rome who specialize in helping foreign customers around the globe meet their dreams of getting married in Rome, the Eternal City. Regardless of where you are from, they will attend to all details to help you select and secure your venues, prepare documents, and execute your wedding the exact way you want it. For information, check out their website.

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