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Do Your ResearchThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Brides, it may seem like no big surprise that when you sit down to plan your wedding, you feel incredibly overwhelmed.  After all, you have been planning this day since you were a little girl and should know every little detail that you want to be included. Not exactly…

There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding and boy, does it get expensive. Who would have thought that there were so many things to do and so many expenses that go into that? Well, let us help you design a method that can relieve some of the stress and leave you with an array of money options. Especially those who are trying to save a buck or two, don’t just go with the first person you come across, there are many different vendors and venues out there that won’t break the bank. Follow the three easy steps below to prepare for your big day without any stress!

Step 1: Do Your Research

YES, research! This can be extremely daunting: where do you look? Who do you trust? However, we are in the day and age of technology, and people are not afraid to express their reviews over the internet. So head over to some of the top wedding sites and bridal shows and look for the venues and vendors in your area.

Choose three to five vendors that appeal to you and jot down their information. Where are they from? How many reviews do they have? From there, Google them! Check out their social media sites and look at real people and real photos.  Anyone can make a picture look good if it is done professionally, so look at people who have used them at their own wedding. Also, head over to an Elegant Bridal Productions show to get a first-hand experience. A bridal show is a perfect place to make conversation with top wedding vendors and venues, to taste their food, and to discuss ideas with other brides. The best part, the shows are free! This will allow you to narrow down your search to ensure that you have picked a trustworthy vendor for your big day.

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Step 2: Make A Spreadsheet

Now that you have narrowed down your search, it is time to start putting all of the information together. Make a spreadsheet that includes the venues and vendors of interest.  Spreadsheets should consist of, but not limited to various: venues, florists, makeup and hair artist, lightening companies, favor ideas, transportation, hotels, dessert companies, bridesmaid dresses and tux stores, etc. So many options… so much money! So gather your research, create a spreadsheet, and make sure you are getting the greatest bang for your buck!

Evaluate wedding vendors

Step 3: Reach Out For Quotes

Now that you have narrowed down your search, start emailing and calling for quotes.  It is better to email so that you have everything organized and in writing. Once you get a quote, be sure to transfer the information over to your handy-dandy spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will allow you to compare your options in order to choose the perfect fit for your big day.  Keep in mind that some vendors charge extra for things like transportation, so do not leave anything out!

All in all, planning your wedding should be fun and stress-free!  You shouldn’t have to pay someone to do the research for you when everything is easily accessible!  So hop on to your computer, head over to a bridal show, make a spreadsheet, and plan the wedding of your dreams without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Plan the perfect wedding

Bio: Elegant Bridal Productions is second to none in the wedding show industry in the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania area. We are one of the longest running wedding expo companies in the United States and our years of success has caught the attention of such syndicated television programs including “The Martha Stewart Show.”

For over 30 years, Elegant Bridal Productions has been helping thousands of people to plan the perfect wedding. The top wedding professionals from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania all showcase their products at Elegant Bridal Productions events as we promise to have everything you need and more to plan the wedding of your dreams. We provide you a place to gather all of the essentials to a storybook wedding such as photographers, videographers, limousines, florists, invitations/favors, travel, china/cookware, and bridal registries and countless others. 

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Secure your wedding rentals

Photo by StudioTHP

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

With virtually limitless options of wedding rentals, deciding what items you need for your big day can be overwhelming. Here we break down all the event rentals you may need for your wedding, from ceremony all the way to the end of the reception.

Wedding Rentals You’ll Need For The Ceremony

Ceremony seating

Photo by Wendy Hithe


At the bare minimum, you will need some form of guest seating for your ceremony. Your wedding style (and budget) will determine if you opt for chairs, benches, sofas, or any combination of those. Depending on the size of your guest list, chairs are generally the most cost-efficient option. And since almost every rental company has a considerable inventory of chairs, be on the lookout for sales and offers at your local company. Since you know you’ll need them, it doesn’t hurt to reserve your chairs well in advance if it means locking in a great deal.

