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Looking to plan a romantic honeymoon? Duh! Who wouldn’t want a romantic honeymoon? Groupon Getaways is a great way to not only find that perfect honeymoon destination but find that great place that is going to deliver ALL the romance.

What’s more romantic than booking an incredible honeymoon and saving tons of money? Groupon Getaways offers a wide variety of all-inclusive, adult-only locations to give you the best honeymoon options across the U.S. and Caribbean. Bundling airfare and stay saves you hundreds of dollars keeping more of your Honeyfund in our wallet to spend on honeymoon experiences or to put toward planning that next great getaway together.

Saving money on your honeymoon can definitely be a stress reliever, but there are other things you can do to alleviate the stress of travel planning to focus more on love and relaxation. If you’re not a well-seasoned traveler, your comfort level with the common stresses of travel, such as layovers, connections, language barriers, etc. might be a lot lower. Here are some helpful tips to make travel less stressful to allow room for more romance.

  1. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time if you have a connecting flight. When you’re booking your travel, pay attention to how much time you between each flight. If you have never experienced what it’s like to make a connection, give yourself plenty of time to make that next flight. Go for layovers that are at least an hour and a half long or more to have time to catch your breath and get to your gate.

  1. Want to experience another country, but don’t know the language? It’s easy to see the stress that can come with having to try to enjoy your honeymoon while overcoming language barriers. Learn basic phrases in the native language of your honeymoon destination that will help you get around the city and communicate with some ease with hotel employees, taxi drivers and more. If you want to be SUPER comfortable, you and your new spouse can always use some of your Honeyfund to take a language course via software or an app. It’s a great bonding experience and allows you both to be more confident when communicating in your honeymoon country. Plus, languages can be VERY romantic.

  1. If you plan to honeymoon in a different country, you’ll have to go through Customs both entering your honeymoon destination and coming back home. Customs is really nothing to fret but long lines can eat up time you could be on a beautiful beach sipping out of a coconut. Apps like Mobile Passport or Global Entry can help ease and expedite the customs process in getting your honeymoon started faster and with less stress.

So, don’t stress honeymoon planning. Focus on the romance of taking a honeymoon and finding the best place to go. The perfect, romantic honeymoon is just a click away.


Find your ideal honeymoon destination with Groupon Getaways now.



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Apart from bridal shower gifts and engagement party presents your honeyfund might be in need of some love. But don’t worry!! Did you know 90% of the wedding gifts are bought the week of your wedding? That means your dream honeymoon is still within in reach.

Make sure your guests know how to give to your honeyfund with these 3 simple steps.

1. E-Mail

Send an email to all your guests right from your honeyfund! The “share” icon at the top of your registry home page is the go-to tool to help your guests learn about your honeyfund.

There you’ll find the  Contacts section which is where you can upload all your wedding guests email addresses to easily message them right from your registry. You’ll want to emerge your guests’ information here before you’re ready to send an email.

Once everyone uploaded in your contacts it’s time to send them an email! Right below Contacts, you’ll find E-mail. Click the “compose” button at the bottom to start drafting your email. We know this can be an “awkward” topic so we’ve drafted an email for you.

We recommend putting your personal touch on the email to show your personality through the email. Your guests want to hear from you and about the exciting honeymoon that awaits as a result of their generous gifting.

2. Show & Tell! 

Technology is great but good old-fashioned word of mouth is even better. The closer your wedding gets the more you’ve probably been asked, “where are you registered?”

Don’t just tell them you’re registered at Honeyfund, show them. Share your custom honeyfund URL in a text, DM or email right from your phone.  Have your URL on hand any time you need it by downloading the Honeyfund app (on Android or on Apple).

Showing is also helpful for guests of a different generation who might not be all that comfortable with modern technology. Some times it’s just easier for

Photo credit Rahul Chakraborty

3. Share on social 

Use the Social Sharing tool to create a custom meme of you and your honey you can use to share on social! Facebook is the best for sharing your honeyfund. Why? It’s the one site grandma, mom and dad and even your college friends all use. BUT don’t hesitate to tweet and share your meme on Instagram! The more people who see your post the more likely they are to visit your registry. 

4. Link Your Registry to Your Wedding Website

Your honeyfund registry should be in the same place as all your other wedding information. Linking your honeyfund to your wedding website is the best way for family, friends and wedding guests to easily find your registry. We’ve created helpful videos to make linking your registry as easy as pie. Watch them here.


Congratulations! We hope you have a wonderful day. Be sure to enjoy every moment and to make time for each other, it is your day after all.


P.s. Want to earn double the average gift amount raised by Honeyfund couples? Upgrade to our ELITE registry to see up to an extra grand in gifts! 



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