Ceremony Decor

Photo by Celebrations! Party Rentals and Tents


The next step to creating your perfect ceremony space is décor. From a wedding arch to an aisle runner, decide what’s important to you and what you have room for in your budget. It’s also important to consider the features of your ceremony venue to determine what decor you might need. For an outdoor ceremony, you can try draping sheer fabric over tree branches for a makeshift arch and lining the aisle with lanterns or bunches of flowers. For an indoor ceremony, you can experiment with hanging decor (fabric swagging, string lights, lanterns, or chandeliers) and a variety of backdrops in place of a traditional arch. If you plan on doing a unity ceremony of some type, consider what you’ll need for that, whether that means an extra table, a single standing-height table, or a wine barrel for a rustic look.

What You’ll Need For The Reception

Recepton Cocktail Hour

Photo by StudioTHP

Reception Cocktail

Photo by StudioTHP

Cocktail Hour

As soon as the ceremony ends, your guests will likely start looking for where they can get a drink. Whether that means water and lemonade, wine and beer, or a full bar, make sure there’s a station where guests can go for a beverage. A bar with a bar-back offers the most space for a bartender to work, while glass beverage dispensers and buckets full of ice are perfect for a self-serve bar. Adequate signage will also help direct guests in the right direction and let them know what their beverage options are for the night. Providing a space for guests to set down their drinks or have a seat will be appreciated as well, especially if the cocktail hour includes appetizers or is planned to last the full hour or longer. Plus, with so many available styles and options, a couple cocktail tables with barstools can add a lot of flair to the reception area.

Reception Dining

Photo by Celebrations! Party Rentals and Tents


Your dining tables are likely where you will find most of your rental items. You’ll need to start making decisions on what items you need, including tables, chairs, linens, napkins, chargers, plates, glassware, and flatware. This is also when your personal style and budget is a big consideration. It can be difficult to pin down what look you and your partner want for your wedding, but luckily there are tools to help. Pinterest is a great starting place to find the style you like or check your local rental company’s social media for some completed looks to inspire you. Some companies will even have online table planning tools or reserved space inside their showrooms where you can experiment with different looks until you find the one that’s perfect for your big day.

Cake table

Photo by Green Vintage Photography

Reception Cake Table

Photo by Theilen Photography

Cake Table

While it seems obvious, it is easy to forget to add an extra table to your rental order for your cake or dessert table. If you’re cutting a traditional wedding cake, a cake stand will elevate it off the table and create a clear focal point. You can also rent special stands for cupcakes or tiered trays for other single-serving desserts. For the more unique dessert options (like ice cream sundaes, candy bars, popcorn mixers, or dessert waffles), you may need several smaller containers for treats or toppings. Your local rental company should have a wide variety of different trays, bowls, jars, and ramekins. Make sure to check out all your options until you find the items that you need and that fit your style.

Reception Dance Floor

Photo by Celebrations! Party Rentals and Tents


While after-dinner activities vary from wedding to wedding, some classic staples include toasts, dancing, a bouquet toss, and a garter toss. Once you decide which activities you plan to include in your reception, consider what extra rentals you might need for them. Dancing is a very common after-dinner activity, and a dance floor may be a necessity at your venue, not to mention a beautiful statement piece. You may also need a sound system with a microphone for toasts, or an extra chair on standby for the garter toss. It can be easy to forget these extras, so it’s helpful to go through a timeline of the evening with an eye out for any rental items you will need.

Reception Dance Floor

Photo by Celebrations! Party Rentals and Tents

Reception Lounge Indoor

Photo by Sarah Maren Photography


Reception lounge areas are becoming an increasingly popular way to invite your guests to stay a while. They offer a much more comfortable space for people to sit and chat well into the night. For an outdoor reception, fire pits and patio heaters can provide heat if the night gets chilly, while market umbrellas can offer some shade against a sunny day. Indoors, a lounge area can turn an ordinary corner into a cozy oasis where good conversation flows all night long!

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Bio: Celebrations! Party Rentals and Tents is a full-service event rental, linen rental, and tent rental company, primarily serving California and Nevada since 1991.

As a leader in our field, we realize that our products are only as good as the people behind them. Our high level of service extends to all of our departments, including administration, warehouse, delivery, and installation. As your rental provider, we strive to help you create a memorable and successful event by focusing on selection, style, customer service, and satisfaction.

Visit us online at or give us a call at 916-773-2133.

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